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Labour is sitting a little less comfortably for tomorrow’s by-elections

28 November 2012

5:01 PM

28 November 2012

5:01 PM

Tomorrow’s three by-elections — the 11th, 12th and 13th since the general election — should have been three easy Labour victories. They are defending majorities of 16,481 in Croydon North, 10,462 in Rotherham and 8,689 in Middlesbrough. And certainly neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrats — second and third in all three seats in 2010 — look capable of overturning them.

But Labour are not looking as comfortable as they’d hoped. In both Croydon North and Rotherham, they’ve come under threat from Respect, raising the possibility that we’ll see a repeat of the ‘Bradford Spring’ that saw George Galloway return to the Commons with 56 per cent of the vote in Bradford West in March. Labour are still the clear favourites in all three constituencies, but Ladbrokes have Respect at 4/1 to win in Croydon North, and 6/1 in Rotherham.

And what about the Tories? Will they manage second in any of the seats? In Rotherham and Croydon, some combination of Respect, the Liberal Democrats, Ukip, and (in Rotherham) the English Democrats might even push them down to fourth or lower. That’d give the Tories their worst by-election result of this parliament: so far, they have not finished lower than third.

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  • Archie

    If any one believes that the Tories r good for any one that was born here r very sad people

  • status

    Labour ARE favourites – that is the saddest thing

  • andagain

    And what about the Tories? Will they manage second in any of the seats?

    I look forward to all the assertions that to win support in Rotherham, the Tories should do more things that are popular with their existing supporters in Surrey.

  • stevesurrey

    Labour’s more pragmatic approach on the economy, in that if you are going to get into debt let it be for the right reasons is what is winning people over again. The electorate as some have said are definitley NOT fools. The fools are those who think they are !!!!

  • Vulture

    Yesterday I posted two comments on this thread; one pointing out to JJ that his chortling over the Tories’ deserved discomfiture, with a likely fourth place in Rotherham was misplaced as his own party, the Lib Dums, will be lucky to scrape fifth.

    The other post pointed out what a cesspit the one-party rotten Labour borough has made of the once thriving town of Rotherham, and hoped that Miliband will suffer a
    humilitation today equal to that of Cameron and Clegg.

    Both these innocuous posts mysteriously disappeared overnight. Is this Coffee House censorship on Coalition orders, or a wounded denial of reality: that the Coalition is failing and is doomed to electoral disaster.

    It will be interesting to see whether and for how long this Post remains. Watch this space.

    • Noa

      The JJ post is there V. I don’t know about t’other.


    JUST LEARNED THAT there was a big WALKOUT at Labour selection meeting after LOCAL candidate not selected – Can God be a UKIP member!!!!!!

  • David Lindsay

    At Rotherham, strong showings for Respect and for UKIP would send messages to both parties about national sovereignty, traditional family values (including marriage as only ever the union of one man and one woman), and the central and local government action necessary in order to safeguard both.

    A message to Labour not to offend Muslims, which would not always please some of us, but which is very useful in the fight for marriage. And a message to both main parties not to offend what would once have been called the white working class. Not identical, but similar, messages will be sent if there are relatively high votes for the English Democrats and for TUSC. By their own standards, the English Democrats have hitherto done well in South Yorkshire.

    At Croydon North, strong showings for Respect in the person of Lee Jasper, for UKIP in the person of Winston McKenzie, and at least relatively for Stephen Hammond of the Christian People’s Alliance, would send messages to Labour not to offend the African and Afro-Caribbean communities by failing to stand up for public services, for community
    institutions, for Commonwealth ties, and for traditional family values; again, this has huge implications in the marriage debate. Such a result for UKIP would also send such a message to the Conservatives.

    The CPA, by the way, seems to attract the list votes for the Greater London Assembly of the Latin Mass crowd, and especially of those with paleocon views about capitalist no less than Marxist materialism. You would be amazed quite where some of those turn up.

  • Wilhelm

    The irony is the Labour party wants to get rid of ” waaycism ” but by bringing in 4 to 7 million sub Saharan bantus and muslims, it has had the opposite effect.

    Labour dealt with this, by bringing in hate speech, thought crime, censoring all dissent . Social Workers / Stasi taking off children from their parents because they don’t hold the ” correct ” political views, Welsh boy locked up for 47 days for saying rude things about a black footballer. CCTV cameras on every street. When you actually think about it, Britain is like East Germany in all but name.

    • HooksLaw

      The muslim population of Britain is less than 3 million, many of which were born here.
      If you are going to use the good offices of the Spectator to incite racism then at least do its proud history justice and do it with accurate figures.

      • Wilhelm

        The ” people ” who were responsible for the 7/7 bombings in London were muslim, who where born here. duh !

      • EJ

        3 million? And the rest! And what will it be in 20 years?

        They’re born here alright – but you’re in for a very nasty shock if you think that once they get the numbers we’re all going to be hugging in multi-culti bliss.

  • Russell

    It would be a good move for the tories to recommend all their supporters to hold their noses and switch to Respect just to give labour a bloody nose. As they are safe labour seats, it might bring them down a peg or two and would be hilarious.

    • Colonel Mustard

      You have seen and heard the Respect candidate I presume?

    • EJ

      Are you MENTAL?

  • Wilhelm

    The Labour party has stabbed the white working class in the back for decades, like the Democrats in America, they’re voting base is now blacks, muslims, gypsies , gays, feminists, transvestites, transgender, bisexual, atheist and of course marxists.

    Anyone but white, male, straight, Christian, Christianity is a complete anathema to the Left, that’s why they want to destroy it.

  • Daveyyy12

    Politics is becoming sectarian a whole lot faster than I expected. The white middle class left wing prat is in for a shock. Rotherham, a middle class whitey parachuted in leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the local ethnic community. Many of these little left wing prats will soon realise that all those solid working class communities with large percentage of ethnic votes may not want a whitey. As white people see that the Labour party and Respect are pandering to the ethnic community they may not have the same undying loyalty for Labour. UKIP, neither Tory or Labour could gain. The race card will be played more often and louder. As it gets more often and louder many white working class will start to desert labour leaving less and less opportunities for white middle class socialists.

    Sadly a very small positive in a very horrible future.

    • EJ

      You’re absolutely right: a very small positive in a very horrible future.

      The largely white, middle-class, self-hating lefties who have facilitated this mess have the mother of all shocks heading their way when these “minorities” turn on them with a ferocity that knocks them for six. And its coming.

      And when this country does sink into the civil war created by their stupidity, (last summer’s riots being just the preview), it won’t be the middle-class marxists, or the gays, or the feminists who will save us.

      • Andy

        If you think Galloway won Bradford West purely on the strength of the ‘ethnic’ vote, I’ve got news for you: he didn’t. I know ‘Bradford West’ and a lot of working class whites voted for the digbat. He could not have won it otherwise.

        • Harold Angryperson

          Absolutely right – Galloway won all wards in the constituency.

        • barbie

          they need reeducating them urgently.

        • HooksLaw

          A good post for the xenophobic ranting racist tendency to vent their spleen.

          Wilhelms disturbing reading list ought to act as a warning but it will probably drum up more hysteria. The book he adores has a lot of weird websites lapping it up.

          • Wilhelm

            Gosh ! you don’t say.

          • Daveyyy12

            Do not worry Hook I will never vote Tory, Labour or Libdem. The sooner it all goes plop the better.

            Life long Tory who will never vote Tory again. Lots of the Tory Baby Boomers sadly dying then add many Tories like me, which means this could be the last Tory government ever. We could be ruled by a mixture or Respect, Labour and LibDems.

            All those pensions that will never be honoured. Do you really think the new citizens will pay extra taxes for OAP pensioners.

        • Daveyyy12

          I do know that. I also know many will realise very quickly that Respect is not that concerned about looking after the concerns of the white working class. They will learn if a white liberal, Marxist, socialist has a conflict between protecting a white child from sexual abuse and social cohesion, we know that social cohesion will come first. The fact they actually voted for another party other than Labour is a big.

      • Wilhelm

        If you want to know the future, look to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

        ” A Warning to America from South Africa.”

        The woman who wrote this article is a former liberal who wised up, Ilana Mercer, her book is ” Into the Cannibal’s Pot, Lessons for America from a Post Apartheid South Africa.”

        • The_Missing_Think

          Too late for America, it’s gone.

          “It revealed that for the first time in American history, ethnic minorities now account for more than half the babies born in the U.S.

          Of the four million children born in the year to July 2011, 50.4 per cent were ethnic minorities — black, Asian, mixed-race and, above all, Hispanic.”

          Plus a minimum of 20 million illegals don’t forget.

          Global history shows that if former unified countries are divided up along ‘racist’ and racial lines, (spot the redundant word p*ss take folks), they run a very high risk of deteriating into war.

          How would copy-cat tinderbox Europe respond?

    • Seepage

      Has the BBC dared to ask why the report into the removal of the 3 EU children from the UKIP foster parents which was to be on the leader’s desk by Monday, remains unpublished today Wednesday?
      Thought not.
      Anything to do with the collapse of the Labour vote and the surge for Respect and UKIP in Rotherham, not to mention the story on the doorsteps that the Labour candidate has also become a Muslim?

  • terence patrick hewett

    The political class are the scum of Britain: degenerate, parasitic and totally without worth.

  • John Smith

    Boro is the client state epitomised, it is hard to think of a more depressing, lethargic area in the country. You would have to go miles to find anyone not suckling on the state teat.
    The black and grey economy is rife and no one even bothers to look now.
    A nice sinecure for some Labour bod. I hear this one may even meet the electorate, in a surgery

  • EJ

    The insidious rise of “Respect”. Proof that certain ethnic / religious “minorities” are gaining enough in number, strength, confidence and determination to vote into power their own ethnic / religious champions.

    This will occur more and more at every level of government over the coming years: just one more aspect of the complete cultural displacement taking place across the country.

    This would have been unthinkable just twenty years ago. Such is the pace of the change, driven as it is by aggressive minority groups who can see that their time is fast approaching – and facilitated by weak, appeasing, left-wing, apologists who would rather see these groups triumph than stand up for their own. There may be trouble ahead…

    • telemachus

      The Rotherham politics website is instructive

      “This has been a two horse race, right from the start in reality. The situation is simple, if voters want to say, enough is enough, and a lot do, there is only one opponent to Labour’s Sarah Champion, that can prevent her wining is Yvonne Ridley.”

      Ridley is the Respect Girl and has got labour worried

      ‘ “I think it’s outrageous that Labour canvassers are making fun of the north
      and northerners and even joking about the grooming scandal,” Ms Ridley said.’

      • Daveyyy12

        Get use to Respect using the race card against Labour. It is the politics of the future. A few more wins and you will have Ken joining Respect.

        Sectarianism is an easy way to gain power.

        • telemachus

          Certainly the UKIP fruitcakes are using it

          • Daveyyy12

            What is sectarian about UKIP as opposed to the socialist Respect party that deliberatively targets Islamic votes.

            I guess you thought you have the Muslim vote in the bag like the white working class vote. Seems Muslims are not as dumb as Labour thought. Actually they switch between LibDems and Labour at the drop of a hat.

            • Noa

              Respect is the party of the future for the Islamic block and postal vote. They’ll be dancing in the streets of Islamabad on Friday if the Binti wins.
              In ten years they will be the Islamic party, representing swathes of rustbelt Britain.
              And a bi-furcated Labour, having betrayed its working class support by condemning them to eternal welfare, will find they continue to defect in ever growing numbers.

              • Noa

                evenin’ Comrade.

                UKIppers don’t mind the fruitcake appellation at all. Coming from Cameron it’s a badge of honour which reminds people he supports the Thackers of this world and continues to leach his own voter base.

                As for your liberal and unoriginal use of the term, it’s just another cut and paste…

              • IRISHBOY

                Noa – I was speed reading through all this, and I thought you’d written that “Labour . . . . . will continue to defecate . . . . . ”

                Hopefully, in the electoral equivalent of the usual symptoms of the norovirus.

                • Noa


          • Colonel Mustard

            Bit ironic referring to UKIP as fruitcakes in an election where Yvonne Ridley and her headscarf are standing.

            • telemachus

              2 Fruitcakes then

              • Colonel Mustard

                Has UKIP only got two members? I don’t think so.

                Ms Ridley and Respect are going to wipe the floor with them – and Labour.

                • telemachus


                  Then Ridley

                  Then Neil Hamilton advocated Collins

              • Noa


            • telemachus

              It is Champion’s day

          • Hexhamgeezer


            • telemachus

              Truth is truth

      • Vulture

        The Rotherham Politics site certainly is instructive, since every single comment on it is dripping with vitriolic hatred for your putrid Labour party and the cesspit they have made of the town!

        Yet the lumpen will still vote ‘LIebour’ so dumb they are – not realisng that their Liebour died about fifty years ago, leaving the party in the hands of the middle class Common Purpose Marxist mob.

        I’m dreaming of a Right Christmas, but I do know its only a dream. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if Ed Sinus was humiliated tomorrow along with Cam & Clegg?

    • barbie

      You can blame Labour for that, with their social engineering policies, who ever supports them are betrayin this country, I hope UKIP make an impression that would really upset Cameron

  • Vulture

    I like the way you diss the Tories without mentioning your own wonderful party the Lib Dumbs, Jonathan. If the Tories are pushed down to fourth place or lower as they certainly deserve – where does that leave Cleggie’s barmy army?.

    I’ll spare you the calculation: fifth place or lower. Looks like the Coalition’s message is getting through loud and clear, doesn’t it?

    Stupid those the Labour voting electorate undoubtedly are – or possibly they just enjoy being repeatedly shat on from a great height – it’s interesting that Respect are expected to do well. They are Labour’s Ukip.

    The Westminster parties are about as popular as tyhe proverbial fart in a spacesuit & have brought this on their own heads.
    Really looking forward to seeing the treacherous duo Clegg and Cam utterly humiliated.

    • telemachus

      3 Horse race

      1.Champion the Champion

      2.Ridley who is a worry

      3.Collins-a fruitcake like the rest who is keen to get back to her horses

      Beckett-LibDem is deluded

      If I win my fight will be for the residents of the constituency not for any vested interests like other parties

  • anyfool

    That Labour are favourites in these elections is a sad reflection on the mental acuity of the electorate.
    Do these dimwits not realise that without a vast financial improvement in this country there will be no money to pay either the public sector wages or the social security that they rely on.

    • telemachus

      No No No

      A financial improvement needs Ed Balls and the agenda for growth

      Tomorrow will be a famous victory for Sarah Champion(see how she was voted in FHM magazine)

      Despite all the huffing and puffing by the bull eyed frog Jane Collins can be safe in the knowledge that she can go back to her horses.

      • Andy

        What’s needed is Ed Balls at the end of a length of rope.

        • telemachus

          At the charity tug of war in Wakefield not only was Ed at the anchor end of the rope but his side won

          • Chris lancashire

            Did he cheat?

            • salieri

              Qualitative heaving?

          • Noa

            Was the rope secured around his neck? Or do I anticipate?

      • Colonel Mustard

        Remind me again, what is the agenda for growth? What precisely is Mr Balls proposing – as growth is not an action but a result of action? Please list in detail his proposals here.

        Or STFU.

        • Andy

          It was Balls that made of Balls of it in the first place.

        • telemachus

          An exerpt from his Manchester Speech
          “A year ago, we set out five actions the government should take – then and now – to boost growth:

          Tax bankers’ bonuses and build 25,000 social homes for rent and guarantee a job for 100,000 young people.
          Genuinely bring forward long-term investment in infrastructure.
          Temporarily reverse the damaging VAT rise.
          Give every small firm taking on extra workers a one year national insurance tax break.
          And cut VAT to 5 per cent for a year on home improvements and repairs.

          But Conference, since last year David Cameron’s government has done next to nothing.”

          • Harold Angryperson

            “Social homes” – an ironic name considering the anti-social nature of those that tend to inhabit them.

          • AnotherDaveB

            Government spending/borrowing is already at records levels, with no obvious ‘growth boost’.

          • MikeBrighton

            “Tax bankers’ bonuses and build 25,000 social homes for rent and guarantee a job for 100,000 young people.”

            What banker’s bonuses? City bonuses have collapsed in value. The CEBR predicts at a total of £2.3 -billion for 2012-13, compared with £11.6 billion in 2007-8. It’s cheap soundbite politics and in reality meaningless.

            In any case how does the state “guarantee” a job for 100,000 young people. Ah it’s labour so 98% if them will become public-sector paperclip pushers….

            “Genuinely bring forward long-term investment in infrastructure.”

            Er the Tories are doing this anyway. But it’s still more borrowed money and a tax on our children. At some point you have to stop spending….

            “Temporarily reverse the damaging VAT rise.”

            How will you pay for this? More taxes elsewhere if so it’s just zero sum stuff. I agree if funded by cuts in spending but it’s Labour so it won’t be….

            “Give every small firm taking on extra workers a one year national insurance tax break.”
            I agree, but how do you pay for this? Ah extra taxes elsewhere, so again just zero sum stuff. If funded by material reductions is spending then it’s a great idea, in fact I’d go further and seek a large and material reduction in payroll taxes that er Labour put through thr roof whilst in office….
            Your proposal is fixing an issue that Labour created.

            “And cut VAT to 5 per cent for a year on home improvements and repairs.”
            Miniscule stuff, just tinkering at the edges. If paid for by a reduction is spending then I’d go further and zero the VAT, but it’s Labour so it would be funded by tax rises elsewhere so just zero sum stuff again.

            telemachus here’s a radical proposal for you and your mate Ed Balls rather than the relatively insignificant tinkering stuff you are proposing, how about:

            1. Reduce the higher rate of tax from 45% to 40% and seek to reduce it to 30% in the longer term
            2. Reduce CGT from 28% to say zero!
            3. Raise the tax free allowance to say £12,000 or maybe more
            4. Re-introduce the starting rate of tax at 10% discracefully removed by Gordon Brown
            5. Reduce the basic rate of tax to 15%
            6. Eliminate National Insurance

            Pay for all of this with significant cuts in public spending and by leaving the European Union.

            That will get the economy moving…..

            • Rahul Kamath

              Ah Mike, like most tax cutters, you don’t specify where these significant cuts in public spending will come from. So lets here what you are going to cut besides payments to the EU and foreign aid (I’m guessing those are on your list). With actual numbers please! Ta.

              • Noa

                A gordian knot approach. After cancelling ID and increasing Defence pro rata, 10% tax cuts across the board, year on year, would concentrate.complacent public sector fat cat minds wonderfully. Ally them with similar income and NI tax cuts and economic growth would be quadrupling before you know it.

              • MikeBrighton

                OK thats fair let me make a start with some examples.
                1. Significant cuts in the welfare state
                – Eliminate child benefits, not payments to anyone earning more that say 35 or 40K
                – Eliminate tax credits to fund a significant cut in tax for receipients
                – Time limit benefits such as ESA to 12 months
                – Eliminate IB, all those deemed unfit to work simply pensioned off onto state pension, this will reduce admin costs
                – Significant cuts in housing benefit to the tune of 50% or more
                – Means test access to the NHS, those earning more than say 50K will
                have to co-pay. Those earning more than say 100K will have NHS services
                withdrawn and they are expected to have private health provision to protect them
                – No welfare payments for any immingrants unless they have a clear record of paying taxes to the UK for an uninterrupted say 5 years
                – Means test pension benefits. State pension withdrawn for all pensioners earning more than say 35 or 40k in private pension
                – No NHS treatment for any immigrants as above
                2. Reduction in size of government
                – Immediately close down the dept for BIS
                – Stop all foreign aid on the spot, the need for money is at home
                – Stop all EU payments on the spot
                – Full audit of all government wasteful spending eg credit cards, flights, art, offices in Barbados etc

                Im not a civil servant or politician so I don’t have to provide the numbers but you get the idea. If I had the time the numbers can be worked out from public sources.

                • Richard

                  – Lose the next election by a landslide as the entire nation erupts in horror at these brutal proposals.

            • Daniel Maris

              Can we trust the CEBR?

              Let’s take a look at their “About Us” :

              “When I first started Cebr my aim was simple: to
              bridge the gap between economics and business. As Chief Economic Adviser to the
              CBI and Chief Economist for IBM UK I had worked with many people in business who
              were constantly amazed at how economics could help them.

              I felt the language of economists did not chime
              with that of the business world. As such businesses often ignored
              economics. However I was sure that by using economics I could solve a range of
              business problems.

              As the business quickly grew the ‘I’ became ‘we’
              and nearly two decades on the Cebr team still remain true to the original

              When our clients work with us, they are not
              simply buying ‘economics’. They buy a service from a consultancy that has a team
              dedicated to using economics to solve business problems. What makes us Cebr is
              that we use economics as a way of finding a solution – economics is not the
              solution in itself.

              I am immensely proud of the team that we have at
              Cebr. We now cover an unparalleled range of skills and expertise and we place
              great importance on retaining and developing our human capital. What is more,
              our economists understand the importance of effective communication and offer
              much more than just academic excellence.

              Chief Executive”

              Yeah – that’s a really disinterested source isn’t it?

              • TomTom

                He is a waste of blubber space is McWilliams

              • MikeBrighton

                Huh? The CEBR is just supplying the numbers. If you apply your eyes you would notice that the profitability of investment banks in the city has collapsed due to the collapse in the securitisation market post 98, the material fall in flow and M&A business and massively increased regulatory costs. Bonuses have simply followed the money and have similarly collapsed.

            • Titus__Pullo

              A worthy analysis Mike but it would have sufficed to stop at the phrase:
              “Tax bankers’ bonuses and build 25,000 social homes for rent and guarantee a job for 100,000 young people.”
              which takes no time at all to see for the utter soundbite tripe it is.
              It is ludicrous of Balls to suggest getting 100,000 untrained kids onto building sites.
              He could have suggested “British jobs for British workers” but his mentor Gordon Brown uttered that tosh a few years back and got roundly stuffed when it was pointed out to him it was illegal.

          • Colonel Mustard

            And answer came there none! The proposals are even less credible than having a word with the fairies at the bottom of the garden when he leads us up its path. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind letting him help himself from their money tree.

            Slogans. Empty slogans. Like “One Nation” from the party that brought us devolution and which passed more laws to divide us as a people than any other.

          • notme3

            “Genuinely bring forward long-term investment in infrastructure.”

            You might have forgot that in 2008 Gordon Brown brought forward infrastructure spending, he did it again in 2009 and in 2010. And then, so did Osborne (hence the ‘genuine’ bit, “i suggest you do this, even though you are already doing it”). If you bring something forward from the future years, what happens when you reach those future years? As we are reaching now.

            Just to stand still you must increase dramatically what you budgeted for.

            • telemachus

              When Osborne created contraction you need a year or two of pump priming that will then self perpetuate

              • TomTom

                Works in Greece

              • MikeBrighton

                “Pump Priming” was really successful in the 70s wasn’t it? Given public spending under the coalition is the highest it has ever been how much more do you want that pump primed??

          • TomTom

            Manchester Speech ? Cobden or Bright ?

          • fubarroso

            I could agree with the reversal of the VAT rise, the NI tax break and even the 5% VAT on home improvements at a push. Did he happen to mention how he proposed to pay for them? I don’t suppose it was by cutting spending was it? Nah! Silly of me.

      • Noa


        Let me tell you about my day out in Rotherham.

        After canvassing for UKIP my wife and I went into town and visited a shop. When we came out, there was a policeman writing out a parking ticket.
        We went up to himr and I said, ‘Come on officer, how about giving a senior citizen a break?’
        He ignored us and continued writing the ticket.
        I called him an ar$ehole. He glared at me and started writing out another ticket for having worn-out tyres.

        So the missus called him a $hithead. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windscreen with the first. Then he started writing more tickets.
        This went on for about 20 minutes.
        The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote.
        Just then our bus arrived, and we got on it and went home. We weren’t too concerned about the vehicle’s owner because of the poster
        on the back window saying “Labour Party candidate vehicle”.

        We try to have a little fun each day now that we’re retired. It’s important at our age.

        • telemachus

          All of which underlines the epithet of fruitcake
          Did you meet the bullfrog?

          • Noa

            Nigel was in ‘Boro.

    • AnotherDaveB

      I’ve not noticed a change in government policy towards “a vast financial improvement in this country” since the 2010 election.

      • anyfool

        Standing still in the worlds current state is good, even better when considering that the UK is tied to a regulatory nightmare like the EU, having said that, because Cameron and the Coalition do not seem to understand how to get the improvement needed, should in no way indicate that the morons who got the country into this mess should have any say in repairing it. only a fool like telemachus would think so.

        • TomTom

          The UK is on a par with Italy since 2008 so if you think “standing still” is what is happening you are clearly a pothead. It is going backwards, imploding and putting the economy on a long-term stagnation path

      • Daniel Maris

        That’s rather to the point isn’t it. Perhaps this “irrational electorate” are looking at their disposable income (in the same mercenary way well-heeled Tory voters do) and are comparing the last three years with the 13 years of Labour rule.

        You can be assured the lower middle classes will be deserting the Tories in droves now, as the anti-striver measures really kick in.

    • TomTom

      Of course there will, Cameron and Osborne even uprated benefits at 5.2% to show they care, and taxes will simply be raised on the middle class to pay extra for public service votes…….Prescription Charges to £12 say, VAT to 25%, and cap child benefit at household incomes of £25,000…….that should free up more cash for Cameron “Compassion”