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Grant Shapps tells Coffee House: there’ll never be a Tory/UKIP pact

26 November 2012

1:15 PM

26 November 2012

1:15 PM

I’ve just spoken to Grant Shapps, who was pretty unequivocal about the chances of the Tories and UKIP teaming up in 2015. ‘No,’ he told me. ‘There will be no pact with UKIP.’ Michael Fabricant might have thought he was being helpful when he suggested the Tories engineer a pact with UKIP, but his discussion paper (which you can read in full here), has now been rejected by both parties.

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage and his deputy Paul Nuttall have been doing the rounds on the airwaves, and have rather upped their price for any co-operation between the two parties. Nuttall told BBC News:

‘It would be difficult for UKIP to talk to the Conservative party whilst David Cameron is still their leader. I mean, this is a guy, don’t forget, who described us as being closet racists, so I think it would be awfully difficult for us to speak to them whilst he is in the helm. Let’s make it clear on this point.’

Cameron isn’t attempting any sort of reconciliation on that point, either. When his official spokesman briefed journalists this morning, he said that ‘he stands by the comments’ that he made in 2006 about the party. Farage, meanwhile, suggested on the Daily Politics that he’d like to work with someone ‘pragmatic’, like Michael Gove: one of the Cabinet members keen for Britain to leave the EU.

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  • Don McCarron

    Cameron: “Will you go out with me?”
    Farage: “No.”
    Cameron: “I don’t want to go out with you. Ever.”

  • Mark James Hughes

    Having recently left the Conservative Party after 28 years, during which time I stood twice for Parliament twice as a Conservative, was Leader and Chairman of the District
    Council as well as Town Mayor. When I hear David Cameron plain rude remarks
    about UKIP, Eric Pickles describe UKIP as unimportant as they have no MP’s and
    few Council seats to me it is the very encouragement I need to stand in the forthcoming
    County Council elections as a UKIP candidate. Grant Shapp’s who I previously
    held in high regard have grossly misjudged what UKIP can and will do to The
    Conservatives Party’s electoral prospects, certainly at a local level.

    • Don McCarron


  • Boudicca_Icenii

    They’ll be no UKIP / Tory Pact.
    UKIP don’t want one.

  • Colonel Mustard

    That’s it Mr Shapps. I think you should have a word with Mr Cameron and nudge him towards the perfect answer for you – coalition with Labour. That way you are sure to win, the Lib Dems can come back into the fold and you can rule for evermore with Common Purpose taking care of all that tedious “leading beyond authority” business controlling the plebs. Using the Chinese model that you’ve been sniffing around you could even set up a Politburo Standing Committee of the Common Purpose of the UK with the two Daves, Nick Clegg and Julia Middleton as the “quad” this time. So much easier than pretending, eh?

  • FrankS

    Cameron, adrift from the zeitgeist, hasn’t grasped that “racist” is no longer the word of condemnation that it once appeared.

  • ScaryBiscuits

    Grant Shapps, says, “They’ll never be a Tory victory again, not while me and my mate David Cameron lead the party. We much prefer Common Purpose anyway to those awful racists, like the 55% of the British people who support withdrawal from the EU. We’ll fight to the death to stop their views ever being democratically represented.”

  • swatantra

    Famous last words Shapps. Beginning to to miss Syeeda already?

  • ButcombeMan

    Frances Maude needs watching as well as Cameron:

    This tie in between Cameron and an undemocratic, left wing & secretive pressure group like Common Purpose, will be the undoing of him.

    I am told the unlovely Julia has been having crisis discussions!

    • Colonel Mustard

      That is the Sir David Bell who claims impartiality but nevertheless wishes to discuss a “culture change” with Maude. This really stinks to high heaven.

  • Justathought

    Can the Chairman confirm the date of the inevitable In-Out EU referendum ?

  • MirthaTidville

    You can see this one playing out cant you…The ambitious Gove is sitting in the background quietly while the fire starts to take hold around Cameron, who simply doesnt have the experience and nous to be able to put it out. Farage is and will continue to, throw petrol in his direction, whilst publically praising Gove. A situation I`m sure Michael is content with.By now the most senior in the party know that Cameron is a complete liability and couldnt care less about Clegg and his mob and I`m sure are starting to plot his downfall…After al,l one thing the Tories are good at, is deposing leaders!!

  • Heartless etc.,

    “Grant Shapps tells Coffee House: there’ll never be a Tory/UKIP pact ”


    Next we’ll hear there’ll be a ‘Tory’ Victory, – with the H2B as the Dear Leader.

    [I’ll pause here to allow space for Patriotic Songs and Martial Music]

  • eeore

    Why would UKIP make a pact with the Tories?

    Their target audience are not Tory voters.

  • CaptBlack

    The election is May 2015 – to secure the changes that most Spectator readers want, would mean a leadership election by May 2013. Any stalking horses lurking?

  • William Blakes Ghost

    Well thanks Dave. Clearly he is no less a bigot than that stupid moron Thacker!

    Cameron’s political suicide continues with gay abandon!

    It must be a worry for Grant Shapps that his leader thinks a quarter of his party’s supporters are ‘fruit cases and closet rascists’. Echoes of Gordon Brown in Rochdale perhaps? Is it a condition that afflicts contemporary Prime Minister possibly?

    • MirthaTidville

      Gay Abandon!,,certainly not, Dave is definitely going ahead with it…

    • Cirenvoice

      Cameron’s political suicide can’t come too soon for some of us!

  • Coffeehousewall

    David Cameron must be investigated for his connections with Common Purpose. The Spectator should be doing this, not commenters digging things up.

    • EJ

      Shapps is such a joke. Despite Isabel Hardman’s pains to point out to us that she’s so important she gets to speak to people like him – on the phone, no less.

      The way things are going, it’s the Tories who will need to come cap in hand to UKIP. How dare that shyster Cameron try to smear UKIP out of influence. That is the modus operandi of The Left…oh, oops, silly me!

      As I’ve said here before, Cameron is finished. And Cameroonian acolytes like Shapps – with all their Blair-esque “hey, look, I’m just a straight up, right on kinda guy”-isms – are finished with him.

      I hope UKIP seize the day. I hope Conservative MPs with conservative principles get in touch with UKIP. And I pray that UKIP get the chance to do what Cameron has so spectacularly failed to do: halt the long march of The Left through all our once-great institutions.

      • telemachus

        UKIP are a one horse party

        I defy anyone to name a Ukip politician other that Hyperkinetic Farage
        I defy anyone to name any policy other than a referendum on Europe
        (careful- their lawyers are watching the blogs from Rotherham)

        • David Gale

          Where have you been hiding? Most of the elcetorate to whom we spoke at the last election were able to reel off numerous local and national UKIP policies. Oh, and in Derby, UKIP’s biggest swing (polled 2nd at 33.8%) from was from Labour. Perhaps you need to get out more…?

    • telemachus

      I personally feel that Common Purpose is a positive force for good through public and commercial life

      Common Purpose helps people, organisations, cities and regions to succeed by broadening the horizons of their leaders and developing their ability to work together to lead complex change.

      Participants on their courses change fundamentally as leaders

      They learn from the successes and failures of leaders from all sectors. Participants are taken out of their familiar environment so that they re-examine why, when and how they lead.

      Participants come from many different backgrounds and have different outlooks. This creates an environment in which participants learn to adapt and thrive, opening up to working with different people, in new ways and places.

      They connect people who might otherwise never meet.

      As a result participants develop lasting relationships that encourage
      If Cameron is linked with Common Purpose he will be better for it as will all those he may influence to do likewise

      • echo34

        specifics please.

      • chudsmania

        Ermmm…No………Nice people this common purpose lot . Family and social life destroyers , who think the only answer is the state . As i keep saying , you’re just as dangerous as the left wing nutters hell bent on destroying this country . No doubt it still stems from your hatred of Thatcher

      • Vlad Bazarab

        That pro Common Purpose propaganda is almost word for word garbage copied and pasted from their website.

        The truth is, they claim to be looking for leaders but in fact they are looking for followers.

        Telemachus is clearly brainwashed buy that insane suggestion that “If Cameron is linked with Common Purpose he will be better for it as will all those he may influence to do likewise.”

        That statement alone proves CP holds people in a cult-like way, turns them in to zombies who make statements like that. Anybody who’s experienced CPs methods knows they are trouble.

        CP were booted off Bayer’s Norwich site for attempting to interfere in the business while they were receiving free offices etc.

        The comments about them were ” we thought they were a charity but it turns out they do nothing charitable at all, they just network people to gain power.”

      • PaD

        utter drivel news-speak …you’re one o them…a bodysnatcher.

      • PaD

        and you’ve been ‘Bandered’ by the sound of it…NLP not-likely-pal

  • Swiss Bob

    Why should UKIP want anything to do with Common Purpose Cameron?

    The British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the launch of a new, dynamic and self sustaining network of British and Indian young leaders in his speech at Infosys, Bangalore, India today (28 July 2010).

    The aim of the initiative is to expand, enrich and energise relations between India and the UK by investing in the next generation of leaders. The UK India Future Leaders will develop shared approaches to 21st Century political, economic and social challenges.Twenty exceptional young people from diverse fields – civil society, arts, media, politics and business from both countries will be identified to start this initiative, which will commence in Autumn 2010 and will be delivered by the international leadership development organisation, Common Purpose.

    • Vulture

      Not only that, Bob, in continuing to call Ukip members racists he is singing from exactly the same hymn sheet as the lovely Ms Thacker.

      There’s now clear blue water between not-so-closet CP slime-man Dave and Michael Gove who finds Ms Thacker’s actions ‘indefensible’ and has also said that he can well imagine Britain outside the EU. Now that Boris hgas been got at over an In/Out referendum Gove is about the only credible Tory left who could challenge Dave.

      For the rest of us, its increasingly clear that Farage and Ukip, for all their flaws, are the last best hope for a free, decent, prosperous and independent Britain;