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The Coalition split over Leveson

28 November 2012

3:41 PM

28 November 2012

3:41 PM

I’m informed by someone involved in the coalition negotiations on the issue that the reason the Liberal Democrats want to be able to make their own statement on the Leveson Report is that they intend to back the rapid creation of a statutory back-stop for newspaper regulation. By contrast, I hear that David Cameron doesn’t want to back any press law, at least for now.

The key moment tomorrow will come with a meeting of the Cabinet’s coalition committee at noon. It is scheduled for an hour and is meant to thrash out whether a common position can be agreed. Michael Gove, the government’s most passionate opponent of statutory regulation, is a member of it as are all five Liberal Democrat Cabinet Ministers and David Laws.

I’m also informed that Harriet Harman and Maria Miller will meet immediately after the statement tomorrow to discuss cross-party talks on the inquiry.

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  • the viceroy’s gin

    So the LD’s are keeping their oar in Millipedal water, and the Cameroons are hoping to drop anchor somewhere out of UKIP shooting range, but will likely drop it on their own foot.

    Well triangulated and choreographed, this dance. But all for naught, I suspect.

  • Vulture

    One can only hope that if Cameron loses his ‘battle’ ( and his bottle) and yet again lets the yellow tail wag his dog, then Govey will resign and become the standard bearer of the Tory right.

    Instead I predict a messy fudge resulting in nothing very much.

    Incidentally, what on earth gives David Laws the right to pronounce on these matters?
    His misdeeds were exposed by a free Press so its no wonder the little creep wants to muzzle it. He’s a disgraceful little cheat who should be enjoying the hospitality of Her Majesty’s prisons not making our laws.

    • Ian

      I dearly hope that Gove doesn’t resign. He’s the only minister who is making headway reforming the mess left behind by Labour.

    • Dimoto

      Clegg hasn’t read the report, and doesn’t know how Cameron will react and what he will propose, but he’s agin’ it anyway.
      What a posturing nitwit the guy is.