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The UKIP pact idea will keep coming back

26 November 2012

2:09 PM

26 November 2012

2:09 PM

I have a feeling that we haven’t heard the last of the idea of Tory / UKIP pact. However much Grant Shapps tries to knock the idea down, it is going to keep coming back. Why? Because Nigel Farage will never totally dismiss the idea — hence his mischief-making about doing a deal with a Michael Gove-led Tory party — and enough Tory MPs want one to give the idea oxygen.

When I spoke to Farage back in May, this is what he said on the subject of candidates standing on a joint Tory/UKIP ticket:

‘What I do know is there are Conservative Associations up and down the country who think this could be a way forward… So all I would say to you is that in terms of co-operation or deals or anything in the future, firstly it’s some way off but secondly, I can see that there are associations thinking along the lines that if they approach us. Would I entertain and contemplate such ideas? Of course I would.’

Now, I think there’s little to no chance of CCHQ sanctioning anything like this. But there are some Tory MPs who might take Farage up on this offer. If this happened, it would put Cameron in a very difficult position. He’d have to decide whether to deselect the candidates who had entered into this arrangement which would risk making a Tory split over Europe the story of the opening days of the campaign.

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  • Huddersfield Staff

    Read the views of Professor of Politics at the University of Huddersfield, Brendan Evans

  • Daniel Maris

    So, by their silence, can we assume that Speccie writers like not only mass immigration but also Common Purpose?

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, we may.

  • Boudicca_Icenii
    • Malfleur

      Hot! and UKIP!

  • David Lindsay

    Gove? Seriously, Gove? No independence from the American neoconservative think tanks that continue to direct our foreign policy even though they are no longer allowed anywhere their own country’s. No independence from the racist Israeli Far Right, or from the Gulf monarchs, or from the assorted crooks and clowns of Central Asia and the Caucasus. No independence from the global money markets. Certainly no independence from Rupert Murdoch.

    Therefore, for all sorts of reasons, no independence from the EU; just read the Statement of Principles of the Henry Jackson Society if you don’t believe me. Oh, and no grammar schools, either. Nor any return to O-levels, one of Gove’s many pieces of fraudulent grandstanding, like his off-the-record hints, but never anything more than that, about Europe.

    Who could join Michael Fabricant and Nigel Farage as either the other two members of Union J or the other three members of The Jackson Five? Altogether now: “You and I must make a pact, We must bring the Eighties back, Just call my name, And I’ll be there.” As the half-spoken bit in the middle puts it: “I’ll be there to comfort you, Build my world of dreams around you, I’m so glad that I’ve found you.” Lines to be addressed to Michael Gove, obviously.

  • Troika21

    Tory-UKIP suicide pact.

    UKIP secures it’s reputation as a single-issue party, Tories loose votes to them anyway.


      UKIP is not a single-issue Party! UKIP don’t even need the Conservatives. I, from today, is now a UKIP Member.

    • Malfleur

      I hear that Mr. Farage has stated that he would consider entering a pact with the Conservative Party, but only on condition that Mr. Cameron resigns – not so much suicide as pawn takes queen.

      • Noa

        In the Fabriquant paper Cameron had the opportunity to build a bridge with UKIP by apologising for his closet racists, fruitcakes and loonies slur.

        Instead of doing so he has, single-handedly made himself a potential hostage to fortune.

        Let us suppose that, at the next election, the Tories are tied with or even 20 seats behind Labour and the Lib Dems. The new factor in the equation however is the 30 or 40 seats held by UKIP.

        Now, do you think for a moment that the Tory leadership will hesitate for a moment to sacrifice two time loser Cameron as the blood price to Farage in order to establish a coalition of the Right?
        Greater love has no party that it lays down its leader for its life.


    Now that Camoron has been exposed as actively promoting Common Purpose with the use of public funds, it certainly explains a lot:

    His willingness to take flack for The Cuts that don’t exist is a pretext to keep Conservative voters off his back whilst he carries on taxing and spending at ever higher levels.

    His Alinsky inspired Big Society, an idea so brilliant that nobody could work out what it was, or more likely, were unwilling to tell us what it was.

    His talk of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands, whilst it is in fact increasing by this amount.

    His protection of the Foreign Aid budget, which is almost 50% higher than those famous Cuts.

    His evisceration of British Armed Services and implementing its ten year dependency on a foreign power should we need to borrow an aircraft carrier.

    His lack of any action on the much trumpeted bonfire of the Common Purpose stuffed Quangos – how Middleton and Co. must laugh (in as much as those Lefty maniacs have anything approaching a sense of humour) at that.

    His interference in the workings and constitutions of formerly independent bodies by arm-twisting them into accepting every tenet of the Equality and Diversity agenda.

    His disgraceful smearing, without foundation or explanation and reiterated yesterday by No.10, of millions of people as racist – isn’t that a corporate hate crime?

    All these actions show him to be following the classic tactics of the fifth-columnist.

    Few of us believed he was elected party leader because he managed to memorise a speech and brave the air-conditioned hall without the need to wear a jacket. He’s been rumbled now and his silence over Rotherham and the repeated smear of UKIP supporters those giving support to the vile Thacker woman means the only thing he’ll ever win again is a weekend away with Julia Middleton.

    • MirthaTidville

      You sir have hit the nail on the head….One can just hope that Guido gets hold of one of those juicy e mails between him and you know who, sometime soon!!

      • IRISHBOY

        Can’t wait! LOL

        • NeilMc1

          He’s a graduate of Common Purpose!

    • Colonel Mustard

      I find it quite incredible that the Prime Minister of this country should be promoting a strange private organisation of charitable status that sells leadership training services principally within the public sector, both for central and local government. This strikes me as potentially a far more important story than his personal relationship with Brooks, especially given the Daily Mail’s exposure of this organisation’s network links to the Leveson enquiry.

      Common Purpose openly promotes its “network” approach but it must be asked just what this means for democracy and transparency in government, especially given its secretiveness and unwillingness to respond to FoI requests.

      There are some obvious questions. Why and how has Common Purpose established this primacy in influencing the government’s approach to selecting and training for “leadership”? How is “leading beyond authority” compatible with democratic accountability? Were they required to tender in competition for this status? How are they funded? Why does a training organisation need charitable status? What is the methodology or expertise that it draws on for this training?

      What is the ultimate objective of the networked common purpose? If it is to create a network of elite leaders working together in the belief that they know best what is good for us how does that correlate to democratically elected accountability.

      Of course we can guess the answers to most of these questions and even exaggerate the sinister aspects but the fact that growth and development of this organisation as an influence in government has not been openly promoted, explained or accounted for is deeply concerning.

      • Daniel Maris

        Even odder when you find that the person who founded Common Purpose was editor of Marxism Today.

    • telemachus

      I have just seen Robert Peston waxing eloquent on the news and am reminded that he is a well satisfied graduate of Common Purpose

      We have spoken at a number of very well run Common Purpose events, in various parts of the country, and I do not recognise the somewhat paranoid description an organisation whose sole purpose is to bring together people from different walks of life who are making, or maybe required to make, decisions that affect other areas of society. The ‘Common Purpose’ being to encourage them to know and understand the processes by which people (who they are unlikely to meet in the general course of their lives) tackle their jobs and absorb their responsibilities.

      Judging from the right wing hysteria, possibly my being a supporter of the Labour Party will be seen as an additional reason to intensify this hapless ‘search for malevolence’

      • Colonel Mustard

        Fantastic. What a revelation. If anything was less likely to assuage the deep suspicion this outfit already attracts it would be your membership and advocacy of it. Now we should really be concerned.

      • Boudicca_Icenii

        Common Purpose grooms brainwashed Communitarians for positions in various tiers of government and the public sector. It is no charity.

      • Daniel Maris

        Well if anyone thought it wasn’t a crackpot organisation, your post will have persuaded them otherwise Telemachus. Well done!

        Crackpots of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but your brains…in a mish mash composed of one third milkwater Marxism and two thirds creepy networking.

        • telemachus

          Dan you should read posts carefully

  • wrinkledweasel

    The Conservative Party needs UKIP far more than UKIP needs the Conservatives. As time goes by the Tories are slithering like vipers over a referendum. They are positioning themselves in order to water down any such poll to the point of evisceration. UKIP must stand firm and present a proper alternative.

  • countryboylife

    in a way the grass roots populous is disconnected from the direction their glorious leaders have taken. If local Conservative associations defect collectively, apparatus and all to UKIP – at least in all but name Cameron could be left leading a bodyless head.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Well, he behaves like a headless chicken at times so it might be an interesting combination.

      • Vulture

        Irishhboy puts it rather well. James has obviously had a busy morning down at CCHQ taking down the Dave line – and I love the picture of the Ukip supporters with the subliminal suggestion that we’re all geriatrics. Why don’t you let us see a pic of your new UKIP Telegraph blogging colleague Alexandra Swann, James just for balance? I think she’s some decades short of 80.

        This blind panic in Cameron HQ is actually rather amusing. It brings to mind Gandhi’s line that first they jeer us, then they fear us, then they join us. The Tories are still in the fearing stage, having gone past the ‘closet racist’ jeering but if you look at the two parties its not hard to see which one is growing and which one is dwindling down to nothingness. To quote Dave himself – you were the future -once. Not any more.

        • ButcombeMan


          The “subliminal picture” actually is, that Cameron has lost a lot of regular “blue rinse” Tories, the sort who have paid their subscriptions for years and years and who in normal circumstances could have been expected to support the Tories to the grave.

          It takes a special skill and a measure of political stupidity, to do that.
          Why would anyone do that?

  • EJ

    Nice choice of photo Forsyth. God you people are transparent.

    • Troika21

      What? The Miss Marple auditions.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, the Speccie lickspittle also licks the hand that feeds him.

    • Malfleur

      Yes, and it carries the interesting implication that the Spectator thinks women are brainless…or women who are no longer bimbos anyway.

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