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Kris Hopkins slams Douglas Carswell and the rebels’ tactics at tense meeting of the 1922

7 November 2012

6:21 PM

7 November 2012

6:21 PM

It was a stormy meeting of the 1922 Committee tonight. The cause of controversy was last week’s defeat of the government on the EU Budget and whether or not the rebels — led by Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless — had cooperated with Labour.

Kris Hopkins, of the loyalist 301 group, read out Carswell’s letter to colleagues saying that he had had no direct contact with the rebels. He then said that seeing as the Mail on Sunday reported this weekend that Carswell had, everyone present should write to the paper and complain about its inaccurate report. The irony was, I’m told, rather effective.


But this was not the end of the matter. Anne Main complained that those who had rebelled or abstained were being sent the equivalent of white feathers. I understand that this is a reference to the fact that they are being sent articles critical of the rebels and their tactics, including one by the former Tory MP Paul Goodman of Conservative Home, with simply an unsigned House of Commons compliments slip attached.

Claire Perry then spoke up to complain that it hardly felt worthwhile being in parliament given the increasing frequency of rebellions by her Tory colleagues. Given all this acrimony, it was a good job that the Tory MPs called Boris in to cheer them all up with a lively pep talk laced with praise for both David Cameron and Lynton Crosby, the man the Mayor wants the Tories to hire to run the next election campaign.

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  • Hayrick

    Claire Perry told me in writing before the election that she favoured an in-out referendum.

    Promotion and power at any cost appears to have changed her mind. Carswell is honourable and truthful, draw your own conclusions about Perry. I wouldn’t go into the jungle with either Perry or Cameron.

  • Lazybones

    If MPs are going to be unthinking three line whipped party drones there’s no point voting. Rebellions are what democracy is about; machine politics is it’s enemy.

  • TomTom

    Kris Hopkins is a craven fawning creep who wasted £100,000 Council Funds sponsoring a Pakistan Cricket Match to buy Pakitansit votes in Keighley. He is without any credibility – Cameron should give him what he craves so he can shut up

  • William Blakes Ghost

    It’s not the ‘301 group’ , It’s the 30.1% group because thats about the maximum vote share that those Roon loons can possibly get with their limp wristed weak arsed dithering fence sitting liberal centreist equivocation…….

  • Ben G

    Whoa – I was around when Crosby ran the disastrous ’05 election. He’s really useless. Remember all that ‘Action on…’ bollocks?

    Boris won this year because he’s Boris, not because he had Crosby. In fact, Crosby nearly lost City Hall for Boris.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Claire Perry, who believes that every adult in Britain should be treated as a child in respect of what they can and can’t see, is in the wrong party anyway.

  • barbie

    Well I think those MPs who have rebelled are doing a great job, they’ve woken up the complacency within the party. Why shouldn’t they? Lets face it we have enough MPs without bottle whom we pay high salaries to for going against our wishes. Labour have not done much else but go against this government when it suits them, and the vote last week was pure posturing on their half. When in a coalition there’s not much any government can do, your policies can be blocked and they have.
    Yet, today Cameron is again, giving our money away by the tune of 14 million for Syria; where is the money coming from? May be these MPs who are in touch with the electorate can see the damage this kind of pontifcating does. While we here take cuts, and the sick and disabled take cuts, the poor take cuts, we borrow to give millions away. If that is a recipe for losing the next election I don’t know what is. Where is this money coming from, that’s what the rebels and the 22 committee should be asking. I’m appauled he as also talked about giving the rebels in Syria help, is he again, drawing us into conflict we don’t want. Where are tall the other alies who as usual do nothing. Is it just us who elect fools and allow them to do it.

  • Machina22

    What’s she even doing in the Conservative party? Sounds like she’d be more at home in one of the other two if she wants everyone to toe the party line and keep voting for ever closer union with Europe. How dare she presume to tell off other MPs for voting according to their principles and what they consider to be in the national interest.

  • @PhilKean1

    Claire Perry

    Get her OUT of there !

    • Robert_Eve

      Yes please!!

  • Vulture

    rAll this acrimony between Tory MPs – which will surely lose them the next election – could be speedily cleared up if the party’s MPs, especially the blind Camerloon loyalists and the craven careerists, could simply do what the vast majority of the Tory party, and also most of the country want: viz. hold a referendum NOW – not sometime, never after 2015- on this country’s disastrous engagement with the European Union, now that the EU is hell-bent on forming a single undemocratic state under German hegemony.

    It is incorrect to characterise the brave 53 Tories who voted with the consciences and their constituents as ‘rebels’ since they were acting as true represenatitives of the British people. It is Dave and his clique who are stubbornly defying the will of the people – and who have openly declared that Britain should never ever leave ithe EU’s deadly embrace.

    Let’s hope that the Corby by-election result will knock some sense into the skulls of the stupid party and persuade them that under Dave they are heading for disaster with a big D.
    Thank God for Boris, at least.

    • Dimoto

      Yeah, that’s right, the 53 rebels, lead by such luminaries as Carswell, Reckless and Bone are fine upstanding gents, whilst the large majority are “opportunists, job seekers or craven”.

      No Labour trolls on here so far. No surprise, the UKIP chorus doing Labour’s dirty work as usual. Poor old Telemachus must be fearful for his job.

      Claire Perry so beautifully punctured that pompous bag of wind Carswell, that she should be respected for that alone.

      • Vulture

        Well, Dhimmi, since you are a declared ‘Cameron insider’ your remarks can be treated with the contempt that they deserve.
        These MPs who squealed at the 1922 were put up by the Whips to do so, so ‘craven job seekers ‘ they are and a hired Cameron arse-licker you are.. We’ll see what happend after Corby when your precious Dave caves in to Merkel and tries to get his budget increases through.

        • Dimoto

          Not even a Conservative, let alone a “Cameron insider”.
          But dream on old boyo.

          • Vulture

            Not even a Conservative though a ‘Cameron insider’ eh? Well, that’s something you share in common with your master.

      • Chris lancashire

        Well put Dimoto, couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately you’re wasting your time, the swivel eyed, dribbling Euro nutters can see no further than that longed for end to the EU and Britannia rising from the waves to restore the Empire.
        And yes, correct in spades, the Ukippers will put Milliband/Balls in power then watch the EU take over.

  • Mirtha Tidville

    Would Lynton Crosby be able to fit Dave up with some balls then anybody know??

    • Bluesman

      Or even a spine.