Dreaming of the Cold War

25 December 2012

12:24 PM

25 December 2012

12:24 PM

I’m thoroughly enjoying the playground spat between the USA and Russia. The Americans have banned Russians with dodgy human rights records from visiting the country, but have no such objection to travellers from Iran, Pakistan or Somalia dropping by, no matter how psychopathic they might be. In retaliation, the Russkies have voted to halt their most valuable export to the USA – that of small Russian children, who are used by middle class Americans as mantelpiece ornaments and garden furniture. I assume that adopting a little black child from, say, Malawi, is now considered a little de trop.

Whatever, there seems to be a yearning, on both sides, for this row to be ratcheted up as far as it can possibly go, with tit for tat acts of spite flung hither and thither. I think they both miss the comforting certainties of the Cold War, an agreeably simpler time. It does seem to me that the Russians are more sinned against than sinning in this particular dispute. I fear they were also more right than wrong in their stance over Syria.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good blog.

  • MahmudH

    Bizarre point of view put forward in eloquent and witty language – trademark style of the Spectator.

  • Shakassoc

    Those brightly dressed Russian children who come in sets of five, with the smallest fitting inside the next smallest, and so on, will be particularly missed.

  • Bluesman

    “I fear they were also more right than wrong in their stance over Syria”

    And the Iskander systems are merely a token of their impartiality.

  • Baron

    The ironic thing is the majority of the great unwashed in the two countries would be happier swapping the top honcho, much better fit that way.

    • Adam Nixon

      A puzzling remark. Do the great Russian unwashed want a half-black president? Or have I doltishly missed a witticism?

      • Wessex Man

        Who cares?

      • Baron

        Adam, for Baron, it’s not the skin colour, it’s the take on things that cuts it.

    • edlancey

      Not the boys at Zenit St Petersburg, that’s for sure

      • La Fold


  • Austin Barry

    Where does one get hold of some of this exchangeable ‘tat’?