St Andrew’s students beat ‘milking’ with ‘champagning’

12 December 2012

12:43 PM

12 December 2012

12:43 PM

The Daily Mail got very excited last month over ‘a new student craze’ called milking, where students post videos of themselves ‘pouring milk over their heads in public places’:


The four-pint fad began in Newcastle and soon spread to Edinburgh, Oxford and other universities. Not to be outdone, the fine gentlemen of St Andrews University have given their own twist on the craze: ‘Champagning’:

Robed up, their video speaks for itself. It certainly gives a new meaning to ‘Champagne for the brain’, but a damned waste of fine Pol if you ask me.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good .

  • Emily

    Ok is it just me or was one of the Newcastle boys (the one getting off the train) actually wearing Durham bailey stash?

  • BlownOutOfProportion

    How can the media arbitrarily draw a line between milk and Cava, suggesting that one denotes waste and the other not?
    Also, the attack on what is viewed as the “affluent” demographic in St. Andrews is entirely hypocritical; it is suggested that the actions of a few students should always denote the entire student body, if the university were entirely socially diverse, then a far larger number of students than are in the video would be a part of the demographic that this video has been assumed to be representing. I am aware that this will always be the case in the media but it nonetheless always frustrates me.
    I am also a little shocked that the student president immediately folded under the pressure of the media and (I imagine) the University. This essentially boils down to an issue of freedom of speech. I think that the University should be being assaulted for their failure to uphold one of our most important rights, not a petty attack based on a few students having some fun.

  • fifer boy

    yes, just students being silly. rich, spoilt students being silly. and videod in a town that largely despises the spoilt rich students in their midst. it is funny, gives us a chance to sneer at the spoilt rich. what would the prince say?

  • Jock

    What on earth is wrong with this?? Who’s to say drinking champagne isn’t a chronic waste of money? You drink champagne for enjoyment, therefore if you get enjoyment out of pouring it over your head-why shouldn’t you do it? It affects no one else, it was their own money and in a country as ours freedom of expression, including satire, is a crucial element to maintaining our freedoms.

    Besides: it wasn’t even champagne. It’s £4 Cava.

  • Ian Walker

    It’s a lot less harmful to the environment – pasteruised milk is a major pollutant of water systems.

  • B

    St Andrews “champagning” involves pouring a £3.99 bottle of TESCO VALUE CAVA over themselves.
    Durham’s “porting” stunt involves pouring port over themselves of which the cheapest bottle in Tesco retails at £6.99. Therefore, when added to the loftier dry cleaning bill, it is a far more expensive stunt.

  • CrashFroelich

    Knickers. It’s been removed. Another victim of the politically correct slide from world super power to Anglostan? Men are men, even when they wear red noses. Or trousers.

  • Richard

    While the video wasn’t really that funny, however I do feel it’s worth pointing out the fact that this was meant to be satire. For a start if it was a bunch of ‘posh twats’ displaying their obscene wealth they would have used £30 champagne as opposed to £4 cava.

    That said these students should have known better, and should have known that the national press would have deliberately not seen it that way in order to get a ‘scandalous’ story.

  • ThomThom

    The amount of sanctimonious rage-aholics who needlessly politicised this video is predictably high. It is so boring having to see loudmouths throw around Bullingdon references (confirmation-bias, anyone?), it borders on neurosis.

  • James

    For goodness sake it’s entirely done as a joke, mostly to make fun of people who would actually wish to undertake such a pretentious act. The red trousers and obvious bottles of cava rather than actual champagne are just testament to this. It was all done in good humour to have a laugh and joke at the notion of St Andrews being ridiculously posh, I wish people would just look at it as young students having a bit of fun (look at the reference to chariots of fire at the end!) instead of insisting it represents silver spooned youth trying to show of how they can waste Mummy and Daddy’s money. It was a bit of fun, done for irony, just leave it at that.

    • HJ777

      Exactly. They are greatly preferable to their pompous critics like ‘Tony’ (above) with his “As a student from St. Andrews…” comments.

  • Rachel

    Some people clearly do not understand irony. As someone living in the same accommodation as these gentlemen I can tell you now that they did it to make fun of the stereotypes that this university posesses. Hence for example, red trousers.

  • Slider

    Satire? Irony? Point Missed? Maybe?

  • Name

    Tesco Cava.

  • Rahul Kamath

    Terrible PR for those protesting student fees.

  • Loder

    *afraid (sorry)

  • Loder

    Look at the video closely – I’m afriad that that is the distinctive label of Tesco’s Own Cava. Rather dissapointing that these ‘fine young men’ cannot in fact quite live up to their own expectations… Snobbery of this kind, though often unattractive, can be quite funny. However, if they can’t do it properly, it’s none of their business pretending…

  • CP the St Andrews Alumni

    £4 bottles of Cava are cheaper than Port.
    The Magnum of Bollinger was clearly bath water.

    #suitably unimpressed.

  • Tony

    As a student from St Andrews, these men do not represent us. the most liked comment about it on facebook calls them a: “Bunch
    of idiotic, feckless little shits. If you could see, or understand for
    a second just how much this makes you look like everyone’s worst idea
    of thankless, entitled, over-privileged and arrogant teenage snobs, you
    wouldn’t do it. Drown yourself in it next time, the whole braying,
    sneering, inbred bunch of you, so as to save ordinary students the
    onerous burden of being associated, however vaguely, with what you are
    and what you represent. Sort your fucking values out, get a sense of
    decency. Shame on all of you.” I couldn’t agree more.

    • HJ777

      Do they claim to represent you? I rather suspect that they don’t.

      Lighten up – they’re doing nobody any harm, just having a bit of fun.

      I sincerely hope that you don’t claim to represent most St. Andrew students. I would hope that most aren’t as humourless or as judgemental.

      • Tony

        I would never claim to represent all of St Andrews students primarily because I prefer cider to either champaign or port, however they are directly portraying themselves wearing academic robes from the University of St Andrews, going to the library of the University of St Andrews and are furthering the idea of St Andrews students as being rich, arrogant wankers (and entirely men) only interested in going to a rich persons finishing school and not the world class research institution of higher learning that it is. Something that the University, Union and pretty much most students through things like the ambassadors programme, where we go into schools and try and encourage poor kids to apply to hopefully come here. Those efforts are massively set back by things like this, which is why I felt it necassary to tell people that our university is not like this and that these people are an exceptionally small minority of students.

        I would also suggest that I am only ‘humourless’ in this situation because the subject has no humour. Granted the same would apply to milking, but I don’t see why pouring something over your own head in public is actually amusing, but thats just me.

        • HJ777

          So you’re saying that most St. Andrews students prefer Champagne (note spelling) or Port. Isn’t that a stereotype?

          Personally, I’d be disappointed with a university if it didn’t feature young people doing daft things, especially ones making fun of stereotypes. So what if they are an unrepresentative minority? What’s wrong with that? Who says it’s wrong to be in a minority or to behave in an ‘unrepresentative’ way?

          And yes, it is funny, because it’s daft and because students at different universities are trying to outdo each other with their silliness.

          Incidentally, I went to Durham (University College). I wasn’t put off by the fact that it supposedly has a ‘Rah’ image even though I was brought up by a single mother and went to the local comp. Nobody cared, and neither did I.

          Incidentally, your English is terrible. I really hope you aren’t representative of St. Andrews students.

          • Tony

            Leaving one ‘e’ off a french word doesnt mean my English is bad, it is however somewhat indicative of your value system.

            I’m extremely happy that the perception of Durham didn’t stop you from going there, however the reputation of St Andrews is considered to be a lot worse, particularly for scottish people. The fact is that only 14 people from the poorest backgrounds decided to come to this university despite scholarships and funding being offered to around 35, meaning that our student body is far less diversified and we lose out on the smartest candidates. Our university has massive image problems which strongly infer that your experiance was the exception rather than a rule.

            • HJ777

              So you think that the spelling mistake is the only example of terrible English in your contribution? I wasn’t even referring to that (not that leaving the ‘e’ off champagne was even your only spelling error in that word).

              As for my “value system”, why don’t you lighten up a bit? The danger is that people from ordinary backgrounds (like me) will think that St. Andrews is only for pompous over-serious prats who go round condemning students who like to lark around harmlessly. If St. Andrews were to gain that reputation, it really would have a “massive image problem”.

              It’s spelt “experience”, by the way. I rather suspect that as I have rather more life experience than you do, that your inference is a load of nonsense.

              • Tony

                I thought of responding, but then realised that you had over 3000 posts, most of which seem to be you acting like a dick to people, so with the utmost sincerity and conviction:

                Bugger this, I’m going for a twix

                • HJ777

                  I suppose you think that your posts are so wonderful you feel qualified to be judgemental..

                  You obviously lack self-awareness.

                • Jock

                  I am a proud St Andrews student also. And believe me, people like Tony; whilst often the most disdaining, disapproving and judgemental characters we have, are also sadly often the most vocal. However, they do NOT voice the only opinions of our student body, merely have far too much spare time to disdain others.

                  A large amount of students currently do not care about this ridiculous incident, nor belittle it. And some (myself included) even support it’s valiant attempt at satire making only a mockery of our stereotype.

                • HJ777

                  Well, I didn’t think for one minute that you could all be quite as pompous and judgemental as Tony.

                  It’s good to hear that others are tolerant and have no desire to condemn their fellow students for having a bit of fun. Perhaps you should let Tony know how you feel?

                  By the way, I do hope they chilled that ‘Champagne’ properly before pouring. There are few things worse than warm champagne.

  • thisisGilb

    How surprising that he’s wearing red trousers. What a maverick.