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Cartoon: the Osborne tree

8 December 2012

7:44 PM

8 December 2012

7:44 PM

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  • @PhilKean1

    Yes, the Bonsai Tree symbolises Japan’s lost decade of negative growth

    – The Osborne Tree is an estimate of how much worse Britain’s economic prospects will be.

  • telemachus

    And then we move to the Balls Redwood

    • Hexhamgeezer


      More like the typhoid Mary or King Midas in reverse of economics.

      • Daniel Maris

        Hmmm….why were his GDP figures better on a lower debt then?

        • runskip

          hmm, idiot alert. that fiscal terrorist and his fatwah against the country was all a lie.
          get over it, Balls is insidious and will NEVER be taken seriously again.
          Or there will be blood

    • Austin Barry

      On his past record Balls is to the economy what disease is to the Ash and Elm.

    • Colonel Mustard

      I’m glad that you finally recognise the giant conservative charisma of John Redwood who we look forward to leading us into Growth we can believe in.

      • telemachus

        I said Redwood not deadwood

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