Is voting Lib Dem just a state of mind?

30 November 2012

5:05 PM

30 November 2012

5:05 PM

‘UKIP is not a party but a state of mind’ wrote the usually excellent Matthew d’Ancona in a remarkably sniffy column a couple of days back.

Now, given that UKIP became the second party in the Middlesborough and Rotherham by-elections, perhaps some people will have to consider that the UKIP state of mind is rather closer to that of many British people than that of certain mainstream political parties?

After all, yesterday the Liberal Democrats managed to record what is now being anointed the worst ever by-election result by a major political party. The Liberal Democrats managed to poll behind the Respect party, the British National Party and the English Democrats. Given this fact, might we not finally accept that voting Liberal Democrat is also a state of mind – and one so increasingly rare that it should be treated with far greater curiosity and sniffy-ness than it has been of late?

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

  • barbie

    Those who wish to vote for a losing party like the Lib Dems are free to do so, but they are diminishing like dead flies, and their leader with it. As for UKIP, they’ve got my vote. I had voted for Blair and realised my mistake but not before it was to late. You’re suppose to learn from your mistakes. I was going to support Cameron till he didn’t keep his promises. Now its Mr Farage all the way. I see him as our new Churchill and our only hope of getting this country back into British hands fully.

  • Daviejohn

    Is voting Lib Dem just a state of mind?
    No just a case of Should Have Gone To Spec savers

  • Enza Ferreri

    I sincerely hope that the LibDems are being consigned to history. It is a party without a point.
    But don’t let’s forget that the Rotherham record triumph for UKIP and victory for the BNP owes a lot to the two scandals involving social services there, both relating to its council’s socialist and multiculturalist policies.

    Islam is now posing a greater threat to the West than even communism is:

  • Vulture

    ‘W’ancona is not ‘usually excellent’ Douggie: and this sucking up is unworthy of you.
    ‘W’Ancona’s politics are as flabby as his features, and his brand of superiopr, liberal Cameroon faux conservativism is one of the many readons why the misnamed Conservative party is dying on its feet.

  • Kevin

    “a remarkably sniffy column”

    No more remarkable than the red corner trashing the blue corner.

  • Mr Dumpling

    No, Dougie, it is a mental illness.

  • DougS

    You’ve only got to listen to Ed Davey, and his energy policy, to realise that the Lib Dems are infested with technically illiterate numpties.

    DECC is an oxymoron headed by a moron!

  • Stuart Eels

    I look forward to the demise of not just the Lib/dems but call me Dave as well.

  • MaxSceptic

    Voting Liberal Democrat is surely ‘absence of mind’….

    I’ll be voting UKIP unless my Conservative candidate can assure me that he/she’ll vote
    a) for an in/out referendum; and
    b) campaign for an ‘out’ vote.

    • Durblud

      Better to vote for a party with a clear mandate, a referendum can easily be swatted aside as an annoyance, should we deliver the ‘wrong’ answer, as with the Irish Lisbon vote.

    • barbie

      You won’t get that with Cameron, might have a chance if it were Boris. I’d vote UKIP and be assured.

  • salieri

    It would be more accurate to say that voting LibDem is a state of mindlessness.

  • Austin Barry

    Voting LibDem has always been a state of mind, accommodating pious, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, smug, self-regarding, mealy-mouthed, sanctimonious, hypocritical, effete and, finally and totally, bastards of galloping idiocy.

    • Nick Kaplan

      You forgot vacuous.

      • Austin Barry

        You’re right.

        I also forget inane and perverse (see Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith and Mark ‘ hair colonic not tonic’ Oaten).

    • Baron

      Austin, you in too generous mood today, my blogging friend, implying those voting for the confused party have a facility called mind, usually an ownership of a pair of sandals suffices, although a job in outreaching or in a similar, taxpayer funded employ is, of course, a must.

    • Ben Moss

      You forgot self loathing