David Cameron’s X-Factor confusion

10 December 2012

3:31 PM

10 December 2012

3:31 PM

As David Cameron was leaving his lunchtime date with Westminster’s lobby journalists, my spy overheard him asking an aide: ‘I don’t think I gave them anything too interesting, did I?’ Quite so, except that the Prime Minister showed once again that he has an odd relationship with the truth.

Commenting on Nadine Dorries’ trip to the jungle, young Dave claimed that he had not watched the show and certainly did not vote. Apparently he had only ever engaged in such plebeian entertainment once: voting for Will Young on X-Factor because ‘his daughter had made him’. Two problems here. One: Will Young was not on X-Factor, rather Pop Idol in 2002, as any fan would know. Secondly his daughter Nancy was born in 2004. Which makes that a seriously impressive twinkle in his eye. A ‘miss-speak’ perhaps?

Other amusement included the revelation that he had a ‘tantric’ approach to his EU referendum policy, in that it would be ‘all the better once it came’, but the less said about that particular mental image the better, I say.

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  • rndtechnologies786


  • terence patrick hewett

    The conservative rank and file are going to take Cameron out at the next election: I don’t think he realises this: all the Crosbies in the world are not going to save him.

  • roger

    X factor/ pop idol are the same sort of thing , how can you be a pedant about pop culture. I hope Cameron has better things to do than watch TV.

  • James R
  • Ron Todd

    More and more I see all the politicians as a separate class, they might have different factions within that class but they are closer to each other than any of them are to me.

    I look at the three main party leaders and see.

    Rich posh never worked outside politics

    Rich posh never worked outside politics

    Rich posh never worked outside politics

    • Vulture

      You are being very unfair Ron. Cameron once worked for about five minutes as a PR man for a third rate now defunct TV company called Carlton. Hacks who dealt with him say he was a vain incompetent bully, and a liar – which in PR as in politics, goes without saying. So no change there then.

      • Ron Todd

        Given his PR skills as a party leader I can certainly believe the incompetent bit.

      • Stuart Eels

        Are you sure it was just PR stuff, I was told he was the halfwitted ITV staffer that dreamed up their digital deal with the Football League, that failed and left loads of clubs in administration.

  • Stuart Glover

    If this is the sort of “journalism” that Leveson will do away with then bring on the regulation. We simply don’t need it.

  • Troika21

    Clumsy, but I really don’t hold it against him for not being able to tell the difference between X-Factor and Pop Idol and getting dates wrong, thank god he can’t in fact.

    Unfortunately, he did try; that’s where he went wrong.

    • Christian

      You’re missing the point. This is one of those moments where you have proof that he’s a liar, the subject matter is irrelevant. Would you really be capable of having a memory of saying something to your daughter when in fact she was born two years after the fact? This illustrates the mindset of the people we’re dealing with.

      • Troika21

        I take your point, but we don’t actually know that he’s lying. Though I admit that it’s not hard to reach that conclusion.

        Frankly this is the sort of social fudge of the kind that we all make from time to time.

        Lying to me about a celebrity vote is not in the same league as lying to me about a policy.

  • SpAd

    Why do politicians still insist on making ham-fisted forays into pop culture comment? Nothing good ever comes of it – you come across as sly if you don’t know what you’re talking about, and an oaf if you do.

    Anyone remember – as economies and banks were collapsing around him – Gordon Brown writing letters of commiseration to losing X-Factor contestants ?

  • Christian

    As with Blair’s watching Jackie Milburn even though he retired before Blair was born, these people are born liars. Scum one and all.

    • Oedipus Rex

      But that is only a myth – Blair never said that, whatever we might think of him otherwise. It was looked into later and found that it came as a result of a bit of classic journalistic twisting.
      Maybe shows more that ‘the public’ will believe anything?

      • Christian

        Blair said his childhood hero was MIlburn, which was odd as he retired when Blair was three. He then stated he sat in the gallowgate end. Which was standing only. The urban myth is the myth. Blair also claimed to have boarded a plane from Newcastle to the Bahamas as a boy in an attempt to stow away. Only problem being there were no flights from Newcastle to the Bahamas.