George Monbiot joins the bourgeoisie

26 December 2012

6:42 PM

26 December 2012

6:42 PM

They always manage to pull something special out of the hat at Christmas, over at the Guardian. Last year it was that fantastic woman, an editor at The Ecologist, who agonised over what to buy her son for Christmas that was green, ethical, sustainable and non-materialistic, if you remember, when her son Dimitri just wanted a Nintendo DS and a mini car to drive to school in. This time it is George Monbiot’s special Boxing Day tale of how he came to be terrified by some poor people who were a bit rough looking and had tattoos and dirty fingernails. Utterly hilarious stuff from this supposed leftie; Moonbat (Stowe, Brasenose, scion of a Tory dynasty) was quite appalled and a little frightened.

Like most of The Guardian’s writers, Moonbat is not remotely left wing, when it comes down to it. It is all economically self-interested bien pensant liberalism, utterly antithetical to the working class. Next time he chances to meet someone so low born I hope they smash his spectacles and spit on his shoes.

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  • Jim South London

    I hope they get into money and move in next door to him.

  • rndtechnologies786


  • geoff Chambers

    “I hope they smash his spectacles and spit on his shoes”.

    They do, they do:

  • Where Do His Intentions Lay

    See the problem with the Internet is that it brings together real life people in a virtual room who would never otherwise have given each other the time of day. I know anti nuclear this and woman hating that (not to mention legitimate rape advocacy which I imagine will be aired soon) is passion riling, some moderation is needed. If you drink the soup before it has cooled slightly, it will only burn your mouth like a hellfire bitch. Have any of you considered the fact that you all have ‘personal’ agendas, you all have contradictory loyalties to some extent, you are all human and that should ultimately unite you. Once the ruling governments of the world recognise this, peace might get a headstart. But really, your views here seem so extreme that, like the governments I mentioned, the only point of real agreeance will be mutual annihilation. This thread represents a miserable social microcosm to me. One I have to live in everyday. To me, George Monbiot has made an incredible effort at using his communication talents to rail against what he has learnt to call unjust. And I don’t think a man who refers to his bourgeoisie comportment with a knowing nod could give a bint burning trollop if you get angry because he clearly doesn’t live as a self flagellating monk. PS. I needed to get ‘bint’ in my comment, I owe you all that for making me laugh lots.

  • blindsticks

    Next time he chances to meet someone so low born I hope they smash his spectacles and spit on his shoes.
    Lol, champion.

  • Robert Taggart

    GJRM – Bien Pensant or Bien Peasant ?!

  • Peter Crawford

    George just makes stuff up as he goes along. There is journalistic licence and there is total bollocks. George always goes for the total bollocks option..
    Who would, in distress,,sit next to an obvious nutjob “in the hope of starting a conversation” ?
    Who would not recognise said nutjob, with whom he had close and regular dealings with only five years previously in an instant ?.
    Who would bust up his ankle and not realise it at once (the first few seconds are the worst as anyone who has f***ed an ankle knows,It doesn’t dawn on you ten minutes later) ?
    He is a serial liar. A well-paid bullshitter. The fact that this time round he has made an even bigger c*** of himself than usual is no surprise. He once claimed, in a lengthy,, piece that he struggled into the Welsh mountains with a serious chest infection so he could join his last ever “skating party”.before global warming ruined it forever.

    Pack of f***ing lies from start to finish.

  • Anonymous Untermensch

    (ftr I have no problem with you Tories taking the piss. I’d be doing the same in similar circs.) I was sickened when I read this. As a former “New Age Traveller” I was sickened when I read this in the Graun. And on sodding Xmas-eve too. “While we wish a happy Xmas to one and all, especially disabled, black, third-world lesbians* we sincerely hope all travellers rot in hell as George considers them a bit of a sticky wicket.”

    *(again, ftr, I’m glad the graun does stand up for minorities and the disadvantaged. Generally. Except when they’ve white, British, able-bodied and straight.)

    I pointed out two things on their site.

    1) We’re not all like that. When my wife and I we’re doing Teknivals (free, illegal tekno festivals – another one of Britain’s great musical/cultural exports to Europe) in the mid-nineties, we never left our truck locked ‘cos we knew it would be safe. There could be 80,000 people there, but we’d created a environment where we didn’t have to lock our front door because we had a community. (Isn’t this what you lot want too?)

    2) So not everyone is a good egg and Monbiot and his muppets are cowards. You blame the rest of us for that? We had an expression for dealing with these types when they turned up. Fucked off site. This is how we generally fucked off people like these two brothers from site. A few of you get scaff bars. You put his truck’s side window through. You tell him if he ain’t gone in 5 mins it’s his windscreen, in ten it’s his head. Simples. Well, always was in my day.

    The responses I got we’re either a) Proves might is right from the Tory trolls. or b) But everyone should love each other, you oik, from the Hampstead guardianistas.

    Sorry, peoples. It’s the real world. Some people are free-loading scum. That doesn’t mean every poor person is. Every claimant. Or every Traveller. (Or even fellow traveller :Get’sCoat:)

    But nor does it mean that we couldn’t create, for a small time, and in very advantageous circumstances (we couldn’t have done it without your first world rule of law and tax dollars, I admit) in which we created a self-policing society which was more efficient in dealing with crime than the situation in today’s inner cities. (Yes, one mugger was, allegedly, injected with enough hallucinogens to send an elephant to the moon, but apparently there weren’t many muggers afterwards. Not that I condone this, obviously.)

    But if you lot choose to crack a bottle of bubbly on New Year’s Eve and thank your lucky stars that the Graun is picking on us lot as opposed to Osbourne and ATOS, I don’t begrudge you that.

    At least you lot seem true to your beliefs, even if I disagree with them.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Genuinely – thanks for this post

  • John Ball

    “Next time he chances to meet someone so low born I hope they smash his spectacles and spit on his shoes.”

    Much though I despise anyone who pretends to be something he isn’t, let’s have some regard to the spirit of Christmas.

  • Racist PC Lefties


  • Bob

    Henceforth, Monbiot shall be known by the full title of George-”The Ungrateful Bastard Stole My Nice Jacket”-Monbiot. And remember kids-property is theft, unless the property concerned belongs to George, or any of his progressive pals on bikes.

  • john cronin

    Incidentally, Monbiot does not make it clear whether he was an English Romany (a
    la Levi Bellfield) or an Irish Tinker. No one in Ireland calls em
    “Travellers” just tinkers or knackers.

    My grandpa, God rest him,
    was an officer in the Garda Siochana. The irish police always regarded
    it as their patriotic duty to kick the tinkers out to England: kinda revenge for
    Cromwell. You could google in Frog Ward and farmer McNally – the Irish
    Tony Martin. Up until 10 yrs back, every pub in Ireland had a sign
    saying “no tinkers” now they have a sign saying “With respect to the
    Human Rights Act 2000 (section 4a (ii) b we reserve the right to protect
    the safety of our staff. which means “No Tinkers.”

    The other thing is they all seem to have lots of money, and no one knows where it comes from.

    Monbiot should try working for the Connors family as a slave.

  • DougS

    Poor old Moonbat.

    Don’t be too hard on him – he’s completely barking.

    Along with all his other nutty opinions he actually swallows the AGW scam, no, really!

  • kidmugsy

    “Working class” is an odd way to describe “travellers”.

  • Rhubarb

    Why does Moonbat get away with calling himself a progressive?

    He has stated on at least two occasions that he wishes the working classes to revert to peasantry and wants much of the industrial revolution cancelled.

    On other occasions he gets very sniffy when someone suggests a technological solution to a problem declaring that such people “worship science”.

    Moonbat is this nations most extreme conservative.

    • Ron Todd

      He can call himself ‘progressive’ because the term is one of those words than the left can have mean anything they want it to mean. I am progressive is not so much a description of any particular policy more a indication of being on the left/liberal/green side of politics and not having or not admiting to any views that other is that loose grouping would be able to use against him.

  • Eddie

    Hilarious! George fell off his bike when cycling on ice. What a twerp! Did he not realise that bicycles aren’t meant for snowy icy conditions?
    So HE caused his injury through his arrogant environmentalism therefore and should not have been given free healthcare.
    He is like a certain type of leftie, who enjoy their easy wealthy lives segregated from the bleak reality that many have to put up with, and who often have violent noisy anti-social scum living right next door to them.
    He is the type of leftie whose house prices have tripled in the last 15 years, who have second homes, and who fully support the policies that have caused this (mass immigration, no fair tax on second homes, govt policies to lower interest rates and boost property prices).
    He is the type of leftie who when quizzed about his wealth will merely mention his salary (cf Milliband, Mandelson etc) and not his vast property wealth.
    He is the type of leftie who will call anyone who complains about mass immigration and the way it pushes up rents and house prices as ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’ whilst never himself once feeling the negative effects of such policies.
    He is the type of leftie who sees himself as superior to ordinary people, in a very patrician way (though women can do it too – Shirley Williams, Harriet Harman, Diane Abbot et al). ‘These silly ordinary people are too poor and unenlightened to know what’s good for them’ is their mantra ‘so are best ignored at all times’.
    He is the type of leftie who has helped make like in Britain in 2012 unbearable for many from the working classes AND the middle classes too, those withouth vast property wealth anyway. Not for the lower middle classes the privilege of the wealthy lefties to live in nice city areas and send their kids to the good schools there. Oh no. They are forced to live in squalor and send their kids to schools which are 80% black and 20% asylum seeker (which is constantly celebrated in the kindergarten-level lessons giving to teenagers at them, so the thickos can keep up).
    This attitude is common to many in politics though – left, centre and right. They have all relied on fixing the property market to make house prices spiral ever upwards, which makes people feel wealthy and spend on the high street.
    They are trying the same policy now! (instead of doing what should be done – stopping immigration, raising interest rates, making house prices fall by a third at least, tasing second homes more, bringing in rent controls to stop property speculation, stopping foreigners parking their wealth in UK property as insurance against a Euro collapse and for the Chinese/Indians/Africans to hide their ill-gotten gains)
    And it hurts ordinary people more than these cunts can ever realise.

    • camillapaglia

      I think the upshot of this diatribe is that Eddie missed out on the property boom. Bloody lefties, eh! They are to blame for everything. Does anybody think Eddie/Wilhelm/Hypocrisy Spotter helps write the BNP manifesto? His posts and the BNP website bear a frightening resemblance. You can almost see the spittle on his lips when he types the word ‘African’. The daft racist!

      • Eddie

        Camilla Puglier – might have known you’d pop up like a pus-filled boil to burst over other people’s debates.

        Clearly Mzzzz Santa the shemale didn’t buy you a dictionary for Winterval. If s/he/it had, you’d have been able to look up the word ‘racist’ and learn its meaning.

        Really, anyone whose debating style is to accuse others of racism or being a BNP member in ad hominem attacks which are irrelevant to the article being discussed has lost the argument and should lose their job too, for making false and malacious accusations. You wouldn’t have the GUTS to make an accusation against a man in person or writing – just online. COWARD!

        Well, you are clearly a racist sexist bitch who hates white men and wants to discriminate against them. No doubt that’s because you are a lesbian rapist paedophile scumbag.

        And by the way Mzzz ASSumer – I own my own house outright you lying, ignorantg, moronic, mediocre, menopausal piece of twat-splattering shite!

        But I empathise and sympathise with the badly off men and WOMEN whose lives are made MUCH harder by the mass immigration that has made even the shittiest flat in London 12 times the average national salary. I do not expect a self-obsessed, pompous, loudmouthed, feminutsy selfish pig-faced dykes like you to understand though or sympathise with others’ suffering – so long as you’ve got your wealth, (and I am SURE You have servants to do your dirty jobs – low paid Hispanics probably), everyone else can fuck off eh?

        • Sarah

          Uh oh, he’s had a testosterone surge. He forgot to take his dishwasher tablet this morning.

          • Eddie

            Oh dear. Sarah attempts comedy. Nul points…

            Never used a dishwasher actually or bought them tablets. They look rather big though – probably about half the dosage of lithium you should swallow, bint brains.

            I do remember laughing my head off however a few years ago when there was a news story about some stupid bint who tripped in her kitchen (no doubt over her smug sanctimony trailing down rapunzle-style from her gormless organic noggin) and she fell down onto the upturned sharp knives in the dishwasher rack that she was loading (for some reason knives have to be put in them pointy-end-up).

            Hilarious! Talk about poetic justice!

            Now you see, no man would ever be as dizzy to accidentally kill himself like that! Doing cackhanded DIY yes, but killed by a dishwasher? Nah!

            • Sarah

              Another lonely Christmas was it?

              • Eddie

                For you, yes, I am sure.

                Still, you always have the voices in your head to keep you company eh, loonie!
                Me – I had a lovely, relaxing break, with lovely food, drink and company – you know, real people, not imaginery friends. Oh no, you don’t know, do you. What a shame. HO HO HO!

                • dino

                  Eddie I suspect that you are an absolute twat, but you do come out with some real gems and I half agree with much of what you say. What the hell does that make me. And merry christmas Sarah, when will you two get a room???

                • Sarah

                  Ah yes those real people who spend Christmas with a man who calls women bit-brains and ho’s and thinks it’s hilarious when women die of stab wounds. That explains your happy demeanour and the creation of yet another fake ID to talk to you on Rod Liddle’s comment section.

                  Well okay let your new friends go now Ed, you know the police always check your motel first.

                • dino

                  Please don’t misunderstand me Sarah. He is certainly mostly a twat, but he does make some good points from time to time and then ruins it with his wankerish ways. In the same way that you always take the hard line with the feminist approach, he goes the other way. It makes for fun reading…you usually win though. The boy can’t help himself. I wonder how old/divorced/lonely he is?

                • Eddie

                  Oh dear… and you started off so well. Like them spazzy Olympic women eh, splashing around in pools with their spoon-faces… Then it all goes wrong…
                  Sarah Psycho has not won anything since she won a free rape on that stall in Margate in 1978. Doncha know even that, twat?!?

                • dino

                  See that is funny! Very offensive, but funny. Spoon faces…

                • Eddie

                  “Ah yes those real people who spend Christmas with a man who calls women bit-brains and ho’s and thinks it’s hilarious when women die of stab wounds.”
                  You see – there you go again with you wickle lies.
                  I called ome women BINT-brains,. yes – it is a descriptive phrase. I also call some men shit-heads and twats. My venom is not reserved for women, I can assure you: I believe in merit and equal opportunity – ergo, I fling insults at all men and women who fling em at me. Capish?
                  I always use the word ‘whores’ when describing slags and spunk buckets. Ho’s is just so damn American and the apostrophe is ugly – and I always think of gardening (which I flipping HATE) when I hear it.
                  Laugh at women’s stab wounds?
                  Oh dear – you see, what you have done there is linked a fact (me calling dumb women like you bints, as Rod does RIGHTLY himself) with a fantasy of yours – ie that all men want to kill women. I have never laughed at women’s stab wounds, and that allegation was created in you hissy spitting bint brain, Psycho.

                • Eddie

                  Sarah IT IS HILARIOUS when someone dies in a funny way. For some middle class yummy mummy to trip in her kitchen and get stabbed by the up-ended knives in her smug dishwasher drawer is really funny.

                  As are other comedy deaths: Archimedes havinga tortoise dropped on his head, for example, or Mama Cass choking on a ham sandwich. Or that bloke who almost died in 9/11 and the Tsunami, who finally died when he tripped over his dog and fell dow the stairs and broke his neck.

                  But then, I know feminasties have zero sense of humour – not known for their jolly japes and one liners, those crazed-eyed feminutsies eh?
                  Apparently, Andrea Dworkin choked to death on a sausage sandwich. Oh the irony…

          • Rahul Kamath

            His abuse (to women) is so long and extreme and out-there that I seriously wonder whether he’s going to pop up one day and say “surprise, it was all an ironic parody”. He’d be great on the comedy circuit to be laughed at. Imagine him in a checked shirt with spittle spewing from his lips.

            • Max

              Breivik is such a loser, isn’t he? His hatred of women reminds me of a 6-year-old who hates all girls “cos they’re smelly and play with dolls and are stupid”, and only wants to play with boys in the playground. So fucking immature. I shudder to think what his (imaginary?) girlfriend looks like. Doormat, anyone?

              Breivik: here’s a tip, if you’re going to use French, ‘nul points’ makes absolutely no sense. It’s ‘zéro points’, mon grand. Hope the 1,500-page white supremacist manifesto is coming along ok, and your little cache of ammunition is safe!

              • Rahul Kamath

                White boys only!

                • Eddie

                  Rahul you racist twat.
                  If someone wants the UK and Europe to maintain and defend our culture, values and native population, and want it to stay majority white, that does not make them racist (and certainly no more than ALL Asians and Africans in the world!) – and certainly does not mean they would shun all non-whites.
                  Though most Asians shun whites and some blacks deliberately mug them for racist reasons, I know.
                  This son of an immigrant can see who are the biggest racists in Britain: Asians and blacks.
                  And libtard tossers like you who look at someone’s skin colour before selecting which values and criteria you will use to judge them (as if your dumb opinion matters anyway!)

                • Sarah

                  You’re not the son of an immigrant Eddie, you’re the son of a bitterly disappointed commuter.

                • Eddie

                  And you’re the digital-bint avatar daughter of a bit-terly and byte-ily maladjusted computer circuit, silly.
                  Maybe one of those invented and built by women – y’know, the ones made of cheese and tampax – the ones that don’t work properly…

                  If you ARE a real spawn of earthings, Psycho Sarah, then boy do I pity your parents. What kind of a man must your father have been? a test tube, probably, eh?

              • Eddie

                Oh dear…

                Listen Maxie, sonny – shouldn’t you be wanking in a sock over internet porn or something like all the other spotty teenage boys like you? ‘SO IMMATURE!’ – is, with exquisite irony, a phrase only ever spouted by insecure teenage wankbrains like you.

                ‘zéro points’ is wrong, TWAT. zéro point’ is the correct French. Oh didn’t I tell you – I speak 7 languages.

                ‘Nul points’ is a comic invention understood by all from the Eurovision Song Contest to signify a loser – like you then. Thus:

                “is often referred to in the British populist media as nul points (pronounced as if it were French, although the phrase is meaningless in French). In fact the phrase nul points is never actually read out during the presentation of the Contest. French for “no points” is pas de point and zéro point, and none of these phrases are used in the contest as no-point scores are not announced by the presenters.”

                No wonder you are obsessed with some Norwegian nutter murderer though – you seem as unhinged and angry and potentially violent as him.

                Maximum mentalness from mad little Maxie eh? Weird.

              • Sarah

                His hatred of women reminds me of a femicidal serial killer who wears his mummified mother’s clothes as he polishes his semi-automatic weapons cache and flirts with his collection of stuffed animals.

                His imaginary girlfriend looks a bit like the prostitute he tried to get it on with on Christmas Eve, but she managed to escape and warned all the other prostitutes on the prostitute grapevine to steer clear of Ed’s Motel.

                Hence the hormonal state he’s in. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

                • Jack Tunstall

                  This comment is absolute gold. I lol’d. As for ‘Eddie’, it’s amazing how he made a few good points re: liberal lefties supporting ‘progressive’ policies which coincidentally make them very wealthy at the expense of others, only for it to descend into a horrorshow of violent misogyny. Very troubling…

                • Eddie

                  Errr…right. So Sarah Psycho has Psycho on DVD. Hurrah!
                  By the way, sex workers and NOT protitutes – that is an offensive misogynistic term, you sexist snot-gob!
                  If you ever entered me house I’d kill you – as I would all nutters. Problem wiv dat, binty?
                  You Sarah are a good advert for guns – with weirdos like you arouns, every man needs to be able to defend himself. Harpie Harman-licking feminutsy twerp!

            • Eddie

              Nice to see you’ve found a fwend, ganchud, even if she is a great big manhating mentalist joke. Still, any port in a storm, eh?

              What is HILARIOUS is any Asian man calling ANY white European’s attitude on women extreme and out-there’! How old is your wife again? How many witnesses to women in Asia need before sex is defined as rape? What is the standard attitude of Pakistanis and Indians and Bangladeshis in the UK to white girls?

              Here’s a joke for you, as told by a British Asian Muslim comedienne:

              “My parents really want me to get married. But Muslim men don’t want to marry me because” – and then a pause – “I speak.”
              It’s funny coz it’s TRUE, ganchud.

        • John Ball

          Wow, the spirit of Christmas didn’t last long!

          • Eddie

            No it didn’t. Winterval is over indeed. Next up: Eid. Or is it Chinese New Year? Or Jedi group-hug?

            My milk of human kindness because infected by the pus-oozing teat of self-righteous hypocritical cuntitude dribbling its putrid bacterial bum-water over all that is good and honest in the world.

        • blindsticks

          And by the way Mzzz ASSumer – I own my own house outright you lying, ignorantg, moronic, mediocre, menopausal piece of twat-splattering shite!
          Lol, champion. Free speech.

    • Ron Todd

      In other words he is much like the majority of middle/upper class liberal/socialists

      • BunnyOle

        yeah, a double standard having complete hypocrite who loves being a little dictator.

    • John Ball

      I know someone like that; only son of rich parents, good job, never had any wife or kids, bought his houses (plural) at the right time in the right locations, did all the building society demutualisations, etc, etc, but as likely to vote Tory as Barnet are likely to win the FA Cup. There are quite a few people like that. Give me an honest BNP supporter any day, preferably attractive and female.

      I remember as a student cooking a meal with him, I couldn’t afford any mushrooms to go in the stew, so he bought some for himself and after the stew had finished stewing he carefully picked out all the mushrooms for himself! If he’s reading this, then not to worry, it’s just another of life’s funny moments.

      • BunnyOle

        I don’t think it’s funny at all, it sounds like an incredibly bizarre and also cruel thing to do. I would have wondered, what does a person think of me that he would pick the mushrooms out of the stew that I just made, and keep them for himself? Am I that worthless to them? If so, what am I doing here and why are they eating my stew? Let me get this straight, YOU cooked the stew & apparently paid for the ingredients as well – he was happy to suck off you, but too narcissistic & selfish to share a mushroom?

        Maybe a small act, but a very telling one as well. A grown man exhibiting this type of behavior borders on mental illness and is also one of the most petty, selfish, stingy, and thoughtless acts I’ve heard tell of and very, very bizarre.

        I grew up poor, myself, and have always shared anything I could with the people around me ESPECIALLY food. Some of my friends used to laugh at me and said they thought it was funny I always asked them if they were hungry when they came to my apartment and always offered to fix them something to eat.

        IF I had cooked a stew for someone who brought mushrooms and they had done this – I would have confronted them aggressively. First by simply asking sharply “what are you doing?” and (if I know weird stingy people) he probably would have whined that he had paid for the mushrooms (without caring what I paid for or the work it takes to cook the stew) whereupon I would have informed him that his dinner would now be, therefore, mushrooms only. (more honestly I probably would have said Yeah? and then told him to take his mushrooms and get the F out – stingy people really make me angry)

  • Terry

    As always with the Guardian the best stuff will be found below the line. There is gold down there, but don’t stay too long.

  • Daniel Maris

    Oh come on, be fair – he is at least being self-ironical:

    “As they were led away, my anarchist beliefs battled my bourgeois instincts, and lost.”

    He’s admitting he is irredeemably bourgeois in every pore of his conscience-stricken skin. 🙂

    Now, when will you admit you are not a horny handed son of the proletariat but a paid lackey of the foremost bourgeois journal of this benighted nation? You can’t trade on whippets and Millwall forever.

    • rod liddle

      Daniel old chum, do you not understand the difference between privilege and non-privilege? Do you understand the point about Stowe, and the dynasty, or is that utterly lost on you. And not just Moonbat, of course – most of them over there at Rusbridger Towers, including Rusbridger himself of course.
      Don’t forget Moonbat’s pro-nuke; I would have thought that sealed the deal for you………..

      • Anonymous Untermensch


        He’s not being ironic*.

        He’s a hypocritical nazi. At least Adolf was never a hypocrite. (Yes, I know, but generally).

        *ps why ad AL to turn an adjective into an, erm, adjective?

  • Baron

    The hint’s in the name, it rhymes with idiot, also the common denominator of most of the crowd he attracts, just sample the postings, arghhh

    • Daniel Maris

      Wrong name – the hint’s in piddle.

  • Tron

    Dirty, thieving, aggressive yobs. I suppose you would have invited them back to your home for a drink.
    You are such a man of the people, Rod.

    • Anonymous Untermensch

      Some Brits are scum and make life hell for the rest. Does this make all Brits scum?

      Some Travellers are scum and make life hell for the rest. Does this make all Travellers scum?

  • Rahul Kamath

    Working hard to keep your title as the most odious man in Britain eh Rod? No rest for the weary during the xmas holidays? Funnily enough you are really quite charming & insightful in person (we met once a v. long time ago). Maybe this column is about serving up red meat to the local animals.

    • Daniel Maris

      Do you have a problem with red meat, Rahul ? Do you want us all to pretend we like clumps of soggy white rice?

      • Rahul Kamath

        Only in as far as I’m trying to cut back my consumption of it. You know for health and environmental reasons etc egc

        • Eddie

          Another fucking RICIST!

          This place is as full of ’em as a Chinaman’s chutney oven!

    • Eddie

      So now the usual hypocitre comes along with ad hominem attacks and dehumanising those who are different from him in opinions and skin colour as ‘animals’.

      How very Rwandan of you. Next up: cockroaches, vermin and untermenschen.

      You Rahul are a racist hypocrite.

      Oh yes you are now.

      You assume you are enlightened and have the moral high ground, when in fact you are sloshing around in a putrid pit of self-righteous triteness and toss-pottery, slinging handfuls of mud at any passing pale-skinned person and in fact anyone who does not parrot the same platitudes as you (or learnt them from the same unthinking sources).

      Whatever happened to ‘celebrating diversity’, ganchud? Surely that extends to celebrating the diversity of opinions? Or do you define that gormless phrase as meaning ‘celebrating the lives of ethnics and the dark of skin, by insulting and disparaging white European indigenous natives and their culture’?

      You – and most Asian and African immigrants – are SO colonialist in your thinking. When in Rome, ganchud, when in Rome…

      And it’s SO pathetic that you even have to mention meeting Rod. Let me guess what you said to him and where: was it ‘passport please’ at Heathrow? Or perhaps ‘You want fries with that?’

      • Max

        Ooh, nice to see you’ve started using ‘ad hominem’ in your rants, Breivik! Something you picked up from me last week (I bet you had to look up what it meant first, though!). You really are so tiresome, speaking on behalf of all ‘Asians’ and ‘Africans’ and assuming that en bloc they are as bigoted, racist, and downright nasty as you. How’s your white power manifesto coming along, btw? Are you stocking up weaponry for the big day? Bless!

        • Eddie

          Errr…I think you need to see a doctor, son.

          Me learn from you? Oh you deluded little twerp! Having a classical British education as I indeed do means I am qualified in Latin. Yes, that means I know about ancient civilisations and that societies which are fragmented into separate and segregated racial and cultural pieces implode or explode in the end.

          Your opinions, by contrast, are from the spotty waking teenage seixth former who can’t get his cock away school of thought – like Billy Bragg, in two dimensions and with his arsehole between his ears. You parrot what your silly leftwing ignorant twerp teachers told you, perhaps in Diversity worship assembly or in Fabricated Black History Month, and what you read in the Grauniad or New Left Wank Weeekly, or whatever shit that tells you what to think.

          But I do so look forward to you moving to Africa or Asia – as an immigrant – so you too can see just how welcoming all those smiley exotic persons are. My advice: take a machete to defend yourself.

        • Rahul Kamath

          Sweetly juxtaposed against the one Urdu swear word he knows (a common one, I know it too though am not quite sure what it means) which he deserves especially for me, Lolz.

          • Eddie

            Oh shit – you respect me and agree with something I’ve said. That really is a terrible insult.
            It may surprise you to know, ganchud, that those whitie people you mock with your racist bile and ignorant hypocrisy can and do speak foreign languages.
            Tell you want, why not watch the classic sitcom It Ain’t Half Hot Mum (only on DVD because the BBC in its Stalinist PC censorship has banned it – a stoopid decision because it takes the piss out of white British army officers and men! Not natives!). It’s funnier than any trite postmodern ‘comedy’ crap commissioned by the BBC now (usually because it features women or ethnics).
            Watch the early series (1-4 or 5) – Michael Bates plays the role of a servant – and VERY well. The BBC is its smug sanctimony considers this racist because he ‘blacks up’ for the role (it seems to have no problem with Asians or blacks using make up or playing white characters though in Shakespeare for example, or black comedy shows which are devoted to mocking and disparaging whites)
            Why? He was brought up in India (remember – the Indians in their racism wouldn’t let any whites stay and even now whites cannot buy property there) so he spoke fluent Urdu, as did Enoch Powell, who saw with his eye how different people with different values and ethnicities can never mix in harmony from his Indian experience.

            • Rahul Kamath

              Sport, I don’t think knowing a swear word qualifies you as “speaking a foreign language”.

              • Eddie

                And I never said it did, ganchud.
                And how do you know how many foreign languages I speak? You seem to have caught mental bint disease from Sarah, who thinks she knows everything about me and everyone else from my posts here!
                Still waiting for your apology for alleging I posted as someone else, sport. Goodness gracious me – you hypocrite racist lefties have no manners at all – you are quite the slum-dweller, really, aren’t you – in the head, I mean?

                • sarah

                  Well don’t forget he speaks fluent Cretin, Rahul.

                • Harminta

                  I am offended by your use of the word ‘cretin’. It means someone with low intelligence, and is an insult to all those with learning disabilities. You wouldn’t use race-based offensive words, so why is mocking the disabled OK then?

                  It is a shame that some people here can’t make points without hurling abuse and insults. It’s not even funny.

    • Colonel Mustard

      I don’t know which is worse. Caged lions and tigers roaring over the hunks of raw meat thrown to them or the patronising, ego-inflated spectators who come to watch and comment.

    • rod liddle

      hello Rahul. Why is what I’ve written odious? Because you don’t agree with it? That’s usually the way with the metro liberals, of which I assume you are one.

      • Rahul Kamath

        Where do you live Rod?

        • rod liddle

          I live in Kent, I was educated at a state infant and junior school and then a (state) comp. I don’t know who the fuck Helen lewis is but I assume she’s as half-witted as most of the NS metro liberals.

          • sarah

            A home-counties living, state-educated, white, male graduate born in Britain working part-time as an “investigative journalist” for the oldest continuously published political magazine in the country, with close links to the cabinet and London Mayoral office owned by the Barclay Brothers skewers the subtle differences between unacknowledged privilege.

            My lackey can hardly get her bowl of rice down, she’s guffawing so much.

            • rod liddle

              Wow? Do I have close links to the cabinet and the mayoral office? Great, I never knew. I’m a member of the Labour Party and know hardly any Tories, you dumb mutt. Subtle difference? Paid education? You think that’s subtle? You are another affluent bien pensant if you think that £30k a year is “subtle”.

            • Eddie

              “My lackey can hardly get her bowl of rice down, she’s guffawing so much.”

              Yeah well, that’s obviously because she’s a silly RICIST bint.
              Like you then.
              (BTW deary, are you sure you’re not mising Master Liddle up with Austin Powers or Darth Vader or something?)

        • Eddie

          Listen, you gand-chud haram-zada! (look it up, monoglot!)

          Why do you want to know where Master Liddle was educated?

          No doubt because you – like many hypocrispy manfakes from well-off Indian families – were privately educated and privileged (25% of public school pipsqeauks are ethnic), so you see yourself as superior to those like me from ordinary families whose brains put them in the top 7% of kids who could get a great state education huh?

          Of course, you and other leftie hyposhits seem to think that it is justifiable to discriminate against white state educated men and parachute privately educated and privileged ethnics and women into jobs they should be given through merit, on the basis of some racist ‘positive action’ and quota-stuffing. And all in the name of ‘equality’ too!

          For evidence of such racism, look at ANY local council, any quango, any publicly-funded charity or talking shop. Yes, a few white men do get through the net: usually the silverback privileged well-off upper middle classes, who then preside over racist organisations (the BBC, Channel 4) which racially discriminate against white men from the lower middle classes and working classes. Well, that’s just diddly for Jon Al-Snow and his nephew Dan (who just happened to get a BBC gig).

          As usual, leftie hyposhits lack all empathy for those who are underprivileged and face racism and sexism on a daily institutionaliosed basis: ie white men.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Most odious man in Britain? Have you ever met Chris Huhne or Jeremy Haywood?

      • Rahul Kamath

        Saw Huhne in a shop once. Not Heywood.

    • Ex-Beebiod

      Racist Rahul

      From what I’ve read of your comments on these forums I would
      say you are one of the most racists unpleasant hypocrites in Britain.

  • paulusdebierkabouter

    “This time it is George Monbiot’s special Boxing Day tale of how he came to be terrified by some poor people who were a bit rough looking and had tattoos and dirty fingernails.”

    Didn’t your read the piece you linked to? He wasn’t “terrified by some poor people”, he was nervous of some aggressive thieves. Damn you for making me defend Monbiot!

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes, things have come to a pretty pass when we feel sorry for George (“I may fly but you can’t”) Monbiot.

      • Anonymous Untermensch

        Please don’t feel sorry for him.

        He’s racist scum.

        I thought the world was perfect, but my daughter was robbed by a black man so I’ll vilify all black. On Xmas eve.


    • Anonymous Untermensch


      I read x00 comments on the Graun and some speccie-reader is the first that gets it.

      What I won’t defend Von Monbiolke for is saying that me and my mates are scum just ‘cos he didn’t have the brains to get rid of these thieving wankers. It’s not hard. I’m a 5’8″ weakling but when you outnumber them by 10-1 and you all pick up your shit-shovels, they fuck off.

      Every time in my 10-15 year experience.