BBC begins to see that the Arab Spring has not sprung

11 December 2012

10:18 AM

11 December 2012

10:18 AM

Hugely exciting Ten O Clock News last night on the Arab Spring – or ‘Arab Uprising’ as the BBC now prefers to call it, the word Spring usually being associated with nice things like lambs and daffodils. They had George Alligator in Egypt and Lyse Doucet in Tunisia and some other bloke somewhere else. I like Lyse Doucet, she’s less credulous than most.

George Alligator, in a piece which was largely a string of clichés, said that Egypt’s democracy was ‘a work in progress’, at which point I fell off the sofa in hysteria.


Still at least they have now all come around to the view that the Arab Spring – oops ‘Uprising’ was, as most of us said at the time, bloody calamitous; far, far worse for the people of those benighted countries and worse, in the end, for us too. Did they really think it would end in nice Jeffersonian democrats empowering women and instituting a nice left-liberal secular democracy? I mean, I know The Guardian did, so I suppose it’s probable the BBC did too. Do you remember those broadcasts from a year or so back? Unquestioning of the motives of the rebels, uninterested in the real level of support they had across the country, just gung-ho for the cause. Well, now –look, you mugs.


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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice thought.

  • David Ossitt

    Does any one of us actually give a shit?

    All of these countries are Islamic and there are precious
    few of these where any form of democracy can have a chance.

  • ChronosXT

    Arab Spring? There’s no such thing. Look at the misery now occurring in Syria

  • rb

    Scenario: I refuse to pay my BBC TV license fee. I am then taken to court and I say: why don’t they just cut me, and anyone else who does not want to pay, off at the digitals?
    We have the technology

  • Simon

    Quite agree rod. Would you go one step further and accept that Israel gets an unfair bashing from the BBC.?

  • Garth Gillespie

    Maybe the arabs are just not getting enough sex. Or decent quality sex at any rate, where the woman actually wants to be involved. A lot of tension would be released if they got laid more often…. as it is this tension seems to come out in negative ways instead, such as beheading people.

    • Daniel Maris

      The evident sexual frustration of the young men isn’t helping.

  • E Hart

    Coverage of these events is so piss-poor, it is impossible to know who represents what from the sheer paucity of information and analysis. Hands up, who really knows what’s going on Egypt or anywhere else in world for that matter? Most TV companies/corps – the BBC included – favour the Ladybird approach to everything. There isn’t problem anywhere that can’t be distilled into a hideous caricature of reality. It is always simplistic crap.

  • anyfool

    Quite a few years ago before Douchebag and ali bye-bye the BBC used to suck up to the government/regime in Syria, old man Assad put to death a whole town with barely a peep from the BBC.
    Those were the days when any friend of the Soviet Union was always anti American and so were accorded the BBC seal of approval.

  • puss-in-plimsolls

    The sheer idiocy of lefties is enough to make anyone fall off a sofa. Reasoning is in part the ability to choose between better and worse. They are experts at choosing worse and calling it better.

  • andagain

    You know, back in 2003, the right used to talk a lot about spreading democracy in the Arab world.

    Only those evil lefties used to defend those aging Arab tyrants…

    • Teddy123Bear

      You know, back in 2003, the right used to talk a lot about spreading democracy in the Arab world.
      Then the idiot lefties couldn’t do enough to appease militant Islam and put paid to that.

  • journo123

    i enjoyed that piece but i think tim whewell was defo an exception to what you’re talking about

  • m clarke

    But have you seen Obama’s recent comments about the brave freedom fighters of Syria. Maybe that Mayan prediction ain’t far wrong.

  • Eddie

    Totally agree. I have been harrumphing for a year or more (and that’s a big harrumph) and screaming BUT THEY’RE ISLAMISTS – FASCISTS WHO HATE US AND LIBERTY AND LAW AND DEMOCRACY every time some Islamophiliac at the BBC tells me how wunnerful it is that one slimy raghead dictator (who we can do business with) has been replaced by another who is FAR worse.

    The BBC’s assertion that it is impartial is shown to be utter cobblers: it was and is a cheerleader for Islamists, as it Channel 4 news (or Al-Oh-dear-a as I call it) which utterly backs anyone who hates Israel (like the anti-semitici Islamofascists from Hammas). Probably if they dropped a nuclear bomb on Israel, Channel 4 news would say it’s all Israel’s fault! (maybe it’s got something to do with the vast numbers of Muslims who work for the BBC and Channel 4 news eh? Really ‘positive’ action, I’m sure…)

    Well, the joke’s on the BBC again huh? I wonder how they’ll report new terrorist attacks in Europe carried out by the fascists they have backed? Or how they’ll report the massacres of Christians that will take place now in Egypt and Syria.

    Maybe we should all look on the bright side though – these Islamo-Nazis (backed by their confused Western leftie pc ethnophiliac Islam-loving ‘useful idiots’) at least won’t be able to massacre Jews, because they’ve all been chucked out of every single Arab country (plus Iran) where they have lived for centuries – and gone to the West or, ahem, Israel (which is of course the ONLY decent, civilised, law-abiding, liberal, tolerant, pluralistic democractic country in the Middle East).

  • sarah_13

    I can’t listen to sky’s coverage without getting irritated. Their mid east expert was talking to a nice bunch in Syria, you know the usual lot, all men not a woman in sight, beards cut in the fundamentalist looney manner, apparently they’ve given up their arms even though they are prt of the Islamist extremist group. The reporter said asked how they saw the future, will happen to christans in a post Assad Syrian, and all smiles they said either they must convert or pay the tax like it says in the Koran! Nice. I’m looking forward to hearing Owen jones on this point, along with all the rest of the lefty apologists for this mess. I think that is what you really call apartheid, but you hav to have courage to fight real mutters, safer just to spout off about Israel.

  • Shakassoc

    And so it goes on. Next Syria, where the government was demoted by the BBC into a regime.

  • Mark

    Yup. It was like the 1979 Iranian revolution all over again, our screens full of dimwits blathering on about the dawn of a new golden age in middle eastern politics. It was all just so predictable that it would go tits up in the way it has. They’ll just never learn.

    • puss-in-plimsolls

      Tits up? Was it ever tits forward? Nope. It was a tits-down scenario from the word Go.

  • Augustus

    The ‘Arab Spring’, which might have meant the the struggle for liberty and freedom, which in turn means the removal of hated dictators, whether Assad in Syria or Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, is of course not the end of the story. Call it part 1. But part 2 is really equally important. This is a fight between Islamists seeking to impose their way of life on their countries, and secularists seeking freedom not only from dictators but also from religious clerics. These are the fateful battles now going on in Egypt and Syria, the outcomes of which may not only determine the future of these two countries, but also the entire ME.

  • Madame Merle

    It makes a nice change to see the wit of Rod applied to a serious subject.

    I couldn’t figure out why the BBC, Guardian and Channel 4 were all so cock-a-hoop at these events when nobody could possibly know, at that time, whether it would in a frying pan/fire scenario.

    What the hell were Hague and Cameron doing by egging them on?

    The current sense of schadenfreude is just too divine, or would be if the future of civilisation didn’t seem so grim.

  • Teddy123Bear

    After all the damage done to real democracy, not to
    mention the persecution, deaths, upheavals and suffering inflicted on so
    many affected by the BBC continued promotion of Arab Spring, they are
    finally coming round to the realisation that all is not as they were
    projecting it.

    One has to wonder on how many other subjects will
    events prove just how blinkard and disingenuous the BBC are in the view
    they present of the world. My guess is all of them! This does not excuse
    the British public from clinging to their own ignorance in light of
    clear bias by not demanding changes to the way the BBC is funded.

    • Madame Merle

      They will bloody-well know it when the world wide caliphate is calling the shots.
      The BBC, Grauniad and fellow travellers who have promoted the cause of “diversity” will be the first to be punished for crimes against allah.

  • Foxgoose

    Beeboids are just student activists who never made it into the grown up world. They think all insurrections are just a replay of that jolly exciting day at Exeter when they took over the VC’s office and kicked over his filing cabinets.

    • Teddy123Bear

      I only wish their output was due to such benign reasons. With regard to appeasement of militant Islam we can see quite a few motives.
      1. The BBC wants to dominate world media, and without acceptance by the many Islamic regimes they can’t do that.
      2. Since the purpose of militant or extremist Islam is to dominate the world, by all the means available to them, which includes deceit, the BBC fulfills its purpose for them by presenting the narrative of distorted facts that they want as an explanation for their actions. “Islam is the ‘religion of peace’ don’t you know – at least that’s what the BBC wants you to think.

      3. Being embedded in those countries where this barbaric mindset operates, the BBC likes to be treated as a friend, knowing the alternative – reporting the truth from the perspective of our society, is to risk their lives.

      I don’t expect them to risk their lives, just report events from afar if they really would be at risk. Certainly that’s preferable than operating as a fifth column.

      • rod liddle

        No, Foxgoose has it dead right.

        • Teddy123Bear

          Here’s something I wrote quite a while ago Rod, but I think you’ll see the relevance.

          Following the deposition of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the then president of CNN, Eason Jordan, publicly admitted to bias in their coverage of events in Iraq before the war. He had continually denied this allegation when made to him previously. Now he claimed that
          there had been severe and serious threats, physically to CNN staff based in Baghdad, as well as closure of their offices, if they did not follow the guidelines laid out by Saddam.

          The ethics of their decision to remain as part of Saddam’s propaganda machine instead of pulling out and revealing the truth to their public is questionable, but they justified their decision based on maintaining presence there.

          It is inconceivable that the BBC would not have been subject to the same restrictions. With the BBC as the world’s largest news agency, and wishing to remain that way, they have a clear motive in not antagonising any of the countries they maintain offices and cable and radio contracts with. Letters discovered by our troops from the BBC correspondent Rageh Omaar, showed him ingratiating himself to Saddam’s son Uday, one of the most despicable characters in history along with his father.

          But to this day there has been no admission from the BBC admitting bias because of force – they prefer instead to continue their propaganda of their own free will.

  • C Cole

    I do wish someone would leak the Balen Report… Go on, you know you want to!

    • MaxSceptic

      Yes, that would be nice. I wonder why that nice Mr Asange never thought to solicit it?

  • Andy Gill

    Its hard not to laugh. The pious twats at al Guardian and the Beeb have never looked so out of the loop.

  • GaryEssex

    Syria is covered in much the same way by the BBC with fulsome support for brave and daring rebels (mostly Islamic extremists to the rest of us) and only opprobrium for plucky Assad.
    What government is the world, democratic or otherwise, would just roll over and give in to an insurgency as the BBC hopes and expects in this particular case?

  • Daniel Maris

    We have allowed through indolence, idiocy and collusion the creation of a pre-Caliphate: Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Tunisia and Libya.

    Part of the reason has been our support for tyrannical dictators in the past and our failure to give full and proper support for democracy.

    Unlike some here I do believe there is a constituency for soemthing like liberal democracy in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world, but it was vastly inflated by our media, including the Spectator and Daniel Korski, amongst others. I think it probably represents 20-25% of the population but it could become more once people taste the reality of Muslim Brotherhood rule.

    • MaxSceptic

      Whatever happened to that sage, Daniel Korski?

      • Daniel Maris

        He went to other pastures I believe. He was a nice guy, but sadly deluded on the Arab Spring.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      perhaps if we sent them billions to build windmills they would like us?

      • Daniel Maris

        Spending billions to employ their young men and tie them to us would be a very good idea I think. Maybe wind turbine projects in those countries without oil would be a good idea.

  • The Masked Marvel

    So, Rod, any thoughts on why the BBC would have been so blind and biased in their reporting? Any idea why award-winning Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen called the Muslim Brotherhood “conservative, moderate and non-violent”?

  • Wilhelm

    The Arab spring, God, that’s a very irritating term, isn’t it ? has as we all knew, apart from the Eloi at the BBC , turned into an Arab winter.

    Meanwhile, the census results have come out, London is now majority black / muslim !!

    • Rahul Kamath

      When are you leaving for whiter climes Wilhelm? Somewhere more salubrious for your delicate sensibilities?

      • Wilhelm

        Why should MY behaviour be determined by what other people do ? This is MY country, why should I leave ? Why don’t the immigrants / parasites leave and go back to their own country ?

        • Rahul Kamath

          I was just worried about your health old bean. You seem so unsettled by these darkies at your doorstep. Possibly moving somewhere whiter may improve your health and disposition?

          • Hypocrisy Spotter

            Maybe lots of British whites can go and live in india then eh? Or Afica? Or China? And be welcomed as natives of those lands, given government jobs and housing and benefits?

            Or is it only whites in Europe who have to ‘celebrate diversity’ and suffer multiculturalism and the destruction of their native culture?

            Just a thought, old bean.
            What we have in the UK now is colonlisation by immigrants who refuse to integrate – and NOT just immigration of a few. What has happened to London is a great shame – and I am reminded of the slogans for Indian independence (which was largely motivated by racism against whites): India for the Indians. How about England for the English then eh? A Paul McCartney song, dat is, innit?

          • Wilhelm

            Rahul Kamath, two question for you.

            If millions of African immigrants poured into India and settled in New Dehli, they became the majority while Indians became the minority in that city. Would you celebrate, rejoice and be happy about that fact or unhappy about your own displacement ?

            Would you let your daughter marry an African bantu ? Yes or No ?

            • Rahul Kamath

              If you want me to dialogue with you I’d suggest you start using some more respectful language. Words like “Bantu” have no place in this forum unless used for irony and sarcasm (which is clearly not what you are using them for).

              • Hypocrisy spotter

                If that is the case, why do Indians constantly use the word Paki then? They also use awful words for Africans – as well as whites, gay people, women.

                Wilhelm asks a good question. Answer it please.

                I would add: what if whites emigrated to India, refused to adapt at all to the values and laws there, and ended up being 60% of the population of Bombay (the English name for the city, not that Indian nationalist name demanded by Hindu extremists).
                The difference is perhaps that if native Europeans complain they are called racist, and if native Africans or Asians are anti the immigration of anyone not of their culture or colour, then they are proud Africans/Asians. Non?

                • Rahul Kamath

                  I won’t respond to Wilhelm till he interacts respectively.

                  As to your questions, you may want to reflect on why you view me as an authoritative voice on Indians and India. Possibly this is bcoz you are stereotyping me in some way? I certainly claim no such authority. I would claim some authority on microeconomics, or the US, or Wagner.

                • Wilhelm

                  Rahul Kamath

                  By not answering my two questions, would you be happy if Delhi became majority black city ? and would you let your daughter marry a ” darkie ? ”( Your word not mine ) we must conclude that you would disapprove of it.

                  Now that we have established you’re a racist, after all , India is famous for the caste system, the Brahmins at the top, the great unwashed, the unclean and the untouchables at the bottom. I wonder where black Africans fit into this picture ? Hmm, I don’t think they do.

                  An African American ( studying at Delhi school of economics ) view of India’s racism, ” they like fairer skin whites and have a disdain for blacks.”


                  ” Words like bantu have no place on this forum.”

                  I didn’t realise you were the moderator / school prefect of this forum. I was being sarcastic, irony not your strong point, is it ?

                  Hypocrisy Spotter has banged you to rights, you’re like a politician, always dodging the question, yup, you’re a hypocrite of the highest order, no question about it.

                  An interesting article

                  ”’How do the parents of Indian girls react when they learn that their daughter is dating a black guy? ”


                  “So, could you choose a white boy?”
                  “White, no, black, definitely not, a Muslim, uh-uh!”
                  “You’ll marry an Indian then.”
                  “How can you stand it?”
                  ” It’s just Indian culture.”

                  ”I think that pretty much sums it up for a lot of parents. I don’t think most Indian parents would mind their daughters marrying white guys (their kids would have fairer skin!) ”

                  Hypocrisy Spotter, your witness !

                • Hypocrisy spotter

                  The funny Muslim comedienne Shazia Mirza sums all this up nicely. She jokes as a woman from a British Muslim family:

                  “My parents really want me to get married. But Muslim men don’t want to marry me because…I speak.”

                  And this one sums up succinctly the British Muslim racist idea of marriage:

                  “My dad said if I went out with a black man, he’d burn me. Which would be good, because then I’d be black too.”
                  It’s funny COZ IT’S TRUE! Hundreds of Asian girls (and some boys) are murdered every year – a crime that has been covered up for decades out od miplaced multiculuralism and oversensitivity to ethnic cultures and religions. Ditto with gangs of Asian rapists in the north of England.

                  Of course, most UK Muslims keep it in the family and marry their cousins, (or force their 12 year old daughters back to Pakistan or Bangladesh to marry 55 year old Uncle Mohammed who will rape them every night) – it’s special needs centres are full of pinheaded Asian kids with ‘learning diffulties’ spawned for a backwards interbreeding tradition which we, in our diversity-obsessed ‘let’s pander to anyone with a dark skin and a religion’ society allows.

                  And yes, white skin is highly valued in all Asian and African cultures I know of (having taught students from many countries there, I can tell you that a typical compliment about a new baby is: oh hasn’t he/she got lovely pale skin!’ Noses shrivel up at the darkest skin tones.

                  It is no coincidence then that many Hindus in the UK from India (who were mostly from upper caste professional backgrounds – why they do better on average than whites at schools, because there is no large lower class manual labouring Indian class here to push that average down) are so pale of face: some could easily pass as white to be honest – my doctor could for sure!

                • Hypocrisy spotter

                  Errr – maybe it’s because you’re called Rahul and your photo shows an Asian face! Recognition is not stereotyping or racism! You are perhaps more guilty of stereotyping Wlhelm because he dares to suggest something you assume is a wrong opinion only held by racist inferiors?

                  Can a white person call themselves Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Asian, African? Just asking. Because it seems any third-worlder who arrives at Heathrow is told by our multicultural diversity industry that they are as British as any native Briton and as European as any native European as soon as they set foot here and get papers through our joke of an asylum and immigration system.

                  Perhaps if people of other races, ethniticies and cultures were welcomed in Asia and Africa to a similar degree that anyone from there is welcomed into Europe and told they are now native, then maybe the massive hypocrisy I have identified would fizzle out. However, I see no sign of the Chinese, the Indians, the Pakistanis or any Africans considering ANY white person – even if they’ve been born in those places – to be natives of China, India, Pakistan or Africa. SUCH double standards – and you have to acknowledge that really instead of trying to label anyone who points it out as guilty of ‘stereotyping’ (which we all know is a code word for ‘racism’).

                  As I have mentioned above, the Asians and Africans are mostly massively racist. They are in the UK too in my experience. And as for their views of gays and women… Tsss… Talk about the dark ages (pun intended).

                  I think it’s high time you got off your hobby horse and answered Wilhelm’s (and my) questions to you: they are no more impolite than your suggestion that Wilhelm leave the country or your assertion that I am racist (oh ‘stereotyping’ I mean).

                  Step up to the plate, man! Why all the prevarication?

                • Rahul Kamath

                  Errr there is something quite funny abt a lot of u guys on this forum. U all claim to be indigenous white Britons speaking for that entire group of people. I only ask a simple question, “who gave u the authority to speak for anyone but yourself?” I certainly don’t claim any such authority over the views of any group. I can only address questions that ask me about my own personal values/ opinions.

                • Hypocrisy spotter

                  And why do you assume that you are NOT a racist and that your opinion on this is superior to mine?

                  You have not answreed a SINGLE question here – I have asked several which expose nthe MASSIVE hypocrisy of everyone in Asia and Africa (and which proves them all racist – oh, er, ‘stereotypers’ to us eyou weasel word).
                  Your inability and/or unwillingness to answer any question but instead to insult and abuse those who challenge you suggest that you are either rather thick and/or you realise you have lost the argument. The only funny thing going on is your mental process, Ranji.

                  I speak only for myself. You seem to think you speak for the forces opf goodness and have the moral high ground. Typical race relations bullshitting hypocrite.

                • Rahul Kamath

                  You are clearly both angry and thick. Maybe a bit more reading/ comprehension/ reflection may help ease both issues?

                  The reason I don’t answer your questions is because I have no idea what Asians or Africans or anyone else thinks. (To spell it out quite clearly, I can’t tell you why Indians use the word Paki, in fact I can’t even tell you if they do or not). And I’m not going to either speculate or stereotype any groups views on racial issues.

                  If you want my personal views on race issues (like do I use the word Paki), ask a question and, in a spirit of generosity towards you, I might possibly answer it

                • Sarah

                  Rahul. Hypocrisy spotter and Wilhelm are the same person. Aka Eddie and incapable of interacting respectfully because he had an inferiority complex.

                • Rahul Kamath

                  Lol cheers! I asked him why he was such a racist as I don’t think this is a natural human condition. He doesn’t want to confront this issue.

                • Wilhelm


                  ” He doesn’t want to confront the issue.”

                  You’re self projecting your own personality onto me, you’re the one who didn’t answer my two questions. Were they too difficult for you ?

                  Anyway, I’m bored with you, I will not be communicating with you again, goodbye, and with that, you’re dismissed.

                  Ps. I will grant you permission for you to have the last word.

                • Rahul Kamath

                  Lol, have a good one old bean. Watch out for your health. Maybe take a walk in a park in the frosty winter air. Its great for both the constitution and the disposition. Works wonders for inferiority complexes I’ve been told.

                • Hypocrisy spotter

                  Wilhelm is no more racist that all the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Chinese, Japanese and Africans in the world.
                  Why is it that a white person can never be considered to be Asian or African even if they are born there eh? Is it because they is WHITE maybe?
                  You are a racist. Like almost all Asians. And a first class hypocrite – I have successfully exposed your double standards.
                  Goodnight to you. Enjoy your wives.

                • Eddie

                  Au contraire – tribal affiliation based on appearance and culture is VERY MUCH the human condition, as a quick flick through human history shows.
                  It is, is it not, the main cause for the Indian hatred of Pakistan – and for the massive ethnic and religious conflict inherent in Asian and African societies – and it is the very reason why no African or Asian country would allow 15% of their populations to be white, and their cities to be populated mostly by people with alien cultures and minority skin colours (ie white).
                  This is also why societies which are more multicultural are shown by research to be less happy and contented, with less social cohesion and more stress and conflict than more homogenous societies. It is sad, is it not, that many native Brits now feel more at home in Spain or France than in the multiculti mess of London?
                  You have no empathy Rahul and are SUCH a fucking hypocrite racist. I look forward to seeing you whingeing about racism (only the one against brown-faced persons though eh?) on TV one day, maybe after the coming race riots eh?

                • Wilhelm


                  I’m not Eddie or Hypocrisy spotter, you will notice this from the different writing styles.

                • Eddie

                  Sarah – fuck off and get help you screaming mad bitch. Maybe play with your inside out fanny and pretend it’s a willy? Or stand outside the park with a can of special brew dribbling into your own loneliness, yelling that all men are rapists.
                  Hey I know, Rahul could join you screaming how all whites are racist! You could get a nice mental racist/rapist/racist/rapist rhythm going on. I am sure come local ethnic could come and play some bongos to help you keep time.

                • Rahul Kamath

                  You’ve got under Eddie’s skin Sarah. He’s positively stewing with/ spewing out the bile. He’s even using his own name now!

                • Eddie

                  Fuck off, racist hypocrite. You assume that you have the moral high ground here and are enlightened; in that you are wrong – because your racist double standards are appalling. What is WRONG with white British people – white indigenous Europeans – wanting to keep Britian and Europe majority white huh?
                  Sarah is a well-known psycho – and her supporting you here PROVES the falsity of your argument. But then, seeing as you’re desperate, best take any port in a storm eh? Her support of you proves the rightness of your opponent’s arguments. Even Rod calls her a psycho!
                  You have not answered a single question here, Raji. You have not explained why it is you think it is racist for native people to want to stop their native land being invaded by hoardes of people with different skin colours and cultures – but at the self same time, say it is NOT racist for almost the entire population of Africa and Asia to believe that a white person could never be considered Asian or African.
                  Your inability to answer spoeaks volumes. You are a hypocrite and a racist. End of.
                  Please tell me though, can I expect a free council house and education and healthcare – plus get given a job over local people – if I emigrated to your paretnts’ homeland?
                  Take your time, ganchud. I can wait (but I won’t hold my breath because you haven’t got a very good record at answering questions eh…)

          • zakisbak

            unsettled by these darkies at your doorstep. –
            Oh dear.
            You really are behind the times.
            The latest influx of mass immigration is white.
            Your waaaacist knee jerk has worn rather thin.

            • Rahul Kamath

              Either you don’t get my irony or I don’t get yours.

            • Wilhelm


              Click on Rahul Kamath’s photo and you will get his Twitter page, it’s fascinating reading, to get dirt on him.

              In a previous post, he states that he’s no authority on India or Indians, yet on his Twitter page he says in response to Satham Sanghera

              ” There is nothing posher than a posh Indian.”

              Rahul Kamath ” So true, the Parsis are the poshest, and I only aspire to those heights.

              Hmm, thought he didn’t know anything about India or Indians ?

              Also, he calls Peter Hitcins a bigot and conspiracy theorist and gushes over sad and demented Will Self !! He really does look like a mental patient.

    • Yep Yep Yep

      Yep, and plenty of white refugees from London are now living in camps in Wales, eating sheep pies and living in terrible conditions – anything to escape the multiethnic hellhole that their home city has become since it has been invaded by hoardes from the East.
      London schools have been majority black/Asian for ages (these people breed so much!), and most racist bullying in them is against WHITE kids and not blacks or Asians.
      Time to forcibly remove the illegals – now! Then we can get back to the better quality of life with sensible house prices that we had before the mass ethnic invasion of the last 30 years. The culture of Africans and Asians is backwards, dangerous and not something to be welcomed at all. LOOK at life in Africa and Asia! London will be like that with a couple of decades for sure.

      • Lungfish

        Congratulations to Tony Blair and his New Labour friends- I’m sure they are proud of their achievements.

      • kevinlaw1222

        If you are going to try and be satirical – you need to improve your technique – Your rant goes on too long and you lose the impact by repeating yourself.

        By the way, in your comment you never once accept the fact that at no time were the indigenous population of the UK asked if they either wanted or desired a multi-cultural country.

        I would have thought it was good manners and a democratic necessity to at least ask those who live in a country if they want the ethmic and cultural make up of the population chnaged forever

  • Hexhamgeezer

    The BBC might be finessing their gloss on proceedings but they are, by and large, still supportive – just not so gung ho. The weight of evidence via the net makes their ‘Facebook Revolutions’ schtick not viable.

    Support now has shifted to minimising the extent to which jihadi elements are operating across the ME and in Syria in particular. This suits the Al-Beeb obviously as it presages a harder time for Israel which, for Al-B, is a good outcome.

    Talking to folk in Tunisia a few weeks ago I got the impression that things were finely balanced but tending towards yer’ !$lamists slowly strangling the country.

  • Kumaran

    Telling the unfashionable truth is no more possible for most of the big media than refraining from destabilising speculation is possible for banks and financiers – no matter HOW much history should have taught them otherwise. It is not their fault: the rules of their game force them to do what they do.

  • softlads

    Found myself nodding like a donkey to each and every word of that piece. Only the self deluding institutions of the BBC/Guardian would believe it to end any other way.

    • Daniel Maris

      What about the reporting of Sky News and the Spectator on the Arab Spring?

    • privatise the bbc

      I was especially amused by Jeremy Al-bowen’s claim that the Muslim Brotherhood was a ‘mainly secular’ organisation.

    • The Irish spring 2013

      The Irish spring 2013

  • Kojak

    Was anyone surprised at the BBC’s eager coverage of the ‘uprisings’?

    The BBC were caught unawares by the events but with nearly all their correspondents based within spitting distance of Jerusalem focusing on Israel to the exclusion of the wider region. In short they tailored the stories from Tunisia, Egypt etc to suit how they wanted it to end up.

    If you are old enough you might remember the fanfare the BBC gave the Khomeini’s from Paris to Tehran. The nasty wicked Shah + nice wise elderly cleric seeking to bring sweetness and light to Iran.

    But perhaps that’s so long ago there was nobody around to learn from it and to urge a bit of caution in coverage of events in the Middle East.

    You’ll know that the BBC regard ‘The Arab Spring’ to have been an utter disaster when we see Orla Geurin imploring her laugh-a-minute reports on the news.

    • Whyshouldihavetoregister

      I do not think that ‘imploring’ means what you think it means. And it’s ‘Guerin’ (pronounced ‘Goering’.)

    • Daniel Maris

      Are you saying Sky News and the Spectator were LESS enthusiastic than the BBC? That’s not the way I remember it. There was a lot of wishful thinking and poor reporting going on.

      • Mac1

        You remember it wrong then.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Yes I recall that really nice ayatollah being fanfared back to Iran. What a tragedy for the normal Iranians and what a hell France together with a complicit greater Europe created for the entire world, with Israel the scapegoat for the impending second holocaust. And yet the pontificators try and analyse which kind of nice Islam might win the day! They talk about the islamic regions as though democracy and Islam are compatible. There is a certain arrogance displayed by these pundits, steeped in their ignorance and intrinsic Jew hatred.

      • statman

        Look idiot your both as bad as each other.

  • OldSlaughter

    Not like you Rod to give an ‘I told you so’. No… wait… it is.

    And well deserved.

    If anything has a whiff of being anti-American, it is welcomed warmly by the Guardian and therefore the BBC. This had, so it was.