Pro-Assad commentator says his shoe and urine are more dignified than opponent

19 December 2012

4:38 PM

19 December 2012

4:38 PM

Now this is what I call a studio discussion.

My personal highlights are:


‘My shoe and my urine are more dignified than you.’

‘I spit on you and on your people.’

And – in the midst of all this – the plaintive line:

‘George, we don’t want the discussion to be like this.’

All of which is worth remembering next time we complain about the quality of debate on British TV.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Your thought is

  • Andy Gill

    This stunning lack of emotional intelligence is one reason why most of the Arab world is a poverty-stricken toilet.

  • statman

    Excuse me ,further to my last post on ‘Arab winter update’,are you trying to tell us that Arabs engage in childish exaggerated rhetoric.Oh really !surprise,surprise,mercy me what a revelation . Or are you trying to say that because of the obvious ,our people should support the Zionist nutters against the fundamentalist nutters and get our soldiers killed .If so get lost.

    • AY

      all and every arab or islamic group from either side, – always decare that they fight Zionists.
      so don’t worry – our soldiers won’t “get killed”.
      just Zionists armed by Zionists will be killing Zionists on the order of Zionists.

    • T. Botham

      I was not aware that there was even a breath of a suggestion by anyone that a British soldier should die in defense of Israel. Dying for Afghanistan’s return to the Taliban is another matter. And of course, French and British soldiers helping the Brotherhood and Al Qaida liberate the Syrian people from the monster Assad is quite alright – no nutter Zionist interests there.

    • C A

      Israel fights its own wars think you very much! Its the US and the West that make an already unstable region worse with all the tinpot dictators, Islamists and totalitarian governments you support or arm.

    • AhmedShahMassoud

      I am a Zionist nutter. We can fight our own wars. You were quite happy for us to take out Basher Assad’s and Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear programs so why the hypocrisy?

    • Neideen

      statman, he was just pointing out something funny. 😉