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Nadine Dorries: why I did it.

24 November 2012

12:35 PM

24 November 2012

12:35 PM

What on earth was Nadine Dorries thinking? Soon after being liberated from the jungle, she kindly agreed to be interviewed by me for Radio Four’s Week in Westminster and explain her rationale. The show broadcast at 11am and you can listen to the whole thing here, but I thought CoffeeHousers may be interested in Nadine Dorries’ quotes as she raises interesting points about politics in general.

Appearing on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity, she says, was the first time she had taken time off from Westminster – while many of her colleagues sneak off the whole time. She singled out the ex-Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell:-

 “What I’ve missed from parliament is three sitting days and no legislation whatsoever. And while Andrew Mitchell was commenting that he didn’t give me permission, he was making those comments from his holiday in Antigua. Half of the parliamentary party was abroad while I was in the jungle… Many MPs take many weeks of the year away, and I’ve never taken any.”


She says she has personally taken a kicking in the press but the party has not been damaged. Some 10m people watched the show and many of them may had their idea of a Tory MP challenged by what they saw:-

 “Twice as many people have submitted Google searches for Nadine Dorries as have done for David Cameron. Those… came from areas like Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. Areas that don’t normally search the names of Conservative MPs.”

Q: But all they find is you eating some strange came food 

“Do you know what: does that matter? We have quite a precious impression of ourselves in Westminster and we do expect people to look to Westminster to find out what MPs are like. May be cl dturn tat around Instead of expecting the public to look at us, we go to where the public are. That’s what I did. If people discovered that a Conservative MP may not have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth and gone to a public school, that might just be a first step.”

And how does she expect to be welcomed in the other reality TV studio: the House of Commons?

 “My researcher is now gather gathering together the comments made by MPs while I’ve been away. I’d be very interested to discover those MPs who have made comments, how many of them have MPs have taken their own little jollies abroad since they became MPs. And how often they’ve taken them. Not of course that I will be using that information. But I can also guarantee it will be the sycophants and the Cameroons who have made the comments, those who will be doing No10’s bidding. But it doesn’t really bother me, and it never has. If I did, and if I didn’t have a thick skin I would not be a working-class female here in Westminster.”

 Here’s the audio:-

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  • Hexhamgeezer

    Not a fan of the gal at all, but she’s got a good point regarding MPs buggering off on ‘fact finding tours’ or ‘representing parliament’. Its amazing how much important parliamentary work is required in places like Mauritius, Durban , Antigua, Paris or Vienna. She wasn’t away long enough (surprise) to make any difference to anyone. Let her swallow her medicine (being unpopular) and get ready for more of the same in 2014.

  • Julian Kavanagh

    You can’t talk at length about the measures you’re taking against others who may or may not have criticised you and then claim to be thick-skinned. And anyone who was genuinely thick-skinned wouldn’t have such an enormous chip on her shoulder. I think she’s probably genuine in everything she does and says. Unfortunately for her and her constituents she’s clearly bonkers.

  • Andy Laing

    Nadine, you’re away with the fairies! Simply shows how removed from reality you’ve become. if you thought you’d attract a larger audience for your “politically significant” views this was a total a waste of time. Micro celebrity is an end game for the participants; they’re in it for the money. True Tories would have understood were that your motive. So, honestly, was it? Or are you simply as deluded as the Speaker’s ludicrous wife (now what was her name?). Make a name for yourself; resign your seat and earn a worthwhile living serving “your public in some menial capacity consistent with your capabilities.

  • Noa

    If Cameron can hug a husky in a vain glorious piece of self promotion I see no reason why Nadine cannot cuddle a cockroach.

    • telemachus

      which cockroach had you in mind

  • Thick as two Plancks

    She is much more sensible than was Louise. “Mensch!” in German is an exclamation comparable with “Gott in Himmel!”, and sums up my view of Louise.

  • Open_Palm

    Judging from her comments it appears in her mind’s eye Dorries is a politician with gravitas. Alas, the reality is much like the delectable fares the show she appeared in offered up- lots of bollocks.

  • Sarah

    Do you ever proof check your articles, Fraser?

  • Kevin

    “What on earth was Nadine Dorries thinking?”

    She was thinking that the way to become prime minister is to get stuck like “a prat on a zip wire”.

    She forgot, however, that before the public will (be told that they) love you, you must toe the liberal line on abortion.

  • Mirtha Tidville

    Shes barking….absolutely barking… more no less……..although she was very right about the `posh boys`

  • anyfool

    and if I didn’t have a thick skin

    If you did not have a thin skin you would not care what other MPs say about you, you would not take time out to pour your bile on Cameron, “that is the voters prerogative”.
    You chip away at what little respect people have for MPs by going on a programme designed to reduce the credibility of of fading celebrities.
    You no doubt will try to tell yourself silly things like, “Tory MPS not born with a silver spoon are rare matter” they don’t, being good at the job supersedes all that crap.
    You are just another one of the hundreds in the Commons who are without skills for the job and every utterance you make confirms that fact.

  • Ron Todd

    If her intent was to get people talking about politics she has failed. The people I know who were likely to talk about reality TV are still talking about reality TV, those that talked about politics are still talking about politics. There is no more cross over between the two than there was before. If her intent was to get people talking about Nadine Dorries she has had limited sucess some men of my age did talk briefly about how good she looked in a bathing costume for a women of her age. If her intent was to fill up her pension pot and kick start a TV career we will find out later.

    • Airey Belvoir

      One of her most ludicrous justifications for going onto IACGMOOH was that she would have an audience of over 11 million for her oh-so-important views on abortion legislation, etc. As if a tightly edited light entertainment programme is going to let that stuff in, and of course it did not happen – as she probably must have known. So the only people enlightened by La Dorries on these weighty matters are a grunting darts player, pugilist, Hooray Henry, dim bikini bimbos and so on.

  • Archimedes

    “My researcher is now gather gathering together the comments made by MPs while I’ve been away. I’d be very interested to discover those MPs who have made comments”

    Oh – jolly good. Not content to humiliate herself wasting time, she’s now going to waste more time and taxpayer money in some vainglorious attempt to defend the damn silly thing she did.

    • Airey Belvoir

      “My researcher” = one of my daughters, who will be paid well by us for doing the work.

  • David Lindsay

    Oh, away with her!

    At least no one will ever again have cause or excuse to use “Nadine Dorries” in the same sentence as “jungle”, “Down Under” or “Bushtucker Trial”.

    • Airey Belvoir

      All credit to the man quoted on Guido along the lines of “A pleasant change to see bollocks going into a politician’s mouth instead of leaving it.”

      • Hexhamgeezer

        …or, re the eating of kangaroo anus………….eating sh!te as well as talking it….

  • AvaH40

    She has done nothing but blame everyone but herself – she may well have asked Mitchell for one month off but not to appear in a reality show!

    She constantly attacks Cameron on a personal level at every opportunity and in the words of Mrs T “when people attack you personally it means they have no argument”

    • William Blakes Ghost

      So when Cameron called UKIP a bunch of “fruitcakes and nutters” he was being constructive was he? Dictating to people what they do in their own time is all rather authoritarian and 1984 and if you ask me far more sinister. Is that the image that you wish to portray of the Conservatives?

      Personally I am more concerned about the assertions Dorries makes about what seems to be another contemptuous Westminster culture of taking time off during Parliament? Their primary role is to represent us in Westminster and protect us from the excesses of Government (something they generally fail abysmally to do) they shouldn’t be arrogantly swanning off on holiday when Parliament is as habit now should they (just like parents shouldn’t take their kids out of school repeatedly during term time)?

    • HooksLaw

      Parliament is about more than sitting in parliament and MPs are entitled to holidays.

      The only reason she has missed as few days as she has is that she was so pathetic and dislikeable that she was thrown off early.

      Her comments are of course as self serving as was her appearances in the first place. Her final comments you quote show she is clearly and to put it politely plain ignorant. My father worked down the put and I find her wafting her ‘working class’ rubbish utterly pathetic.

      Politics attract numpties like this occasionally (Opick stands out as another), it’s shaming to see this one attached to the conservative party.

  • Heartless etc.,

    (apols – O/T)

    Council defends taking foster children away from UKIP members

    A council has refused to back down over its decision to remove three children
    from their foster parents because their membership of the UK Independence
    Party meant that they supported “racist” policies.

    Fraser – vital though Nads is to the Life of Britain, I would fell happier if EVERYONE was aware of this insane PC Bullshit, – even if it has already been touched on. Maybe you can focus on it yourself?

    Thank you

    it broke last night but here’s the latest link that I can find:

    • dalai guevara

      What a wonderful little piece for a Friday night spin before the pub. The thing is, reading it again with a headache on a Saturday morning, it still makes me smile.

    • HooksLaw

      The issue has been raised on an earlier thread

      • William Blakes Ghost

        Whats up? I thought you just “lurved” smearing talking about UKIP?

      • ButcombeMan

        Indeed it has.

        Interesting that Fraser and cronies have not put it up for discussion here, it is headlines everywhere else. The nation is talking about it.

        Could it possibly be that Fraser, is a “Common Purpose” graduate? Could the Gramiscian infiltration have gone that far?

    • William Blakes Ghost

      From what I understand whilst Labour have denounced the removal of the children they haven’t actually denounced the assertion the UKIP are rascist. One might therefore ask Ed Miliband whether hew agrees with the social worker?

      It is of course highly reminiscent of Gordon Brown;s casual contemptuous dismissal of the views of a woman in Rochdale who ironically was normally a Labour voter.