Things get worse for Lord McAlpine

22 November 2012

10:51 AM

22 November 2012

10:51 AM

As I report in today’s Spectator, Lord McAlpine’s libel tour continues.

The wrongly accused peer is in London to collect damages from shamed broadcasters, contrite journalists and numbskull Twitter addicts. His return coincides with the sad news that St Stephen’s Club in Queen Anne’s Gate is about to close its doors. McAlpine uses the cavernous basement to cellar his London wine collection, and he’s in urgent need of new lodgings for his clarets, ports and champagnes.

He tells me that anyone who can offer secure storage space near Westminster should contact him at the House of Lords. No, not you, Sally.

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  • Franklin Percival

    Hasn’t been proved whter he’s a paodophile one way or the other, so for my money, and my money it is, why does he feel entitled to an out of court settlement? The revelation of his name was too distant. The man is a fool.

  • A Common Reader

    What a sad loss St Stephen’s Club will be. My daughter had her wedding reception there – what a fantastic location it was

  • Sarah

    What’s this? Is the free press turning against him now there’s no more BBC-bashing to be had?

  • Tricia jewell

    Not only is he using the House of Lords as a postal Box, but also the British police to investigate on his behalf, even though he lives in Italy.

    • Swiss Bob

      You must be a eurosceptic. However you sound like a lefty tosser. Which is it?

      • John Smith

        Euroseptic leftie tosser?

        • Swiss Bob

          That’s oxymoronic isn’t it?

      • Andrew Smith

        What sound Eurosceptic about this report?? The closure of a club would be a sad event especially when it has been a useful venue for all sorts of political and cultural meetings. That the noble Lord has a worthwhile wine cellar is wonderful for him and he seems to deserve it – I just wish I had too!

    • Dougie

      Well, he can hardly use the Italian police to investigate offences committed in the UK.

      • Theuniondivvie

        You wouldn’t want the Italian police investigating offences committed in Italy.

  • spencer234

    Why is he still using the house of lords when he resigned his position to tax dodge? Another misuse of taxpayers money. Mcalpine seems to think he owns this country. Is there something we’re not being told?

    • David Tilley

      Italy is not a tax haven

      • leftythinker

        I disagre!

        anywere wich do not put money directerly intoo my pockit are is a tax haven.

      • CassTete

        It is if you friend with the biggest Political Crook in Europe … Berlusconi ! Then you pay close to FUCK ALL

      • spencer234

        Do you not understand the way non dom tax status works? The Lords could get away with it until the rules were changed. When the Lords had to pay, Mcalpine resigned his position.

    • s_o_b

      Did he really ‘resign’ his title? are you sure he is a tax dodger? given milord’s propensity to seek damages for libel, i’d want to be very sure of my facts before posting something like this.

      • spencer234

        I am sure of the facts, thanks for the warning.

        “Four members of the House of Lords have given up their seats to hold on to their non-dom tax status, it has been revealed. Lord Bagri this morning became the third Conservative, following former party treasurer Lord McAlpine and donor Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay.”

        • Dougie

          Giving up his seat (i.e right to participate in the legislature) is not the same as giving up his peerage. Why shouldn’t he use the HoL as a contact address?

          • spencer234

            And why the hell should he be allowed to? Why should taxpayers be paying to accommodate a very wealthy man who refuses to pay his taxes! It’s outrageous. Two rules eh.

    • GaryEssex

      He chose to live Italy and I assume pays his taxes (if indeed residents there do) so why should he pay tax in the UK if he doesn’t live in this country? I don’t see this as a tax dodge as such. Not sure why his wine collection is not following him to Italy and has to stay close to Westminster. Seems a bit odd.

      • spencer234

        Did you not read the article I posted? He specifically resigned his seat in the Lords so he wouldn’t have to pay tax in the UK as a non-dom. That is what’s colloquially known as “tax-dodging”. I didn’t say it was illegal. I said I don’t see why those of us who do bother to pay taxes here should pay for someone who refuses to do so. I agree about the wine collection. perhaps taxpayers will end up having to pay to store that as well.