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Realism and optimism: David Cameron’s New Year message

30 December 2012

12:24 PM

30 December 2012

12:24 PM

David Cameron’s New Year message is a rather sober one, but it’s not downbeat. The theme is ‘realism and optimism’ and the Tory leader’s aim is to demonstrate to voters that his policies are putting the country on the right track, and to that end he makes some strong points on deficit reduction, unemployment, education, welfare, tax and pensions.

Encouraging optimism about Britain’s trajectory is important because 2013 is going to be a difficult year, not just for the Conservative party internally on issues such as Europe and gay marriage, but for the Coalition, as new cuts come in and critics call on the government to change tack. Ed Miliband’s Dickensian pre-Christmas PMQs offered a little taster of that. But after that attack in the Commons, Tories were remarking that they could ‘always come back at Labour with statistics’, and this is what the Prime Minister is trying to do here. Cameron’s list of government achievements are a rebuttal to that pessimism fostered by the Labour party and a call on voters and colleagues to hold their nerve.

Full text:

“2012 was an extraordinary year for our country. We celebrated our Queen with the Jubilee. And with the Olympics and Paralympics we showed beyond any doubt that Britain can deliver. It was a great year. But, if we are honest, it was a tough one too.


“We are still dealing with debts that built up over many years. And for many families, making ends meet is difficult. So to anyone starting this New Year with questions about where we are heading and what the future holds, I want to reassure you of this: we are on the right track. On all the big issues that matter to Britain, we are heading in the right direction and I have the evidence to prove it.

“This government inherited a huge budget deficit that was dragging our country down. Well, this New Year, that deficit is forecast to be £13 billion smaller than last New Year, down by one quarter since we came to office.

“We inherited a welfare system that was frankly out of shape, that paid people not to work. So we made some big changes, and this New Year almost half a million more people are in work than last New Year. That is real progress.

“We inherited an education system where too often mediocre was deemed good enough and discipline in many schools was slack. We said we need more discipline, tougher exams and more academies because those schools consistently get better results. Well, this New Year we’ve got more than 1,000 academies open than last New Year. The numbers studying science and languages are going up. And teachers have more power over discipline than they’ve had for years. This is, quite simply, a government in a hurry. And there’s a reason for that.

“Britain is in a global race to succeed today. It is race with countries like China, India and Indonesia; a race for the jobs and opportunities of the future. So when people say we can slow down on cutting our debts, we are saying no. We can’t win in this world with a great millstone of debt round our necks.

“When people say we’ve got to stop our welfare reforms because somehow it is cruel to expect people to work, we are saying no. Getting people into good jobs is absolutely vital, not just for them, but for all of us. And when there is a fight on our hands to change our schools, we are ready and willing to have it because having a world-class education is the only way our children are going to get on in this world.

“And we know what we are doing all this for: not just to get our country up the rankings in some global league table but to get behind anyone who likes to work hard and get on in life. It’s for those people that we made changes to our tax system in 2012, cutting the income tax bills of 24 million workers. It is for them that we have frozen the council tax for three years in a row, to keep bills as low as we can.

“And we did the right thing by our pensioners too, in 2012, bringing in the biggest ever increase in the state pension. This is what this government is about: making sure Britain succeeds in this global race and, above all, helping our people succeed, the people who work hard and aspire to a better life for their families.

“So this is my message to the country at the start of 2013. We can look to the future with realism and optimism. Realism, because you can’t cure problems, that were decades in the making, overnight. There are no quick fixes and I wouldn’t claim otherwise. But we can be optimistic too because we are making tangible progress. We are doing what’s right for our country and what’s best for our children’s future. And nothing could be more important than that.

“So Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013.”

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  • Coffeehousewall

    As Wessex Man says, it is full of waffle. No career politician can be trusted, that is the problem. As soon as the mouth is opened, our comes a stream of lies, half-truths and self-deception.

    Why not allow the people to produce a New Year message to our politicians? One doubts that they would be willing or capable of listening.

    • AY

      given the reality of multi-moral, multi-apartheid, multi-parasite Britain, – finding and maintaining political consensus here, is essentially impossible task.
      all these politicians are simply opportunistic clowns.
      as the oriental barbarity finds more inroads to the West, democratic order itself becomes useless. democracy only works if some basic level of civility is present.
      Europe might just desintegrate into a multitude of enclaves of 3 types:
      1) chaotic (nihilist, failed, savage)
      2) islamic
      3) fascist
      .. – so everyone will be urged to choose.

  • Wessex Man

    Hardly a speech to inspire or motivate anyone, full of waffle from start to finish, he seems to be intent on driving away all of his own party, the left wing to Labour and the right wing to UKIP. Could this be his secret master plan? If so he’s doing very well, lol to you Dave.

  • Nick

    Yes the government is doing such a good job………and these things are still happening:
    Abu Qatada is still here.
    Immigration is still out of control.
    The Navy doesn’t have any aircraft carriers.
    Criminals are still buying drugs & booze with their benefits.
    Our armed forces are being dangerously reduced.
    Morale of the emergency services & NHS staff is desperately low.
    We give too much in foreign aid.
    The burqa is still allowed in the UK.
    The government is still scared of muslims & treats them better than non muslims.
    Oh yes,nearly forgot.Wayne Rooney is paid £250,000 per week.
    No wonder we are in such a —-ing mess.

    • Coffeehousewall

      It would be good to have a list of all the important aspects of life in the UK, such as you describe, and allow people to express their views in some way as to how well the Government has done. Certainly on all the things you list I would mark them as having failed abysmally.

      • Nick

        Agreed.The list contains just a few things that need urgent addressing and that list hasn’t been improved upon by this government which has had enough time to do so.In my opinion,things haven’t changed at all since Labour/failure were chucked out of power.Nothing has really improved.I take into account the recession but when I see footballers earning unnecessary large wages and £11 billion being chucked away in foreign aid,I find it difficult to……….I’ll rephrase what I was going to say…….I find it SICKENING when Cameron says ‘we are all in it together’

  • Daniel Maris

    Every 50 years or so , there’s a revolution. Beginning of the 20th century…that’s it, we’re fed up with being bossed about, we want the vote. Middle of the 20th century…that’s it, we’re fed up with being poor, we want some welfare. Beginning of the 21st century…could it be, “we’re fed up with misdirection from politicians, we want to take the big decisions ourselves”? I hope so because I think it will lead to better government in the long run.

    • Coffeehousewall

      I am sure that there will be a revolution in my life time. Hopefully not too violent. But we cannot continue as we are.

      • Fergus Pickering

        Oh dear.

        • Coffeehousewall

          Is that all you have to say telemachus?

          • Fergus Pickering

            Calm down, vicar, don’t get your knickers in a twist, tis Christmas, the season of goodwill.

  • Daniel Maris

    That shows the poverty of his analysis. If we are truly in a race for jobs with China then we will would lose hands down (and the Chinese fully intend we should lose hands down – they don’t see it other than a zero sum game, long term, in my view).

    We don’t have a pool of 400 million dirt poor peasants to draw on for cheap labour. Neither do we have legal authorisation to shoot strikers dead. Nor do we have enforced planning decisions with no consultation. Nor do we allow workers to burn plastics in the open air to extract copper from wire. Nor do we have a huge state owned industrial sector that can directly implement government policy.

    We shouldn’t be thinking in terms of competing with them.

    We should think in terms of developing the necessary tariff walls to protect our standard of living and developing our real economy, through energy independence, full use of domestic resources (including recycling), and robotics.

    • Stuart Eels

      Daniel Maris

      Give Dave time he’s working on it, us peasants will be working for dirt by the end of the decade.

    • Coffeehousewall

      I agree entirely that there should be tariff walls against Chinese imports. We are essentially at war with China, and it is foolish to allow them to overwhelm us simply because we want to treat the sort of business practices David Maris describes as neutral.

  • Russell

    How about starting off the New Year with a January reduction in the deficit of about £20billion (gross) allowing us to spend £10billion(of which the EU gives back to us) how we like, and cutting £10billion off the deficit, by immediately leaving the EU.

  • Rockin Ron

    Why do we have to have a New Year’s Message from the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition or the Deputy Prime Minister? Is this a new trend or has it been going on for years?

    • Coffeehousewall

      Is there any politician who hasn’t issued a New Year’s message? They must really think that we are all waiting with baited breath to receive their wisdom!

  • barbie

    He’s not seeing or hearing what the ordinary man and woman is realising on the streets of the UK. All is not well, we are bleeding jobs by the thousands, we are over run by immigrants coming here for the freebies. We see housing almost unaffordable, health care to all and sundry for free and not one penny paid into the pot; we see educational standards at their lowest for years, and we now learn that history of these islands was abandoned by Labour for their mulitcultrial ideas. As we now know Rumanians and Bulgarians hope to come for all the freebies too in the new year, where will they all live, and what on?
    What is he going to do about that, the usual, nothing and blame EU law, he does nothing about that either. Its not what we want, but does he listen, does he care, not one jot. We will have the same waffle as the past two years with his side kick Clegg attempting to lecture to those who are prepared to listen, not many I guess. We all know we have to repay our debts, its how you do it that counts, and giving millionaires tax breaks is not one of them. There lies the problem, they are all millionaires including the Labour front bench.
    He tells us its our ‘moral duty’ to pay 11 billion in foreign aid, since when? We owe these countries nothing, it should cease forthwith and the money used for our own who are just as poor. Begging in food banks because they can’t feed themselves or children, its a disgrace, yet, no Tory MP as spoken up about this. No Labour MP either, and certainly no Lib Dems. It could be used to stimulate growth here and jobs so we pay less in benefits, but no, foreigners are deemed more worthy. He won’t win the next election on these policies, and of course we will be left with Miliband who is even less intelligent than Brown was, God help us all. My hopes are pinned on Nigel Farage and this intelligent nation of ours, who I hope will vote for UKIP in their thousands and create the first National Party for this nation since the last war.

    • Austin Barry

      Spot on, Barbie.

      Note that Cameron says nothing in his speech about immigration. He can only avoid the issue and hope that Chipping Norton will not be unduly troubled by too much low income, disagreeable diversity.

    • 2trueblue

      First you have to get the lazy electorate out to actually vote.

    • Robin Hood

      You are just upset and tired, by the way Nige’s married to a German!

  • Magnolia

    He’s still deliberately confusing the voter over debt and borrowing which doesn’t help the Conservative Party cause.
    He talks about the “huge budget deficit” when the electorate would understand the words ‘huge government annual overspend’ much more clearly, especially when he later talks about saying “no” to people who suggest slowing down on cutting our debts, when it is painfully obvious to us here that debts are rising and not being cut at all.
    That is obfuscation pure and simple.
    The whole piece is quite juvenile and soppy. Each little element only tells a fraction of the story. To say that children are only going to get on with a world class education is to miss all the help and love that a good family, home and decent food provides.
    The whole piece is aimed at Labour voters and, moreover, those who are quite low on the Wechsler Scale.

  • AY

    from the site today:

    “European politics is.. a race against time between the growing weight of the alien demographic on the one hand; and the growing realisation of the.. people that their governments are subjecting them to a slow-motion genocide, on the other. The question is which tendency will achieve electoral dominance first..”

    • Austin Barry

      We already have the answer: just look around.

    • Wilhelm

      ” Civilisations don’t die, they commit suicide.”

      The situation in Sweden is worse, it will be the first nation to go majority black / muslim.

  • William Blakes Ghost

    I notice that not only is there no mention of the EU but also no mention of International Aid, a disastrous malevolent energy policy, Inflation, the revenue grabbing minimum alcohol pricing, additioonalGovernment Debt in the sum of at least £600 billion, gay marriage, the snoopers charter, secret courts, the numerous irrelevent and poiintless database profligacy projects, the NHS and the biggest quango in Europe, HS2, a broken police force, failing immigration policy, a planning debacle and a broken Tory party etc, etc. I’m afraid that dipshit Dave has a very limited and selective view of ‘reality’..

    We are doing what’s right for our country and what’s best for our children’s future

    Leaving aside our dyfunctional government, economy, society and political system exactly how much debt is this Government bequeathing our children (and their children) per capita?

    • 2trueblue

      Not as much as Liebore and the LibDums would like to pass on. I have little time for Cameron, but right now we are in this mess thanks to the last government, and a global perception that the only way going forward was to borrow, and then to borrow more, we are all in debt. Paying down debt is such a depressing exercise but it is the only reality. Hating Cameron and his ‘posh’ cabinet members is shortsighted and does not do anything to lessen the misery.

      The reality would still be the same no matter who was at the helm, soft words and new initiatives were what we had for 13yrs, plus a smoke screen to blind us to what Blair/Brown/Balls/Millipedex2/Byrne/Burnham/ were actually dishing up.
      What a lot of “Bs”.

      • jsfl

        Well do tell me when the Tories are going to get around to paying down some debt because currently they have no plans too and Osborne has incurred more debt than any previous peacetime chancellor. All they are doing at the moment is reducing the amount of new debt that they are incurring or so the plan goes. To my knowledge Osborne has never proposed to repay any of the debt. This Government is just as debt addicted as the previous Labour and Conservative governments (Clarke actually borrowed more than Brown as Chancellor)

        Postscript: Oh and I don’t hate the Tories for anything (I used to be one) but sadly there comes a day when you have to realise that a brand is so tainted that it would be better off scrapped than be left to fester further. Cameron has tainted it so badly it no longer has a worthwhile place in the market. If the right is to recover it will have to do so without the Tory brand and without incompetent political village idots like Cameron and his coterie.

        • 2trueblue

          Getting out of debt is more expensive than getting into it, (and not half so much fun), Ask anyone who runs a company in debt or any household in real debt.

          As stated before, not long now until Liebore and the LibDums get together and then we will be able to watch the country sink totally, forever.

  • Troika21

    If you have to tell people your policies are working; then your policies are not working.

    • 2trueblue

      Well we had 13yrs of Liebore and the media telling us it was all OK and we now know that it most certainly was not.

      • William Blakes Ghost

        You really need to forget the past and get with the present. The electorate dealt with the problem of Labour and has now moved on to the current problem government.

        • 2trueblue

          Refresh my memory. In what way did the electorate deal with the problem of Liebore? If you ignore history you have learned nothing.
          If the electorate had not dished up the situation whereby we have not got a government with any real power to rule we would indeed be able to see what was going on.
          I am no fan of Camerons but there is no alternative right now.

          • Stuart Eels

            So you are travelling under a different name nowadays from your old labour days then?

            • 2trueblue

              You need to bone up on things and get the drift.

              • Stuart Eels

                No thanks

        • Colonel Mustard

          “The electorate dealt with the problem of Labour”

          Really? I must have missed the trials and executions. When were they?

  • ShoeOnHead

    the most important macro standout line is this: “Britain is in a global race to succeed today…”

    in other words beginning to pivot UK economic policy from atlantic to asia. everything else is an overstatement as far as I’m concerned.

    not pivoting UKplc, and not undergoing wholesale shifts towards a new centre of gravity in the world the economy will be are part of the enduring legacy of whoever is in govt. whodagest, eh? european backwater springs to mind.

    unsurprisingly, a few months back, rupert murdoch had this to say to Cameron “…US attention now on Pacific, rightly. Atlantic weakened…” and yes, it’s far more than just educating the next batch of engineers in who will win the global p*ssing contest against China and India. far, far more. we live in exponential times. shift happens.

    (shoe on head)

  • JamesdelaMare

    “We can look to the future with realism and optimism.” With realism maybe, but with optimism, No!. There is no justification for optimism at all. So there are more jobs than last year? Who is paying for those?

    Politicians in a democratic society can neither understand nor accept that with a financial and social system so far removed from commonsense as ours is, any “optimism” is misplaced and false. We live in a competitive market economy in which materialism seems to be everything to everybody. If that materialism is what Cameron supposes is a reason for optimism, then for the time being – having half come out of another crisis – he may be right.

    Business does not exist to provide jobs. It exists to provide goods and services, but principally it exists as a means to take money off other people for oneself. There’s the rub. In a traditional type of capitalist society, the entrepreneur (a factory owner, shop-keeper, publican, cobbler or whatever he was) had his premises, staff and stock, and got on with business at his own expense. He took the losses or the profits.

    But now we’ve deviated from that clean basic capitalism, and other countries who are becoming prosperous at our expense, haven’t deviated to the same extent. We, but not them, are become overwhelmed by overhead costs of all descriptions, and by the burden of vast numbers of intermediary people living off business.

    Think through it, Mr Cameron. Rents, borrowing costs and debt interest, lawyers, health and safety, staff perks and bonuses, consultants, all kinds of government bodies and costs, all this and more is added in Britain now, and it used not to be a century ago. We cannot have it both ways. Either we employ everybody in jobs funded by overheads, or we produce goods and services that real, ordinary people can actually afford.

  • Rhoda Klapp

    Sensing a rebuttal effort here. An organised outpouring of spite. Here’s a hint for labour HQ. There are few Cameron fans here below the line, there was no need for it at all, it just makes you look pathetic.

    • Seasurfer1

      Realism – Lets get real with the Real definition of Marriage? Which was not in the Manifesto.
      Lets get real about supporting the Fox Hunting fraternity which was in the Manifesto.
      Lets get Real about the cost to the Household regarding the Pasty Tax. Which was not in the Manifesto.
      etc. etc.
      Cameron is not a traditional tory Wet. – He is a Drip. And the Tory Voters, church goers,fox hunters and the rural communities will soon let him know when the tap of support is turned off.

  • Jules

    Only 28 months until a Labour Government!!

    • SilentHunter

      Oh goody! That’s just what we need . . . Tory Lite instead of the Tories.

      • Jules

        Nope, not this time. We (in Labour) have turned our back on Blairism. This time we don’t need to placate right wing media moguls and ‘City people’ to get elected. The SDP wing of the Lib Dems is coming home to Labour, reunifying the Left and this will deliver us a majority. There will be no Tory Lite policies, for a start Ed Balls has already said he is planning a ‘proper wealth tax’ to make sure the wealthy contribute more and this time we will target what cannot be hidden in Switzerland and various tax havens, ie property. Instead of cutting benefits, Labour will reduce the welfare bill by a Living wage, to really make work pay and a mass house building programme to reduce the Housing benefit bill.

        Roll on 2015, good times are around the corner for the middle and low earning Britons!!

        • Jebediah

          Yes because the best people to fix a catastrophic economic problem are the clueless Labour muppets that caused it.

          • 2trueblue

            The process of wrecking an economy entirely does not usually gift one with the skills to mend it.

        • HFC

          I smell Nationalsozialismus and the dictatorial, anti-capitalist aspiration of fascism here.

          How long will it be before you introduce informers, secret police and concentration camps to deal with your opposition – the ‘enemies of the state’ – in your utopia?

          • Davy12

            So true,

            Play the race card day in, day out for decades, so that every white person is hated and viewed as a racist.

            Then make us a minority and wait for the love,.

          • barbie

            Well they did that before with the ‘thought police’, under Brown’s government, you know the PM who was never elected. If you said anything against ‘gays’ or said anything supporting the BNP for example, round they came and stayed for several hours until you surrendered. The BNP, which I don’t support, were in my opinion, although a genuine political party, were demonised and stopped from proper democratic functions, mainly via Labour activists. It was bordering on fascism and to my thinking still remain to this day.

        • arnoldo87

          Jules, You and Labour may have turned your back on Blairism, but the floating voters of this country are essentially Blairites (but more Eurosceptic than the Master). The Party of Ed Miliband enjoys an opinion poll lead at the moment, but when the big question is asked in 2015, these floaters will plump for the Party that is closest to Blairite principles.
          Cameron knows this and is playing a canny long-term game by keeping his direction as close to the moderate centre as he possibly can. His speech was effective and to the point – in fact, it could have been Tony himself!

          • Simon Fay

            “it could have been Tony himself!”

            DC is a better-bred spiv than his hero though.

          • 2trueblue

            I wish he thought that far ahead, not sure he has it in him.

          • barbie

            Take note, just before the 2007 win, and from writings in Russia, the Labour party were in colusion with the KGB. Socialist and Red to the core. We saw that under Brown a real Socialist, the thought police knocking on your door for thoughts beyond the social dogma of the day. He nearly got us there, but we woke up and threw him and is Red cronies out. It won’t happen again so easily. The EU is the new Red Russia, but on a different monitor, its no different with its laws, refusing to keep democracy alive, no thanks its not for us or the UK.

            • arnoldo87

              Thanks barbie for that erudite, knowledgable, and coherent contribution.
              There was no victory of any kind for Labour in 2007 – in fact its biggest single disaster occurred that year

        • Simon Fay

          Excellent parody of a third-division Owen Jones wannabe. You should be on TV.

        • SilentHunter

          Forgive me Jules, but you had me interested in your reply, right up to the moment when you mentioned Ed Balls . . . then I laughed out loud at the thought of Ed Balls, the arch New Labour Home Flipper, planning a ‘proper wealth tax’.

          Is he planning on paying back to the taxpayer, all the money that he and Yvette made from flipping their FOUR homes, bought at taxpayers expense?


          If you think Labour are any different to the Tories, then you are seriously in need of help.

          Labour ARE the Tories as much as the Tories ARE Labour. You could not insert a thin banker (even if there were such a thing) between their policies.

          Neither Labour or the Tories represent the ordinary working people of this country – they BOTH represent vested interests.

          What we need is a change of our system of government AND to have our voting system converted to full blown PR. Only then will we see any real change.

        • 2trueblue

          As Balls has now accrued a nice portfolio of property and gained with flipping his properties he will of course be paying tax on it all????

        • barbie

          You need to go back to school, and or re-educate yourself urgently. What you dream of will bring massive debts, our intergration into the EU, immigration controls gone, and those with the wealth will leave in their thousands, leaving the sinkin ship.

        • Redneck


          Three questions, if I may?

          1. At what, exact level of income would you hope Mr Milliband would implement higher taxation levels?

          2. Do you see any benefit in limiting immigration at all?

          3. Do you think that the vast majority currently on benefits are entitled to be so?

          • Robin Hood

            Jules still believes in collectives but always states “we” control this, “we” would tell them, “we” get them to, so I guess Jules is another Gordon Brown.

    • Davey12

      I know. I will be voting UKIP to help labour get in.

      The sooner we run out of money the better.

      Lots more immigrants which may mean a permanent socialist government. We will also get to see the truth about socialism, that it is fascism. As it fails to deliver, and it will, they will use hatred to stay in power. They will use racism, the reason you have no money is because the nasty white people have it and they do not want to share with you. They will nationalise anything and everything looking for money as the wealth vanishes because socialism creates not an ounce of wealth. We will also find out about our new citizens the left have imported. We will find out that so far from being nice they are just as nasty as us or even nastier.

      Look at the countries were many come from. They do not care for their own poor. Minorities are second class citizens in many of these lands. The left will use the ethnic minorities to create a socialist paradise in blighty.

      By the time the white working class get the message it will be, sadly, to late.

      I only hope you are white with lots of white grand-children.

    • Wilhelm

      That’ll be another 7 million sub Saharan bantus allowed in the country then

    • barbie

      That will be the new ‘doomsday’ era. God help us all.

  • McRobbie

    Thank heavens for a leader who doesn’t promise the world as bliar and balloon brown did… education education education, end of boom and bust….bla bla bla… normal labour two faced spin and deceit. I dread the thought of the one nation millie actually in charge, it would be the normal labour version of one nation…. one nation of trade union bullies and public sector jobsworths with a smattering of bribery for the other labour voters the welfare scroungers.

    • Holly

      The only thing Cameron offers is, “…a global race with India and China”. Good luck with that! If you haven’t got a trust fund you will need luck and then some.

      • Dimoto

        a day later

        This speech received zero, zilch, media attention (the darlings are still away, just feeding the occasional podcast “Olympic Lookback” as “News”), so, as a ‘message to the nation’ this was a total dud – pretty much like the No 10 media outfit. This latest prat makes Andy Coulson look like some kind of star.

    • barbie

      Not all people are welfare scroungers as you call them. They are people who may have worked for years and paid their dues, so are entitled to welfare when needed. Your assumption all are in the same boat is wrong, many are hardworking people fallen on hard times, it could be yourself in 2013.
      It is governments job to protect its citizens, no demonise them or put foreign aid before your own. Faults can come from all quarters, as well as successes.

  • Jim Moore

    He has targeted the sick and disabled and hundred who have died and he
    has helped the rich people whom he calls the striver and tries to create
    division. I have been very disappointed with the sheer callous
    ignorance of this coalition government and its reign of terror on its
    own people

    • Carol-Ann

      It’s funny how the Tory party has targeted and impoverished many British people including the disabled, through demonisation and cuts in living standards and incomes. All the while carrying on giving foreigners everything they desire. In fact under the coalition immigration has gone UP from 166,000 net under Labour (per year) to 250,000 now. Only last month they put in place regulation that now means everyone has access to free healthcare and that even failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants must be treated.

      It’s a myth that EU migration is a problem. EU migration is only 30% of the total and is starting to stabilize. It’s those coming from outside the EU, the largest numbers are from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

      • barbie

        We should close the door tightly shut, and get our house in order before we reopen it. Until we do this we keep adding to the problem each year. India did this with jobs recently, it told all foreigners to leave as jobs were for Indians, if they can do it so can we. We are slowly losing our own identity and what for, short term vote catching from a former Labour government. Unforgiveable. I’ll never vote Labour again, nor Tory over the EU, both have betrayed us and deceived us. UKIP for me.

      • 2trueblue

        13 yrs of Liebore on a mad spending spree, impoverishing all before them and you missed it? The facts are: child poverty grew, the gap between the rich and poor grew, the higher rate of tax was lower, fuel escalated to unprecedented levels, youth unemployment grew, wages grew by 10%, ……
        so over 13yrs our standards were lowered. It was not obvious because borrowing was the way lifestyles were enhanced and that is the legacy of Blair/Brown/Balls/Millipedesx2, and their gang. They ran the most corrupt parliament and did nothing to clean it up. We are still living with their stooge as Speaker.

  • ToryOAP

    Now I know how the labtard left felt about Blair. The thought that the economy will recover and this clown could win in 2015 fills me with only a little less despair than the prospect of MilliBalls.

    • 2trueblue

      Cheer up, Liebore will be back before you know it and then your great grandchildren will be in debt.

    • Dimoto

      What about the cheapo huckster Farage, what does he fill you with ?