I hear Owen Jones was on Question Time last night, was he awful?

23 November 2012

1:36 PM

23 November 2012

1:36 PM

My friend woke me up this morning. I am in a tiny apartment in Italy, finishing a book. I mean writing one, not reading one. Anyway, he rang as I was dozing — dreaming, bizarrely, that I had just been shortlisted for the Turner Prize – and delivered this torrent of violence down the phone. His animus, which was fabulous, immense, was directed towards a person called Owen Jones whom he had watched on Question Time yesterday evening. I cannot quote his diatribe in full because of the prohibition in these parts about the excessive use of foul language. But it was something like ‘F****** third form arrogant public school infantile leftist ****, vile smug and self-righteous tosser…….’ And so it went on. I have come across this halfwit before, when I read a very bad book he had written. But it takes a lot to make my friend upset. So it is all a bit of a mystery, which I pondered later as I had my espresso while basking in the glorious late Autumn sunshine of Positano, with the Med as still as a Lib Dem’s pulse. Was this pig-ignorant idiot really as annoying as he found? Or was it just a pretext to disturb my sabbatical?

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  • James Folgate

    I saw he was on and instinctively decided not to watch it.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

  • etonmess

    He went to a comprehensive school, not a public school. I know it’s hard for Tories like yourself to imagine someone working their way to the top, instead of buying their way up…

  • Josie

    i’m pretty sure Bramhall High school is a Comprehensive school and therefore not a a Public school (assuming that you you mean public school in the British sense of it). Considering he is in his late 20s Owen Jones seems to be well read and well spoken. His book hit the nail on the head as the saying goes, about middle – class attitudes towards the working – class. How many ‘journalists’ can say that they have a working – class background?

    From the looks of it, the person who wrote this is ridiculously pompous and somewhat pretentious, who writes ‘So it is all a bit of a mystery, which I pondered later as I had my espresso while basking in the glorious late Autumn sunshine of Positano, with the Med as still as a Lib Dem’s pulse’? is there really any need for it?

  • Kathy russell

    Come the revolution Rod Little, you will be one of the first on my list!

  • Lance Dyer

    Own Jones at least offered the truth – a refreshing counterbalance to the line up we usually have from BBC who seem to be a mouthpiece of this Tory coalition. More of Owen, please!

  • Rhubarb

    Owen Jones is a smug, self righteous, dishonest and infantile leftist. This is a good thing because any half reasonable or intelligent person will be able to see right through him.

    In the real world decisions are made by sensible, informed, honest and well intentioned people. Owen Jones is good theatre you gave to grant him that. He entertains in the same way Michael Moore and Laurie Penny do.

  • Shameme Adams

    Owen Jones for PM!!.

  • petermorris

    I thought Owen Jones was good. He isn’t a public school boy and came from a working class background. He has been short listed for a couple of book prizes, so a lot of negative comments about him on this blog are probably deluded.

    • A. S.

      Ah, “probably”!

      Don’t bother with proving anything.

  • A. S.
  • Span Ows

    What is clear is that there are Owenbots checking every mention and then diving in and praising him (I mean, look at the recommendations… they’ve overdone it by miles, so easy to spot.

  • walshbouchard

    poor boy he has a lot to learn about the world , i have read his anti everything about the demonisation the working class chavs etc , Adel is a chav and shes doing OK, as for the destruction of industry by Thatcher , I was there !we were loaded up with a load of uncompetitive backward industries , Maggie decided that digging up coal at 3 times the price of buying it from abroad was plain stupid , in addition she probably thought a good idea to have coal reserves which in the event of being held to ransom by say Russia or lately the chinese we would always have a source of energy we could return too ?

    Israel, how can you hold such opinions about a tiny democracy surrounded by a a host of Islamic horror stories who want to kill every Jew on earth just trying to protect itself , in the face of some of the hamas and Arab comments with regard to Israel and Jews I don’t blame any of them for wanting to nuke these backward medieval war mongers .

    Get a life Mr Jones or stop writing and start reading, you may learn something instead of jumping to the first conclusion that jumps into boyish looking head