Happy Christmas

25 December 2012

12:29 PM

25 December 2012

12:29 PM

A merry Christmas to all of you; the sane and the troubled, the humorous and the witless, the rural and the urban, the autodidacts and the monomaniacal, the easy-going and the psychotic, the borderline fascists and the Stalinist libtard bien pensants. And all the others, the many I’ve missed. I wish you all a lovely Christmas and a new year which brings forth things which make you sort of, you know, happy.

And so this morning, d’you know what? I really did this. Thing is, it’s all there was available that hadn’t been earmarked for family lunches or suppers or snacks for the bloody kids. So I did it. I breakfasted on coffee and apples. It comes to all of us, in the end. Happy Christmas.

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  • rndtechnologies786


  • Robert Taggart

    Have a mulled wine on us Rodders, then another… normal service will then resume ?!

  • nancledra

    I can’t find my glasses as I was hammered by the time I went to bed last night so can somebody tell me whether or not that’s Nicholas Sarkozy in the photo with his hands in his pockets?

    • Geoff

      I see what you mean …

      • nancledra

        Found them. It’s some other prick.

  • Shakassoc

    I knew it; I knew it. Couldn’t you have accompanied them with a walnut from your xmas stocking?

  • kidmugsy

    Hold the front page: Liddle enjoys his Cox’s in the morning.

  • Jack Dawson

    Well I only hope you mitigated your offence by including cigarettes in you breakfasting. Happy New Year, Rod.

  • Eddie

    Coffee and apples? What are you – a fucking French horse or somert?

    Now, tea and apples, perhaps with a bit of cheese and bread: that would be civilised. Are you going all Euro in your dotage, mate!

    And yes, Merry Christmas to all readers of the Speccie – just about the only place left for free speech, I find. Enjoyed my Christmas copy yesterday – (while awatchin the Lavendar Hill Mob on’t telly) – always LOVE the cartoons.

    Also, and for the benefit of all the many critics of my spazzy qwerty ineptitude, I am delighted to report I also got a TYPIST for Christmas!

    Yep – My next door pervert’s Thai bride Ping Pong was really up for it, shoving the babychams and malibus and numerous cock tails down her neck until she was pissed as a fanny fart in a jacuzzi and toppled over (rather like a little finger of lemon grass bending in the breeze…).

    It ain’t donne my typiing no fugkin gfood though, innnit?

    Maybe I need a wife (NOOOOO!) or perhaps one of them handy slaves some rich women have at home to clean up all their crap and mess – you know, Poles. You know where you are wiv a pole…

    • Geoff

      Eddie, you never amaze to cease me …

      • Eddie

        It’s a joke, you see:
        typist = Thai pissed.
        Not my joke – I nicked it – but it made me giggle!

  • Baron

    Santa on skates? What next, Santa marrying a reindeer?

    Merry Christmas to everyone, peace to all, inshallah.

  • Sean

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I look forward to another year entertained by your blogs! Ho Ho Ho

  • Wayne Gillespie

    Merry Christmas whether you are straight or gay. There is no need to bring sexuality into everything. Let there be peace on earth. Amen.

  • Immigrant

    Merry Christmas to all immigrants too?

    • rod liddle

      yes, to all immigrants too, assuming they are not offended by sucgh a benediction.

      • Eddie

        I am the son of an immigrant. Does that count?
        Can I get a free council house then? Or do I have to breed first? Or maybe have at least two 12 year old wives?

  • Daniel Maris

    Merrry Christmas,

    You didn’t say you couldn’t be, but I think it’s worth pointing out you can be sane AND troubled at the same time, given some of the things that are happening to our country. :)

    2013 is unlikely to bring us all the things we desire, but if it brings few of the things we detest, we will be doing well.

  • DougS

    And a merry Christmas to you too Rod!

    You did, in fact, miss me from your list – ‘irrelevant pleb’ – but hey, I’m not holding it against you, nobody’s perfect!

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