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Michael Gove mocks Leveson at Spectator parliamentary awards

22 November 2012

9:45 AM

22 November 2012

9:45 AM

Michael Gove’s savage comments about Brian Leveson at yesterday’s Spectator awards have been making headlines everywhere today. Here we have the full audio of what he said:

Boris also weighed in, with these stern words about the perils of press regulation:

‘MPs, members of parliament and all the rest of it, don’t you for one moment think about regulating a press that has been free in this city for more than 300 years, and whose very feral fearlessness and ferocity ensures that we have one of the cleanest systems of government anywhere in the world.’

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice blog.

  • paul j. weighell

    A smokescreen of ‘freedom’ is no
    longer a credible excuse.

    The press has been very free with
    their victims’ privacy only in order to make money.

    If the media cannot control
    itself then it must to be controlled by others.

  • Gerry Boy

    Bringing in the Nazis. Good one ….. Always likely to win an argument!

    And whose colours are said Nazis standing on in 2015 and why are so convinced they are going to win.?

    • Colonel Mustard

      Since 1997 I have increasingly compared New Labour to the German national socialists. Not in a sensational, hyperbolised way but because of very many real parallels to the way in which they conduct politics and government. Although current Labour have attempted to distance themselves from New Labour, without actually engaging on the many contradictions involved, they are in fact the same leadership team. They are now engaged in selling yet another chameleon skin which the rather stupid British media and public appear to be buying at face value. Awkward but very obvious questions are not asked, therefore there is no requirement to explain and Labour are free to adopt the offensive tactics of undermining those who stand in their way to power rather than engaging in the true elements of any debate.

      Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation’, in this context, is deeply sinister and has echoes of Blair’s “the Labour party is nothing less than the political wing of the British people as a whole”. That kind of rhetoric was used by the Nazis to create their single party state “for the common good” – and all well and good unless you happened to disagree with their policies. It is a vanity proposition, that the democratic mandate comes from an untested bond between people and party and it is the sort of thinking that shapes most socialist initiatives in Britain. “Doing the right thing” as Messrs Miliband and Cameron are both inclined to repeat. No-one asks “Why?” still less “the right thing for who?”.

      And the Nazis were an unpleasant and incestuous gang of self-serving gangsters who sought to bureaucratise and control every aspect of the German peoples lives. Very familiar territory for British people in the years 1997-2010. Socialists will scoff at this and tell me to put my tinfoil hat on. That is all part of the way they operate. The end justifies any means including the wholesale organised smearing of political opponents or even “trumped up charges”.

      • Gerry Boy

        Managing to go beyond Corporal Jones cry of ‘the Germans are coming’.

        Apparently the Nazis are coming back in the auspices of Labour. It makes you laugh but somebody actually believes this and spends time writing it. Why does Spectator Coffee House allow such clearly deranged writings on?

        Call matron I say ….

        • Noa

          So your careful, brilliant, point- by-point rebuttal of the loony toons case made by the dangerous madman Mustard is where…under your bed, in course of preparation, accidentally dropped in the khazi as tongue protruding between your lips, you captured the final conclusive scintilla of your argument?

        • Colonel Mustard

          Clearly you did not read or, if you did, understand a word of what I was attempting to articulate. It only appears deranged to you because either you do not wish to believe it or you are a Labour supporter or a wet Tory and wish to trivialise it. I never wrote that the “Nazis are coming back in the auspices of Labour” – that is just your slur. People like you seem to forget that the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei grew as a legitimate political party within a superficially democratic process. The parallel is in the way politics and government were conducted – study those and forget the comic books. One of the great deceits of our “post-modern” age is that the tactics used to combat so-called fascism are not fascist. When they are on our streets UAF do not remind me of Nazi dissidents or the opposition to Hitler, but rather the thug like intimidation and brutality of Rohm’s SA. They – and you – are too stupid to see it.

        • Andy Walsh

          How do they “allow it” ??
          Point proved I think.

      • Xavier

        If I scoff at your argument, that’s proof that you’re right? Clever.

        • Colonel Mustard

          Scoffing proves nothing so go ahead. And it is not an argument but just a personal observation and comment which I think I’m entitled to make here. If you wish to rebut it by evidencing the contrasts between New Labour and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei then by all means do so. I should be delighted to read it. But be warned, there was more to the Nazi regime than concentration camps, torchlight parades and V2 rockets.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Nice one. I like Gove. Not least for the sound reason that telemachus and all the other frothing lefty trolls here don’t.

    The danger of course is that the national socialists have already said they are going to support Levison’s recommendations in full. No surprise given the imperatives and connections behind them and the links to Common Purpose. Stand by for our free press to be muzzled in 2015 when the Nazis regain power.

    • John Steed

      What a pathetic comment. No argument, no insight, just inane abuse.

      • Colonel Mustard

        And your comment, which directs abuse personally, is, by contrast . . .