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Nick Clegg wins PMQs cheers from the most unlikely of MPs

7 November 2012

2:04 PM

7 November 2012

2:04 PM

I have rarely seen Nick Clegg enjoy Prime Minister’s Questions as much as he did today. Freed from the tyranny of the binder of answers, Clegg answered the questions in a confident and confrontational manner. The usual jeers from the other side of the House didn’t put him off his stride today.

One thing that was striking was how often Clegg referred to the Lib Dem-inspired coalition move to raise the income tax thresholds. The Liberal Democrat leadership is convinced that this policy is beginning to pay dividends for the party and that they’ll receive the credit for the big increase in April.


Clegg also took the chance to take several jabs at Labour. He declared that you can’t trust Labour on the economy, mocked — to Tory cheers — Ed Balls for denying that there had been a structural deficit and predicted that at the next election voters would remember who had created the mess in the first place.

But the moment when you realised that this really was Clegg’s day was when Peter Bone, that thorn in the Deputy Prime Minister’s side, rose to ask a supportive question about the two parties coming ‘together in the national interest to clear up the mess that Labour have left them’.

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  • Rebecca Wilde

    Nick Clegg done a damn fine job at PMQs this week… impressed. He held himself well, talked very directly, was very quick and precise… raised his voice at times but never overreacted or turned into Mr Angry Man (something the PM could certainly learn from!). Clegg seems to have mastered the psychological chess game, which is Prime Minsters Question Time.

  • @PhilKean1

    Collaborating with the enemy.

    Disgraceful !

  • Terence Hale

    Nick Clegg wins PMQs cheers from the most unlikely of MPs.
    As you I observed Mr Clegg, he speaks as you say in German “sprecht von der
    bauch “from the belly without the usual notes and folder, this is a sign of intellect.

  • EndOfTrolls

    The bland cheering the bonkers opposed by the blind. A plague on all of them.

  • EJ

    Yawn, yawn, YAWN.

    Forsyth: did Clegg speak up against the loss of our sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels? Did he give a bold and honest assessment of how the failed doctrine of multiculturalism has ruined our country? Did he acknowledge the damaging failures of the coalition to stem the long march of The Left through all our institutions, destroying all that has worked so effectively for so long?

    Oh he didn’t? Well why are you bothering us with this toadying insider nonsense?

    • D B

      If the bureaucrats were elected would that make our loss of sovereignty OK?

    • dalai guevara

      Did you elect your civil service, which is accountable for the a4e, g4s, PFI, and rail franchise shambles? And Brussels is your prime concern, is it?
      Did you elect your HoL hereditaries? And the Commission is your prime concern, is it?
      Did you elect Charles to follow in the big gap that his mother will leave? And Rumpy Pumpy is your prime concern, is it?

      Yawn yawn yawn.

      • Andy

        Least the hereditaries in the House of Lords are elected. Rest aren’t.

        • dalai guevara

          yes, today I am dealing with the dyslexic

          • EndOfTrolls

            Self abuse?

            • dalai guevara


              • neverironic

                you really do talk a load of shite – and in so many different papers. i’m impressed.

                • dalai guevara

                  I see you are quickly building your own reputation of content based dialogue.

  • HooksLaw

    Do the lib dems accept responsibility for the measures to raise the tax revenues lost by raising the allowances? Are the lib dems happy to accept their responsibility for the cost to ‘hard working’ middle income families who see their tax allowances squeezed.

  • L’Arse