The 2011 census proves why politicians are distrusted

12 December 2012

9:54 AM

12 December 2012

9:54 AM

What do people take away from the 2011 census? I cannot help but see the clearest possible reason for why trust of politicians is at an all-time low.

Perhaps other voting members of the public remember as far back as 2004 when the Labour government predicted that fewer than 20,000 people would come to Britain from those Eastern European countries given full access to the UK labour market. As of last year the Office of National Statistics confirmed at least 669,000 people from these countries working in the UK.

Or they might remember Labour immigration minister Phil Woolas promising in an interview with the Times in 2008 that, ‘It’s been too easy to get into this country in the past and it’s going to get harder.’ Mr Woolas even talked about quotas being brought in.


Or they might remember the 2010 Conservative party election manifesto which promised ‘steps to take net migration back to the levels of the 1990s – tens of thousands a year, not hundreds of thousands.’

So how to explain the extra three million foreign-born people coming into the UK over the last decade?

The new census confirms what most voters already knew. Our country has been changed substantially. This has been done not just without consultation, but in opposition to most public opinion. Every major political party conspired to bring this about. Labour or Conservative, in opposition or in government, they said one thing and did another.

I know there are some people out there who are delighted with all this. But can anyone explain to me why a campaign of such concerted lying by an entire political class is good for our democracy?

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  • James Lovelace

    The UN issued plans for how the socialist European states could juggle feminism, declining birth rates and a welfare state funded from current taxes rather than from the (supposed) state-enforced savings of National Insurance.

    On these UN plans (separate plans for UK, Germany, etc.) the UN has Scenarios 1 to V1. On the last of these plans (Scenario 6) Germany will be 80 immigrants (and descendants), whilst the UK will be 59%. All evidence points to the UK being 59% immigrant by 2050.

  • mrgrumpy

    A resolve to vote far Right is what I take from the 2011 census , the desire to see a series of trials of the treacherous political classes and appropriate ‘sentencing’, is what I take from the 2011 census, a desire to witness the ‘removal’ (there are precedents for this) of many of our ‘guests’ before it is too late is something I take from the 2011 census, and a sense of disgust at the way we have as a nation kept quiet about this is another thing I take from the 2011 census. Are we really surprised that there may not be another census? VOTE UKIP….IT IS THE BEST CHANCE WE HAVE AT THE PRESENT.

  • John

    I heard about the video genesis review yesterday.

  • Timmy

    This really shows some good insight about politicians and all belly pregnancy review. I think so anyways.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good view.

  • Petra Thompson

    In 1960, Algeria expelled the 10% of their population they did not like (basically, jews and christians). No-one even bothers to talk about this any more, so once it’s achieved, clearly the rest of the world does not care. Algeria told the undesirables: choose the suitcase or the coffin. As government slogans go, it’s not bad.

  • John.

    LMAO: Yhe British all left the former imperial possessions which is not what our Muslim, West Indian and African colonists plan to do here. The British also left schools, universities, hospitals, roads, railways, the rule of law and the English language. In India I have been approached on more than one occassion by Indians saying how glad they were that the British had been there. Lastly had the British not run the empire someone else would have done so, probably in such a way that valid complaints could be made. We want our independence and freedom from our new colonists just as much as the former imperial possessions did. The only difference is that we are not permitted to agitate for it as the Africans etc, did.

    • Eddie

      Correct in all ways. The British created India and our empire wa sthe most benevolent in history – just compare to the Germans, Russians, Asian empires, African empires.

      Moreover, one motivation for Indian independence was. literally, racist: INDIA FOR THE INDIANS was the cry – and that meant brown-faced people.

      No Chinaman thinks a white person can be Chinese; no Indian thinks a white or black could possibly be Indian, even if born there to a family who’se lived there for generations; ditto with Africa (maybe except one man – Mandela).

      So why do people in Britain and Europe get called racist and other names for stating that they’d prefer Europe to stay majority white, whilst their abusers do not show consistency by calling any Asian or African the same.
      It doesn’t matter what one thinks – but one cannot call one lot racist and not call the other lot racist, because of their skin colour. That is, in fact, literally RACIST, non? The same values should apply to everyone.

  • John

    What does “racism” actually mean? Perhaps it’s just a facet of human nature and so simply par for the course. All peoples prefer others who look like them, have the same religion, culture, history, morals and so on. What is surprising about that? If this weren’t so it would genuinely be surprising. I contend that racism is natural and that there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with it.

  • aly

    LMAO. As many countries as the Brits have invaded over the years its funny to hear all the squawking over foreigners in your personal space. Your country invaded many of these immigrants’ homes in the past and did not respect their cultures or way of life. Your country’s money mostly came from colonization. Many African nations are the way they are today because of the British colonization in the past. It may not have been your generation but the sins of the father will always become the sins of the son. This is nothing but Karma at its finest so you might as well suck it up and teach your children, and yourself for that matter, tolerance and love. What has happened is already in place, The culture and face of the UK is changing just like most of the world. Things can’t stay the same forever and shouldn’t.

    • Eddie

      Nonsense. Britain was rich before our empire, moron.
      The British civilised your barbarian ancestors, as the Romans did to others before. YOu should be down on your knees thanking us for bringing you civilisation, banning slavery and stopping the disgusting barbaric ‘culture’ (cannibalism, slavery, widow burning) that you lot had before we taught you how to be modern and civilised.
      African natiuons are messed up today because black Africans are corrupt and have no sense of the common good: the British left those countries in good shape. Then you tribal spear-shakers revert to type once the ones who civilise dyou left! Africa has had trillions of pounds over the last 50 years and is poorer now then 50 years ago: that is BLACK AFRICAN doing. More intelligent people in say South Korea have gone from being poor to super-rich in the same time.
      Africa is now owned by China – and in future Africans will starve and food will be exported to China. Serves you right eh? Then you’ll be pleading for British help – AGAIN.
      I can’t help thinking that one day the British will rise up and expel the invaders as they did at certain times in history. Then the blacks can go back to Africa, the Asians can have Asia, and the whites can have Europe (hypocritically blacks and Asians agree with the 1st and 2nd of those but n ot the 3rd. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL RACIST LIKE YOU!)

  • Lynnie Heal

    Too many MPS talk and do no actions

  • Lynnie Heal

    the workers at the airports are all so depressed and when I asked why they said every day hundreds of immigrants are comming into UK , my answer was why are not any MPs here every day to see whats really happening

  • Lynnie Heal

    eveyone have spoken to thats not ENGLISH has all said we come here for the money .UK will eventually be taken over and the muslims will take UK from us all

  • Lynnie Heal

    UK has now been invaded , We centurys back invaded many countrys and took control we are now all being paid back. Have been called white trash and the ENGLISH are thick has been said to me

  • Person of Choler

    Where is Enoch Powell when you need him?

  • Eddie

    Agreed, agreed, agreed.
    All governments – Labour, Tory, Wanker, whatever – see immigration as a short-term fix to the economy; they do not factor in the long-term damage or negative effects (immigration has NO net benefit, because immigrants demand free services and get healthcare and pensions).
    Buy hey, if you want toi build a low-wage economy, then immigrants will lower wages for the working man.
    Also, the more immigrants come here, the more crowded we are and the higher house prices will be: and our entire economy over 40 years has been predicated on ever-rising property prices, which make people who own houses (or have mortages on them rather) feel rich and spend on the high street.
    What a fucking mess!
    We need: immediate removal of illegal immigrants; reform of all immigration and asylum systems (and leaving international treaties if needed), renegotiation with the EU, rent controls, big taxes for 2nd home owners, removal of all benefits to those who own hundreds of thousands in property (no child benefit or socalled maternity pay based on income – which rewards the richest most anyway).
    Will all this happen? Nope. Why? Because politicians do what’s best to get votes for themselves – and higher house prices do – rather than do what’s right and just for the native people of this country and its future. Maybe a benevolent dictatorship would be better? Then we can think of what’s best for our country and people, not just bribe people for votes.
    Some immigration is OK – after all the whole socalled ‘golden age of Islam’ 1000 years ago was based on the translations of Greek and Roman documents by Jews and Christians, some of them immigrants.
    But now London looks like being a black hole in the doughnut surrounded by white suburbs. That is awful. Another example of us aping the USA.
    And yes, race, culture and skin colour do matter – just ask a Chinese or Indian or African is they would consider a white person to be a native Chinese, Indian or African as much as they are!
    Time to start defending our culture, country and future. That is not a racist thing to say either – and I am not BNP supporter. I know it is the least well off whites who suffer because of all this immigration – they cannot afford to live theie shitty inner London areas which resemble Mogadisghu or Lagos or Islamabad these days.
    A total fucking disgrace.

    • Madame Merle

      @ Eddie

      Couldn’t agree more.

      I’d like to see all our armed forces brought back from the stone-age hell holes they are stuck in, getting killed and maimed for God only knows what reason.

      They would do greater service to the country by weeding out the illegals and various foreign scum and collaborating with the anti-terror agencies.

      Who cares if it looks like Belfast in the seventies, it would be a small price to pay for cleaning up and chucking out the invaders.

      • Eddie

        Yes, we have been invaded, haven’t we? What has happened has been colonisation, not immigration, because so many immigrants refuse to abide by our values, learn our language, respect our native British culture (which really does not involved Indian dancing, African drumming, forced marriage, female circumcision, and exorcision of children accused of witchcraft by some juju peddler).

        If the same thing happened in Asia or Africa there would be riots – because that vast majority of Africans don’t think anyone can possibly be African id they’re not black, tghe vast majority of Chinese think blacks and whites can never be Chinese, and most Indians refuse to believe any white man could ever be Indian. So why are these HYPOCRITES lecturing us about ‘celebrating diversity’ and telling us that we have to accept that any thirdworlder who washes up on our shores is de facto ‘British’.

        The native population of this country has been terribly betrayed. Of course, well off whites can live in their million pound houses with cheap nannies and ethnic restaurants and ever-increasing house prices, as they send their kids to private schools and use their wealth to avoid all the negative sides of mass immigration that ordinary natives have to suffer. That shows a MASSIVE lack of empathy and a selfish motivation:

        Those who support mass immigration do so for their own selfish greedy ends: it enriches THEM ever as it destroys other people’s well-being and opportunities.

        And of course, these two-faced cunts all anyone who dares to say this ‘racist’ in order to silence debate and bully the truth-tellers into silence. (It is the whole population of Africa and Asia which is racist – because for them one has to be a certain race and have a certaion skin colour to ever be considered Chinese, or Indian, or African! So why do the socalled liberals support all these racists eh One rule for dark skinned folk obviously, and another for the oppressed natives of Britain!).

        And by the way, I am the son of an immigrant too – so no poxy snotty-nosed little runt bleating the platitudes of multiculturalism (a terrible divisive ideology of segregation which is the opposite of integration actually) can call me a racist with any authority whatsoever. Maybe these people can leave the UK eh? I’d like to see how Owen Jones and his leftie ethnophiliac mates get on if they try moving to Delhi or Shanghai or Lagos as immigrants demanding to stay and get housing, education, healthcare and jobs before locals!
        In 1940 facsists tried to invade this country and failed. Why did we even bother fighting them? We have been invaded anyway in what is arguably a much more damaging way.

  • anotherjoeblogs

    The question often posed after the the results of the consensus, was ‘ does this mean we are a more tolerant society ? ‘ two ways to look at the question –

    1) tolerant because the people allowed it willingly.

    2) tolerant because after not allowing any voice on the matter , they still accept it.

  • AY

    immigration from Europe is the last concern here.
    Poland is Christian Western nation, a birhtplace of Copernicus, Chopin, Konrad, Waida.

    Poles and Romanians and so on, – are those who really do hard labour, and might serve as positive example to many local British beer-and-tattoo nihilist degenerates that shamed the nation – one can only hail this type of population replacement and say thanks to immigrants for that.

    other issue is – importing african and subcontinental tribes spreading their colonies of gangs, fraud, mob rule, ant-white racism, assaults on women, mushrooming barbaric islamic sects and oil-and-terror infiltration of institutions.

    these are two orthogonal aspects, and while talking about “immigration”, one should clearly state which one is kept in mind.

    • Madame Merle

      @ AY

      I was considering a similar point myself.

      At least Poles look and dress like us, share the European culture and Christian values and the ones I’ve met are very well educated.

      It was the invasion of their country that took Britain to war and the Polish were appreciative allies in the battle of Britain and at Bletchley Park.

      Given a choice, I’d far rather have Polish people here than those of an alien culture and religion, many of whom positively hate us.

      A Somali student of mine told me, ” I have five children, I cannot be suicide bomber but I take your money”.

    • David McAdam

      What contribution to our society does the second group make? How do backward cultures ‘enrich’ – as woolly headed liberals croon – an advanced culture like ours? Why weren’t we indigenous people asked if we wanted them?

  • Malfleur

    Mr. Murray, when is your editor going to publish his long-promised article on Neathergate? At the moment, the view is that he is a part of the great betrayal which is treated in today’s DM by Stephen Glover at:

    Have a word with Nelson next time you see him, will you? It’s not just politicians who are distrusted; it’s also their puppets.

  • Kevin

    “good for our democracy”

    Unless there is an agreed definition of the “demos” then politicians will keep changing it to suit their needs and cry all the way to re-election.

  • Austin Barry

    “What do people take away from the 2011 census?”

    A massive sense of betrayal.

  • mark

    just had my place refurbished. established ‘british’ contractors mostly w/ non-migrant workforce quoted me between 130-170K. a recent immigrant founder entrepreneur quoted me 95K mostly with a migrant workforce. the entrepreneur did a fab job, worked RIDICULOUSLY hard and i recommended him to friends.

    we have more vigour and makes us all stronger. how else can we outcompete…

    • Daniel Maris

      Are you really “Mark”? That post is barely literate.

      So, you new migrants will be looking to get income support and paying less tax then?

      • mark

        ah, one of those gramma s.s. officers? whom cares 😉

        what happens to nations in which extremist, nationalist rhetoric flourishes (and tightening immigration policy)? human capital flight. the talent leaves for greener pastures. national suicide. we are already on the wrong side of global competition.

        • Terry

          You learn speaky english proper, then you be more convincing when you pretendy be english.

          • mark

            tezza, i now realise i was doing all the readers here an immense disservice. it was all froth. strips me of all confidence writing here. no exaggeration. sorry.

    • Just Bob

      Here’s a guess why the migrant worker was cheaper. He probably didn’t
      charge you VAT, pay Employers NI, deduct any tax or NI from his
      employees (thereby reducing his gross salary commitments), pay any
      corporation or personal income tax or in any way comply with the raft of
      HSE laws and other regulations. British contractor probably did.

  • Daniel Maris

    A very good corrective to Master Massie’s childish “chatting bubbles”* about immigration on his blog.

    Incidentally, does the census relate to UK citizens only? Or does it include residents?

    * As they say in South London.

  • TY

    Labour grossly miscalculated East European immigration figures. The Conservatives’ promise should quite obviously be judged by immigration figures since 2010, not a census which reflects changes between 2001 and 2011. I don’t see how either of these points have anything to do with politicians “lying”.

  • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

    It will be good if the public do what they should do when politicians lie, stop voting for them. And it last it looks like that might happen.

  • Iain Hill

    Have you been writing since 1828?

    • Colonel Mustard

      A fatuous and very stupid comment. Contribute something positive, even in disagreement, or piss off to a left-wing hate site where your denial and phobia towards your own kind will be reciprocated.

  • Bluesman

    Not only are politicians liars, a large proportion are thieves as well.

  • LB

    Do you want to know the really big lie? The fraud in fact.

    Try this.

    4,700,000 million pounds hidden off the books.

    Given tax revenues there is no way the state can make good on the state pension contract. So its going to default.

    It’s fraud under section 2 of the 2006 fraud act.

    1. False accounting – as it stands its a legally enforceable debt.
    2. Asking people to contribute, exposing them to losses.

    It’s deliberate lying and fraud. The victims, which will be you and me, aren’t told, and are being ripped off.

    So back to policitians. When we have no say, and are lied to, we aren’t responsible.

    The “we’re all in it together” is just another attempt at policitians to blame others.

    Rich, Bankers, Starbucks, Jews, Poles, Blacks, … everyone but themselves.