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David Cameron defends secret courts

11 December 2012

8:50 PM

11 December 2012

8:50 PM

It was striking that at today’s liaison committee session the Treasury Select Committee chairman chose not to ask the Prime Minister about the economy but the secret courts bill. In what were the tensest exchanges of the 90 minutes, Tyrie questioned whether secret courts were necessary while Cameron asked Tyrie to think what he would do in his position. Cameron kept stressing that the government was not making any existing proceedings secret but trying to find a way to have cases heard that can’t be at the moment.

Tyrie’s vocal opposition, though, is further evidence that this bill isn’t out of the woods yet. Given that the terms of it were essentially thrashed out between Cameron and Clegg, I’d be surprised if Lib Dem MPs turned against it. But Tyrie’s questions today are a reminder that there are a fair few Tory rebels on the issue too. (Ironically, Tyrie is a former special adviser to Ken Clarke, the minister who is charged with piloting the legislation through parliament)

One other thing worth noting from today was Cameron’s words of support for Nick Boles, the planning minister. Cameron insisted that Boles was right that houses are going to have be built on some greenfield sites if this country is going to deal with its housing crisis.

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  • Coffeehousewall

    There is no housing crisis, there is an immigration crisis. 7 million immigrants and their children need houses. Unfortunately it is British people, an increasing minority, who must put up with the both the inflated price of houses and the lack of supply.

    No mass immigration – no housing crisis.

  • ScaryBiscuits

    There is no need to build on the Green Belt, just to take up the permissions already given (that is, it is a financial rather than a planning problem). Anybody who wants laxer planning laws is really just looking to make a quick buck out of inappropriate development. It’s the same with the airports or HS2. This is government by lobbiest. If they give money to the Cameroons they can have a policy in return.

    Secret courts, building on the Green Belt and supporting threats to newspapers exposing expenses theft by ministers. How can one man be so wrong on everything?

  • Kevin

    Given the infrequency with which secret courts are discussed (perhaps for obvious reasons), it is worth reminding readers what types of case are held in secret.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Hey Dave! Do you plan on having any policies to get you re-elected?

    I just love your unorthodox approach to ‘government’

    • telemachus

      In the dark days of 2009 when Gordon went to Hilly Fields College and spoke in front of swastikas even I began to look fondly at Cameron
      I certainly saw him as a threat
      He is now a joke

      • MinnieOvens

        Well…it gets really bad when I have to agree with telemachus.

  • HooksLaw

    The Spectator is the home of thick xenophobes and other phobes and crass pillocks. I presume its management have noticed. Its reputation lies in shreds.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Don’t forget it is also the home of abusive commentators like you too!

      Opinions are just opinions. Abuse is just abuse.

      • telemachus

        Who will fray us all from this turbulent priest

  • Bardirect

    Let’s be glad that Cameron’s “conservatives” have thrown off the last vestiges of libertarianism. In scavenging for the support on minorities I hope he doesn’t overlook the prospect of picking up a few votes from supporters of space alien and earth worm mixed marriages. He’s lost the vote of this tribal working class conservative (never “tory”) voter.

    • telemachus

      You should repeat this on the next boring gay thread

  • Colonel Mustard

    “Cameron insisted that Boles was right that houses are going to have be built on some greenfield sites if this country is going to deal with its housing crisis.”

    And whose bloody fault is that? And the real crisis isn’t housing but what caused it and which is going to cause a lot more crises before the wretched politicians have finished giving the rest of the country away to foreigners.

    • telemachus

      The 7.5 million residents not born here live in peace and harmony and we are one of the most cohesive societies on earth
      A few more houses and a few less home counties green fields sounds a good recipe for a fair deal for all
      This should not turn into a closet race argument

      • Gary Walker

        That was a catchy, upbeat, simple message, Telemachus. Albeit hopelessly naive. Whether you like it or not, this is about immigration.

        • telemachus

          The immigrants will drive our economy to afford all this
          Sure as hell the indigenous are not getting off their backsides to help

          • anyfool

            The immigrants will drive our economy to afford all this.
            Well if thats the case you better get the lazy beggars working, we have become a lot poorer since the country was flooded with them.

            • telemachus

              Not sure that statement is consistent with GDP tables
              The dynamic leap forward of the London economy certainly coincides with then assuming the majority in the Capital

              • Colonel Mustard

                No evidence for that statement at all and it sounds revoltingly Maoist.

          • Colonel Mustard

            That remark itself is offensively racist. Like all lefties you have no self-awareness and are quite happy to commit the sin you complain of.

            There are dynamic, hard working indigenous Brits just as there are dynamic, hard working immigrants. There are lazy self-servers amongst both and all degrees between. Stop peddling divisive identity group politics and imagine diversity to be more than a cudgel with which to belabour your political opponents.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Not interested in your propaganda, slogans or lies. We get enough of that from Westminster and the BBC.

        • telemachus

          Westminster perhaps
          The BBC certainly run by the Ex Tory Chair And with a news agenda driven by Murdoch’s placemann Neil

          • Colonel Mustard

            Implausible, incredible. Fat Pang is as much a metro-lefty as Cameron and has no need to “run” the BBC as it is quite capable of running its own metro-lefty propaganda with his lazy approval. Andrew Neil is the only political commentator on the BBC to come close to being an impartial analyst who is not afraid to raise difficult subjects and ask difficult questions. The only surprising thing is that he has managed to survive in an environment of such rigid metro-lefty gleichschaltung as the BBC.

            Any sentient being watching or listening to BBC news broadcasts would struggle to discern any evidence of a Murdoch-driven agenda, whatever that is (making squillions?). It is almost wholly left-leaning, PC tick box propaganda, now quite blatant in its disregard for impartiality.

            You need to re-visit your Goebbels. It was “big lie” not “big, stupid lie”.

      • MirthaTidville

        You obviously dont live in a green and pleasant land.Your stupid arse views prove that

        • telemachus

          I am daily heartened as I wake up that we have the fortune to live in this paradise with a new Jerusalem as our capital
          Our tolerant society is a beacon to the world
          We should all shout our fortune to our children and grandchildren
          Remember we can throw this current shower of a Government out in 2 years

          • Coffeehousewall

            Just remember that telemachus, a real man, thinks it highly amusing that small girls have their genitals mutiliated by members of the diverse cultures he thinks add so much to our society. Just remember that he is a friend to those will torture 10,000 small girls in this way in the UK this year.

            Do a search on this site to see how amusing he thinks any concern about this is. What else does he find amusing? The gang-rape of young British girls by Pakistani Muslims? The prevalence of genetic deformities due to immigrants marrying close relatives? The trafficking by immigrants of girls for sex and slavery? The murder of girls by immigrant families because they have ‘dishonoured’ them by speaking to a British boy? The gangs of immigrant Romanian Gypsies begging and thieving in our major cities?

            Does telemachus find all this as amusing as the mutilation of small girls? It is, after all, part of the rich cultural heritage being forced upon us.

  • Felix Hemsted

    If the evidence really is that risky in these cases, then can’t they just crop out parts which implicate informants?

    • telemachus

      Unlike the intelligence arguments this truly does infringe our liberties
      I would trust neither Home Office or Judges on this
      The Judges anyway are mostly Cameron’s Public School friends