Nostalgia fest

1 November 2012

12:03 PM

1 November 2012

12:03 PM

Yowser! It’s the mid-1990s all over again. I half expect to hear Ace of Base blaring out of a thousand Ford Cosworths. The Tories are split down the middle on the EU and Heseltine is stamping around, flogging his dirigiste interventionist stuff (which these days commends itself only to Labour, doesn’t it?). What next? Antonia De Sancha (come on, you remember her. “From Toe Job to No Job” was the memorable headline. She was very foxy. Certainly out of Mellor’s league, one would have thought.)

There is a supreme arrogance in Nick Clegg telling Tory rebels that they do not stand a chance in hell of getting the EU budget reduced. We have a parliamentary democracy. It wishes the budget to be reduced. That is the mandate for the Prime Minister – which means a veto. I realise that this is either too simplistic or simple for Clegg to understand.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.

  • Eddie

    That photo makes Major and Heseltine look like a couple of old queens running an antiques shop in Brighton!
    You can almost hear them saying to a some dizzy Londonista customer: ‘Just her style, isn’t it Michael?’ ‘Simply divine Johnny, the lady has taste unlike all those ghastly socialists!’

    Well, stranger things have happened – like people actually having nostalgic warm snuggly feelings about the pop music of the 90s. OMG.
    It’s like being nostalgic about Bronco or something! Just LISTEN to it! Save for Nirvana and a bit of Brit Pop it is almost all utterly unmemorable derivative tosh!

  • Baron

    Forget Clegg, the guy’s a burnt piece of toast when the next count comes, what about the two aging gentlemen, they still around? To borrow from the bard with a abit of a warp ‘yet who would have thought the old men to have had so much blood in them’.

  • Stuart Eels

    Had to laugh at Cleggy’s nonsense, he’s already looking for a new job in the EU for when his party are knocked out. It was a glorious night for Britain, got to say though I never had an Ace to Base cd Rod, I had proper stuff like Roxette banging out of my 323i!

  • Laurence

    In Scotland ‘cleg’ is another name for a horsefly. Horseflies are annoying, bloodsucking pests.

  • Kevin

    Well, pop music was better then.

  • arnoldo87

    I agree totally with your argument, Rod, but I am not knowledgeable enough to know what happens if Cameron DOES veto any budget proposal from Europe.
    What would be the next step by the EEC members to arrive at a budget? And how would disagreements between members be reconciled if some sovereign parliaments dug their heels in on their own particular positions? Would the majority view prevail in that event?

    • Baron

      arnoldo87, you far too rational, analytical and discerning, it ain’t how the Brussels set up works, it’s rather they tell us what we must do, and after some arm waving, howling and moaning we do it, it’s that simple, my blogging friend, none of your sovereign parliament, vetoing and stuff comes into it.

    • geodav45

      They revert to annual budgets which are subject to majority voting and no veto. Result: UK loses.

      • arnoldo87

        geodav45 – In that case surely Clegg is correct, isn’t he? And maybe it’s Rod who is being too simplistic?

        • geodav45


      • IRISHBOY

        And the real beauty with majority voting which needs to be banged on about til the cows come home, is that only 9 states in the 27 state communist construct are net contributors!!!!!!!!! So, let’s all guess how tortuous the vote will be . . . . . . . . . . Yes, well done everyone, not very.
        And they pour out all that guff about democracy and listening and learning lessons.
        My steel toe-caps could teach them a lesson that would make them listen.

    • Forest Fan

      Our leaders will just make sure we bend over and take it up the arse as always.

  • MikeF

    Doesn’t Clegg get a pension as a former MEP? Perhaps he should declare an interest.