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2012, the best year ever: Coffee House highlights

31 December 2012

5:27 PM

31 December 2012

5:27 PM

2012 has been a superb year: Spectator readers already know that after reading our leading article which detailed the evidence for 2012 being the greatest year in the history of the world. It has also been a busy year on Coffee House, and here are some of the highlights.

Top ten most-read blogs:


1. ‘One Pound Fish’ singer deported, by Shiraz Maher
2. The one thing worse than universal benefits? Means-testing them, by Melanie McDonagh
3. The small-minded people of the abortion debate, by Freddy Gray
4. How Cameron made ministers cry, by James Forsyth
5. Andrew Neil’s eulogy for Sir Alastair Burnet, by Andrew Neil
6. Obama’s new ethnic majority, by John O’Sullivan
7. Why the Tories aren’t worried about the benefit wars, by Isabel Hardman
8. The danger of the This Morning paedophile list, by James Forsyth
9. Was Andrew Mitchell framed? by Fraser Nelson
10. Alex Salmond booed by crowd in Glasgow, by Hamish Macdonell

Top five most commented:

1. I hear Owen Jones was on Question Time last night, was he awful? by Rod Liddle
2. ‘One Pound Fish’ singer deported, by Shiraz Maher
3. Another BBC scandal: hiding their climate change agenda, by Sebastian Payne
4. Don’t be fooled: UKIP is not a libertarian party, by Alex Massie
5. Some questions for the apologists of Hamas, by Douglas Murray

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  • Swiss Bob

    2012, the best year ever

    Utter bollocks.

  • HellforLeather

    “2012 has been a superb year”, says the Spectator.

    National debt continues to surge, the economy continues to flounder, illicit immigration continues at an uncontrollable rate, the EU continues to bulldoze the UK in almost any way it wishes…etc, etc.

    In 2020, if not 2015, people may look back at 2012 and call it a year of shameless waste — in terms of taxpayers’ money and political expediency.

  • Coffeehousewall

    Everything is designed to distract attention from the slowly unfolding tide of disaster engulfing us. The best year ever – as Syrian Christians are murdered by the Islamic fundamentalists Hague is supporting with arms and funds.

  • Dimoto

    I see the insurance industry has estimated that the GDP loss in 2012 due to extreme weather, traffic disruption etc. was £13B.
    That is about 0.85% of GDP. So that’s where our missing growth went !
    Are you paying attention Mr Fraser Nelson ?

  • VioletElizabethBott

    Just came across an ancient early October copy of the Speccy in the loo. Wonderful piece by Tim Price telling us all to buy gold at $1800. Price has fallen steadily ever since. It’s been a year to restore one’s faith in human wisdom.

  • Hornblower

    `Austerity` olympics to `money no object` olympics – an admiraby slick move

    • Coffeehousewall

      When it comes to the opportunity for politicians to aggrandise themselves there can be no restriction on spending. It is all for the very best cause!

  • echo34

    Reminds me of a steward on the titanic – ” all is well, go about your business..nothing to worry about..”

    Spectator tits.

  • Wilhelm

    ” The best year ever.”

    Hmm, the Olympics was bread and circuses, a mask to hide the depressing reality of of our own displacement. The real story was the 2012 census results, especially in London. Too depressing to talk about.

    Talking of the Olympics, interesting article

    ”To reach the liberal internationalist promised land the more intelligent
    amongst the British liberal left have realised that tribal feeling and
    its concomitant patriotism cannot be swept away in a generation or two
    and consequently must be pandered to, but only in a way which allows
    these emotions to be controlled by the politically correct.

    The modern British liberal uses patriotic feelings equally cynically. He
    does this by redefining patriotism to pervert it from being a tribal
    matter to an over-arching ideological construct which provides an
    umbrella under which any population, no matter how disparate, can
    shelter .

    The British liberal left realised that the Olympics provide a potent
    delivery system for their bogus internationalist patriotic propaganda.
    This happened long before the holding of the 2012 Olympics. The London
    Olympics was conceived as an internationalist propaganda vehicle. Here
    is the leader of the bid, Seb Coe, in Singapore making the final plea
    for the games:

    “…we’re serious about inspiring young people. Each of them comes from
    east London, from the communities who will be touched most directly by
    our Games. ”

    And thanks to London’s multi-cultural mix of 200 nations, they also represent the
    youth of the world. Their families have come from every continent. They
    practice every religion and every faith. What unites them is London.”

    • Daniel Maris

      Well the Nazi-Soviet Pact gave bridging of ideological divides a bad name. But I must say I agree on the Olympics. Our performance for a populous industrialised nation with strong sporting traditions was just about what you would expect in a home Olympics, especially with our advantage of importing people from all over the globe (not a racist point – we do the same with white South Africans in cricket) to help out our sporting performance.

      The Olympics performance doesn’t for instance disguise the appalling effects of the internationalisation of the Premier League on our national game at home – with hundreds of talented footballers born in these islands denied the opportunity to develop the talent at the top of our league. Our Premier League is really a very good analogy for what the financial service industry (yeah, yeah – brilliant people from all over the globe coming here to show us how it’s done) is doing to our country – bringing money into the country but not improving outcomes for the people who have lived here long term.

    • Wilhelm

      Talking of Seb Coe, Mr Goody Two Shoes, he’s got one of those face you’d like to slap. He’s an adulterer, he cheated on his wife for 10 years and paid for his lover to have an abortion ( murder ). He’s kept that quiet, hasn’t he ? Got the morals of a rattlesnake. Also he’s a bit of a suer or should that be sewer.

      And Maris will definitely not like this, Seb Coe’s ancestors were slave owners, that explains his wealth.

      • Daniel Maris

        Wilhelm – I have often said here that if you scratch the surface of most wealthy families in this country you will find vicious, violent, violating slave ownership at the original source of their wealth. People don’t really understand just how much of a wealth generator slaving was back in the 18th and 19th century. The often well-heeled denizens of this forum especially don’t like to hear it and be reminded how their ancestors whipped, raped and murdered their way to wealth. They like to think they got their position in society through real merit.

        • Wilhelm


          Gosh ! What a bonkers comment. I suspect you’ve had a extra glass from the punch bowl.

          • Daniel Maris

            It’s called history Wilhelm. You should try reading some of it.

            • Robin Hood

              perhaps you should try to read a more balanced history book or two but I doubt you will, you’ll just heap abuse on me for asking you to.

  • William Blakes Ghost

    Is this the most ridiculous piece of hysterical ramping ‘ever in the history of the world’? The wettest year on record with people bailing out their houses on Christmas Day. Most of the year in recession. The US heading off the financial cliff. The UK sinking in ever growing Government debt and led by possibly the most politically dysfunctional Prime Minister and (Coalition) Government in modern times, an almost bankrupt EU heading toward 4th Reich status.Global population growing at a pace never previously experienced. The atrocities in Syria left to progress unabated, our soldiers still dying in Afghanistan. Global resources being plundered at a greater rate than ever before. Animal species dying off in ever larger numbers. Natural Disasters all over the world and the lunatics at the Spectator are claiming ‘2012 being the greatest year in the history of the world’ Whoever wrote this article is certifiable and the Daily Mash is now more credible (and funnier) than the Spectator!

    Nurse they’ve escaped from their padded cells again! I can only wonder has the Spectator been invaded by Lib Dems?. Its the only rational reason for this absurd assertion.

    • Daniel Maris

      In answer to your first question: yes.

    • Owen_Morgan

      “Global population growing at a pace never previously experienced. The
      atrocities in Syria left to progress unabated, our soldiers still dying
      in Afghanistan. Global resources being plundered at a greater rate than
      ever before. Animal species dying off in ever larger numbers. Natural
      Disasters all over the world…”

      Oh well: it looks as though you already have the 2013 Paranoid Headcase of the Year Award sewn up. Alex Ferguson won’t be happy.. I’m not sure what you think should have been done about “global population” (a bit of mild genocide, perhaps?), or about Syria. As for your eco-claptrap, do, please, provide your evidence of mass extinctions and unusually common natural disasters.

      You do realise that you’re the one that sounds like a lobotomised LibDem, don’t you?

      • dalai guevara

        Lobotomised in the sense that he did not dare mention the hundreds of foreigners that were compensated by the MoD for its systemic attempt to extract data in what may be referred to as the ‘torture games’?

        Or the city exodus witnessed due to some badly drawn up propaganda on a potential Olympic traffic meltdown, or was it rather the small matter of some LIBOR inconsistencies? Oh, it surely cannot get any worse than 2012.

        • Wessex Man

          and what are you saying here

          • dalai guevara

            I am alluding to the fact that we urgently need to regain our moral credibility in 2013. That ought to be our prime concern.

  • Dogsnob

    It pissed it down all summer long and loads more immigrants came to lower our wages and take even more council housing. Yeah great.

    • Coffeehousewall

      And even more immigrants will come this year, with 29 million from Eastern Europe receiving their invitations soon. We better get building all the houses they will need to live in,

      • Daniel Maris

        Yep, I’ve got a good idea, let’s subsidise their housing directly either through increased taxes or through increased rents and mortgages. Hang on…that’s what we’re doing already! 🙂 You have to smile otherwise you will break down in tears.

        • Wessex Man

          Always look on the bright side of life, all together now I’m a lumberjack and I don’t care!

          • Daniel Maris

            We’re certainly lumbered Jack.

  • Kevin

    This view of the state of the world does reveal a systematic, if probably unconscious, bias.

    It could only be compiled by someone who, for example, firmly believes that unborn children are not persons, that the discussion of infanticide in a British medical journal is no cause for concern, that “mercy killings”, assisted suicide, advance decisions and living wills are of no moral consequence, that “brain death” and the harvesting of organs are not to be questioned, that the Liverpool Care Pathway is unequivocally the right way, and that family is a matter of will rather than nature.

    In short, it is not population statisics that matter but the cultural environment in which each individual comes to consider how much society values his or her humanity.

  • Austin Barry

    Next year will be interesting.

    By what dirty tricks, I wonder, will our ruling elites attempt to smear and belittle UKIP and Farage?

    • Daniel Maris

      Well as they are rather intelligent, by revealing true things about Farrage and UKIP. 🙂 Much more effective than revealing untrue things.

      • Noa

        Farage, sigh, as in garage….

        • HellforLeather

          There are lots of determined voters who frequent those garages you seek to scorn.

          • Noa

            Not I HfL…UKIP for me.

    • Noa

      And, for me, the best poster of the year comment, (amongst many) was Rhoda Clapp’s

      “I fought Delors, and Delors won”.

      To the Speccie posters; constantly surpassing the Speccie’s own inky fingered ones for acuity and wit.


      • HellforLeather

        I once suggested to Fraser Nelson that he enlist Rhoda Clapp as a writer for this blog.

        Nothing came of it (I wonder why?).

        He and his gofers didn’t even have the decency to reply.

        • Noa

          HfL- As a Scot with traditions to uphold and being a editor with a budgetary responsibility to maintain the Speccie in the Black, (oh, if only!), why would Fraser feel encouraged to pay for what he already obtains for free?

          And both Rhoda and Frank P, ex-communicant of this parish, often express views which, one feels do not marry with the left-leaninig tendency seemingly espoused by this once great journal. Or am I wrong?

          • Wessex Man

            no you are totally right.

      • Rhoda Klapp

        Remarkably good of you to say so, Noa, but I am afraid I must have stolen it, from I don’t remember who.

        Now, Bobby Fuller Four, or the Clash?

        • Noa

          A plagiarism on both their houses, Rhoda.

  • alexsandr

    a good year sadly marred by the demise of the coffe house wall. Somewhere we can rant about off topic stuff.

    • Coffeehousewall

      Alexsandr, the wall has continued since it was closed in February 2012 at www coffeehousewall co uk and it is presently receiving 120,000 page views a month.

      • Coffeehousewall

        If you can’t work out the link above it is

        • alexsandr

          Good tout, Peter. Ive posted on your site 🙂

          • Coffeehousewall

            You are welcome there indeed.

      • Austin Barry

        ..and is remarkably troll free, unlike here.

    • Daniel Maris

      Too much like true democracy. The original Democracy Wall in China had to be pulled down. So was this one.