The Hippy King

26 November 2012

5:55 PM

26 November 2012

5:55 PM

Last month I brought you news that Prince Charles was blocking Freedom of Information requests to ensure that his communications with government ministers remain hidden. Word is that the contents of these letters would threaten the future king’s claim to political neutrality. Today, we got a small clue about the subjects on which the royal mind might be less than impartial.

Whilst on a health campaign visit with the Prince to an academy school in Sutton, TV chef and professional irritant Jamie Oliver told the crowds:

‘His Royal Highness has been doing this for a long time. At some stage possibly the royal family would have thought you were getting a little bit of a hippy, and that may be true, sir.’

Oliver was talking about his latest nannyish healthy-eating campaign, but you have to ask quite how far the ‘hippy’ label fits our future monarch. Famed for whispering to his plants and for his love of nature, one might well wonder whether his hippy-ness extends to climate policy.

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  • Sarah

    Let’s hope so. What’s not to like about reducing pollution and leaving some natural resources for future generations?

    • Archimedes

      Oh? I hadn’t seen the part in the Green manifesto where they mentioned that they would be letting future generations burn fossil fuels like crazy.

      You’re not leaving anything for anyone – other than a bit of additional regulation to tell future generations what they can’t do.