The adventures of Mr Rees-Mogg

10 December 2012

1:26 PM

10 December 2012

1:26 PM

The fantastically eccentric Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has a loyal female following known as the ‘Mogg-ettes’, and his louche style, pocket watch and dapper tailoring are a sight to behold. The Somerset MP’s fame extends to having a fake Twitter account in his name. The parody has fooled many.

‘Initially I thought it was someone opposed to me in principle,’ the Moggster told me the other evening. ‘But they’re actually a very amiable person; very funny.’

And Mogg confessed that the spoof is a blessing in disguise: ‘I can do the whole tweeting thing without actually have to tweet. It’s perfect!’

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  • Walter Ellis

    I have the same problem with Jacob Rees-Mogg that I had with Enoch Powell. Powell was an absurd person, increasingly gone to seed, whose political views were 180 degrees removed from my own. Yet I liked him and rather admired him. On the two occasions I spoke to him, I found him charming and interesting. Mogg the Younger_ whom I have never met – embodies the same qualities. He also appears to go to the same tailor. Though his political opinions are anathema to me, I suspect he would never be less than charitable and polite in his dealings with others, me included. He strikes me as like one of those louche public schoolboys who showed their true mettle during the Battle of Britain. I could be wrong – and I hope he moves towards the more liberal right as time goes on – but I sense that, like Tony Benn, his fate could be to end his days as a National Treasure.

    • Rahul Kamath

      A national treasure hopefully put on a museum shelf and not allowed to touch anything important!

      • Maggie Allen

        Absolutely, or better still just send him to Scotland, they’ll devour him.

  • therealguyfaux

    A younger, handsomer, and political diametric opposite of Keith Olbermann, but just as enamoured of the sound of his own voice, I fear:–0

  • John_Page

    He’s good on foreign aid for climate projects:

    Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: ‘After an Autumn Statement where people are making significant cuts, to have a £2.9billion budget for a random collection of projects which have questions hanging over them as to whether or not they are corrupt is
    just an extraordinary waste of money.

    ‘The Government does not exist to make charitable donations – that’s something people should do privately. We’re looking for a further £10billion of cuts and this seems to me
    the easiest place to start.’

  • Biggestaspidistra

    What aspect of him is eccentric? He appears the model of conformity.

    • Tony Webb

      Conformity has become tattoos, swearing and ridiculous costumery.

      Might I suggest you read the definition of eccentricity for posterity?

      • Christian Jones

        Nail, hit, head.

      • biggestaspidistra

        ‘Establishment fop’ isn’t listed in any definition I can find. Perhaps if you hit the nail again, pedant, I might be enlightened.