George Entwistle’s parting gift

12 November 2012

9:50 AM

12 November 2012

9:50 AM

Have to say, I wish I’d got a year’s salary plus pension when I made an, er, dignified resignation from the BBC. The outgoing DG, George Entwistle, will receive an entire year’s salary plus various other stipends, amounting to more than a million quid. He’s had a horrible time of it recently, for sure – but this is another example of the BBC, and in particular Fatty Pang Patten, neither understanding what happens in commercial organisations nor indeed understanding the mood of the public.

Nor, still further, understanding the BBC’s vast majority of employees. They are for the most part underpaid and have no secure tenure, working on short term contracts. I do not mean the awful middle managers, I mean the people who actually make the programmes we watch and listen to.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.

  • Sussex Swanky

    Rod: You have compassion founded in a reasonable sense of justice. Most people don’t. Especially at the BBC but I would say among the Left more generally, as well. It’s the problem of being utopian and yet at the same time being willing to deprive people of their actual, tested and proven goods. That’s why I detest Leftism. It’s well-meaningness in the face of evidence that their good intentions don’t do any good.

  • William Reid Boyd

    BBC 2011 income £4.4 billion of which £3.6 billion is from license fees.
    ITV 2011 revenues £3 billion of which £2.1 billion is from advertising.

  • logdon

    Had the Lord been Ahmed rather than McAlpine would any of this be happening?

  • Prince Rupert

    Is this the same George who made an internationally embarrassing balls up of the Queens big day out, watched all over the World. It was a shocker and George was in charge, and George should have been sacked for that. So he was clearly not up for a promotion, and should not have received the £1.25million pay off, yes folks for his ineptitude he has been given £1.25million pay off. This is a scandal, and the BBC needs to stop being the Labour party’s media arm, its too overt, and they really stepped over the mark with McAlpine, and so they should face the music. This is about an undemocratic and “too big to fail” media empire producing 80% of news content, being biased towards Labour and anti Tory, to a point now where they destabilise our democracy. They cannot see it because they are so far to the left now, but they are too big and too influencial. We need more choice, and the BBC must be broken up. More choice, better service, less politics. And George, you were not up to the job and should not have been promoted, and go quietly with your £1.25million payoff.

  • Wilhelm

    As predicted those two cowards Paxman and Kirsty Squawk ran and hid. Some dumb blonde dolly bird presented Newsnight on Monday.

    • Sarah

      Give me strength.

      Eddie, who do you think you are convincing with your pseudonyms? If you want to continuously insult and demean women, at least have the courage of your convictions.

      • Noa

        Carefully and tediously missing the point made as ever…it’s not about you and your fem agenda. Paxo and Squark conveniently ‘disappeared’.

    • Sarah

      Emily Maitlis, BBC journalist and presenter.

      Daughter of an Emeritus professor, a Cambridge graduate, fluent in Spanish, Italian, French and Mandarin.

      “dolly bird”
      42 years old, married with two children.

      How the hell is her hair colour relevant to anything, you cretin? Didn’t they cover biology in your TEfL certificate?

      • Ron Todd

        I have always liked Emily as a presenter .

  • Jez

    Skit. F*ck em.

    Entwhistle, with this incredibly outrageous payout is a gesture quite common behaviour with people of his ilk when they decide to take other peoples stuff.

    The same as when burglars after they”ve gutted your house of all valuables then have a large shit in your front room, just to say; ‘fuck you mugs’.

  • Anonymous

    Is it time for us all to refuse to pay the license fee until Lord Patten, Entwistle and whoever decided to broadcast Newsnight’s ridiculous programme have all left the BBC without another penny of our money?

  • Kevin

    You could always complain to the BBC Trust.

    I trust their reply would be more satisfactory than saying that “a golden back scratch is within ‘generally accepted standards'”.

  • Fabian the Fabulous

    I’ve always wanted to be suspended on full pay – how does one set about this?

    • Baron

      Fabian, here’s a hint, join the BBC first, with a name like yours, it cannot be difficult, then cover up a sex pervert for as long as you can, this should be even easier than the joining, when that comes to light, your time should come, and voila, you’ll be suspended on half a million quid for as long as you like.

      • HJ777

        The Police and NHS are equally good options for being suspended on full pay.

    • Forest Fan

      Fabian…..Join one of the following: NHS, BBC, education, local or national goverment, civil service, the fuzz….any institution basically that get’s it money through taxation and not through enterprise.

  • Swiss Bob

    Mr Liddle, did you see Tim Davie being interviewed on Sky with his minder just off camera. It’s laughable that this man is (hopefully temporarily) DG.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Agreed. An overage student deploying a rag bag of bullsh!t bingo clichedswiith a side order of ‘rabbit in the headlights’

      No doubt he’s a thoroughly decent chap loved the length and breadth of Portobello Mkt and Upper Street.

  • Eddie

    Frankly, he shouldn’t have resigned really. Now he has, he should get 6 months pay as per the contract – but for some reason he’s getting a year’s.

    Payments to useless senior managers are often unfair – look at all the 4th rate academics who get massive pensions for 30 or 40 years. Look at all the senior nurses and doctors who do too, and the rubbish teachers – and the council officials.

    And at the BBC, look at that gurning gob Fiona Bruce who for some unknown reason gets £600K a year for smirking while reading on the news that 10,000 people have just burnt to death in an Indian train crash, and has the same smug expression when presenting the show ‘Fiona meets the people and talks about Fiona’ – which was once called The Antiques Roadshow and was presented by men who presented with panaches and decorum.
    The pay for time-serving plodders (ie senior staff) in any organisation is a fucking joke. Let’s kill em all.

    • HJ777

      I agree.

      George is a good bloke, shouldn’t have resigned (why was it his fault that Newsnight did something idiotic and didn’t even let him know what they were planning?), but both his pay and his pay-off were too much.

      Fiona Bruce is KK, but never really gives the impression that she has any personal understanding of complex news stories. There is no way that she is worth what she gets.

      • rod liddle

        He should never have been DG and his performance was lamentable. An d as soon as he got the chance he dropped Peter Rippon in it, for no good reason. I couldn’t give a toss if he’s your mate.

        • HJ777

          He’s not “my mate” – but I know he’s a thoroughly decent chap.

          He didn’t drop anybody in it – he gave honest answers (perhaps too honest and straightforward) to questions. Perhaps you’d have preferred it if he was more like James Murdoch with his answers?

          Frankly Rod, given much of your past behaviour, you are in no position to cast judgement.

        • Eddie

          Old George just was not used to dealing with people outside of the BBC and it showed. He was just another lifer and there are thousands like him at the BBC.

          And yes, he did dob Peter Rippon in it to save his own skin, albeit for just two weeks. Disgusting, amoral, predictable behaviour from all insitutionalised careerists, I’m afraid.

          But then TV people do have the morality of rats – so what does one expect?

          I say let’s just let Floella Benjamin have a go at being DG – the diversity department would erupt in orgasmic excitement, which could then be broadcast live on BBC online. Well, there’s fuck all else on the BBC worth watching these days…

          • Woodstockwastrel

            BBC 4 is quite good

        • HJ777

          Rod, you couldn’t possibly be an ex-BBC editor who departed under conditions he wasn’t exactly happy about, could you?

      • Eddie

        Fiona Bruce is OK? What, OK as in ‘tolerable’ and destined to inspire indifference?
        Perhaps you mean ‘bland’?
        Me, I wouldn’t call her ‘bland’ – I’d call her intolerably irritating: the voice, the smug smarmy grin gurning out of my TV screen, the endless change of outfits and leather boots, the constant focus on Fiona. For example, a typical Antiques Roadshow inteview goes something like this:
        Fiona: That’s an interesting antique you’ve got there.
        Punter: Oh yes, its an 18th century vibrator made of whale bone.
        Fiona: Fantastic! You know, my ancestors live in the 18th century too, and I so my family – or maybe the families of the little poor working class people with miseravle lives like you – may well have used such a vibrator, in between fightng for votes for women and defeating patriarchy. So in fact it’s a symbol of femininst empowerment, as personified by me, Fiona The Bruce, feminist icon and milionaire.

        She gets £600 K a year for smarming through the news headlines and allowing us to learn her ignorance about antiques (she only got that gig because she’s a woman too). But hey, she is a feminist icon now and thus is unsackable, no matter how crap she is. Whenever her awful face comes on screen I squirm and wince – it’s that fucking smuggery that does it!

        • HJ777

          That’s quite a rant!

          By OK, I mean that she’s competent, but lightweight. So fine for presenting Antiques Roadshow (but not for her opinion on antiques) and for reading news out, but not for conducting in-depth interviews.

          The fact is that an organisation like the BBC needs a few general purpose presenters – bit they should be fairly cheap because they add little to the programmes.

          I agree that her salary is way out of line with her level of ability.

          • Eddie

            So, in conclusion, Fiona Bruce is a good ‘reader-out-loud’. Agreed?
            I think we could get any of 20,000 people who are available and could read out the news as she does, and all for the average annual salary.
            £600k a year she earns. And she has RUINED the Antiques Roadshow too (which I care about more than the dumbed down BBC news, frankly).

    • Baron

      Eddie, good stuff, but for the last sentence. Killing’s bad for one, it stops one breathing, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, it’s the great reaper’s job. More to the pointt, it ain’t necessarily the fault of the overpaid plodders but of those who set up, give backing to the unaccountable quangos feeding from the public purse.

      • Eddie

        Ah yes, but I meant ‘let’s kill em all’ in the same way that the BBC says it ‘wants to make quality drama that can compete with the best in US TV drama, or wants to represent all British people, or wants its news programmes to be impartial, or wants to invest in and broadcast quality sport. It was a lie, in other words to a sort-of woman’s football level…or perhaps tiddlywinks…or maybe wheelchair pole vault…

        Having said that, it would be rather fun to kill em all, wouldn’t it? One is reminded of the end of a Tale of Two Cities. Would Fiona or George manage to find a Sidney Carton eh?

      • Eddie

        Ah Baron, I have just been called a paedophile (by Ruben) by posting the post that you called ‘good stuff’. Does that mean that you too are a paedo by association?
        In fact, is there anyone out there who isn;t a paedophile according to the hysterical lying bints who seem to believe all men are?
        And why are such fuckwits allowed airtime anywhere?
        We need arrests – slander, libel, defamation are offences – and we need a new crime of deliberately accusing a man of being a paedo falsely to attempt to destroy his life and get advantage. Methinks we’d need 3 more women’s prisons to lock up the culprits though eh – but that could create building work and jobs (so long as Brits get them) which could help boost the economy. Perfect huh?

        • Baron

          Eddie, you in need of backing from Baron then? Here comes.

          A building site, full of macho builders, running amongst them is a cute girl of five, the daughter of the people next door, the men treat her gently like a mascot. Come Friday, everyone gets a pay packet, including the little girl. Her parents proud of how popular their daughter is suggest she open a bank account, the sweet young angel agrees. The bank manager, pleased to attract a new client at such early age gets in the local TV crew to record it. Handing over the cheque book, he pats her blonde head and asks: “Tell us, will you be helping the builders also next week?”. The girl looks up to him and says: “If the fucking bricks arrive in time, I will”.

          Learn a lesson from the girl, Eddie (learning lessons happens to be in very much in vogue thses days, on yesterday Newsnight, BBC’s Yentob was promising ‘to learn a lesson over and over….), use the the words you so much in love with sparingly, like a rare spice, to crown your argument not to drown it in filth.

          Do we have a deal?

          • Eddie

            Errr…My point was that I had been called paedophile by some idiot poster who disliked my views. That is the only filth I see.

            Do you think that is acceptable?

            Add to that idiot posters claiming I said things I never have (eg that girls who are raped desrve it etc) and what we have here is a raging loon called Sarah and her buddy Ruben doing the worst thing anyone can ever do really: accuse an innocent man of being a paedophile.

            Because of our paedo-hysteria, with an internet hot with a mob of gossip, lies, conspiracy theories and rumour, and the increasing hysterical preoccupation with paedophilia in society and on the media, certain evil and deeply wicked people have decided to use fale accusations of that as a weapon to attack iinnocent men.

            Methinks Baron has chosen the wrong target. But then, he’s probably a paedo anyway because he agreed with Eddie’s post…

            If you want to make a deal with psycho Sarah and her rube sidekick first and get them to confess and apologise, then we can talk making deals – but not before then.

            Let me remind you what these twisted evil women alleged:

            “so I’m guessing that you are also a paedophile, even if you might not have actually done anything about it so far.”
            And I really can;’t be arse to find it, but sicko Sarah alleged I abused children sexually whilst I was a teacher/lecturer and was investgated and left for that reasons (and I have no doubt the sick little bitch looks like a shrivelled up witch too – because she has the filthy disgusting mind of one.)

          • Eddie

            Truly, for anyone to accuse an innocent man of being a paedophile is plumbing depths any decent human being would not descend to.
            Agree with that, Baron? If so, please let Sarah Psycho know eh? And Ruben the libeller too.

            • Baron

              Eddie, grow up, nuff’s nuff, have a peep at the Coffee House blog, the story about who decides the BBC policy on AGW, that’s where you’re needed.

              The green cnspiracy story should be bigger than the payout for George, it impacts the whole country, we all pay alot more for energy than we ought to thanks to the green imposts.

              • Eddie

                Yes, nuff’s nuff – the fact that we have two posters on here accusing male posters they disagree with of being paedophiles shows to just what levels some sad hysterics will sink.
                I have never falsely accused anyone of a crime – especially not a sex crime – and never would.
                This story is important because children’s lives are being negatively affected by the demonisation of all men as dangerous paedos, and men are all being branded risky and a threat to children – so more and more kids get cooped up in fatherless homes: now THAT is the most common child abuse there is in our society.

    • Sarah

      “The Antiques Roadshow was presented by men, not stupid gurning women who are somehow randomly implicated in the gigantic unearned payout given by men to George Entwistle.”

      Tell that to Angela Rippon.

      • Eddie

        You mean the screeching shrieking has-been who presents Cash in The Attic?
        Sorry, love, but the antiques trade is VERY male – because it’s all about being a punter and taking risks (it’s not a local council job with unsackability and a giant pension pot), and also obsessives are attracted to it – and men are just innately so much better at being obsessive collectors than women.
        Now Sarah, accuse me again of being a sexist woman-hating paedo for calling that spade a spade huh, why doncha?

        • Ruben

          Well Eddie, you are very clearly a sexist and a virulent misogynist. You have said that men having sex with young girls is natural and not criminal and that the girls (“slags” as you refer to them) deserve it, so I’m guessing that you are also a paedophile, even if you might not have actually done anything about it so far.

          But one thing you definitely are is a total pain in the arse.

          • Eddie

            Errr, no – I just hate Fiona Bruce.
            I have on no occasion supported or engaged in paedophilia; I have made the intelligent point that a pop star shagging a 15 year old groupie is not really a problem and anyone who thinks that is paedophilia is an hysteric and idiot who needs to live in the real world.
            But why should I defend myself against some nasty evil bitch like you whoi flings around false accusations of rape and child abuse against men based on NO evidence whatsoever. You and those like you should ne arrested and imprisoned, frankly – you are creating child abuse with your hysteria and slander.
            I am no sexist and have often said that most women are normal and nice and not at all like Sarah – because most women love and like men (their fathers, brothers, sons etc). Some women are slags too – I would not blame a pop start for shagging a 15 year olf slag, no – why do people assume such girls are ‘innocent’ or indeed ‘children’. Look how many 15 year olds in Britain have had several cocks up them and how many have got pregnant!
            I have never called the girls who were raped and abused ‘slags’ you FUCKING lying piece of shite.
            Those like you and your muff-hugger Sarah who fling false accusations of paedophilia at men you disgree with or dislike are 1) commiting a criminal offence (I DARE you to accuse a named person in writing, coward!); 2) crying wolf in a way that will lead to more child abuse and more children who were abused not being believed.
            Are you aware what a fuckwit you are?
            ‘Ruben,You are obviously a dangerous woman who is a paedophile whjo has just not acted on her desires, and you probably want to kill babies too and call it cot death’
            You see, anyone can lie and cast aspertions. It is a sign of desperation by ignorant people like you who cannot make rational arguments.

            • Ruben

              You’re an embarrassment to decent men, Eddie.

              • Eddie

                So says who? Some disgusting liar called Ruben who falsely accuses any man who disagrees with her dumb opinions of being a paedophile?

                Enjoy scraping that barrel, eh? You are a disgrace to humanity – and a good advert for abortion really. Anyone who makes a false accusation of child abuse is as bad as a child abuser. Truly vile behaviour, Rube.

                Now fuck off and get a room with sicko Sarah. Maybe kill a baby or abuse a child or two? Your false accusations of child abuse against innocent men have the same effect, after all.

              • Eddie

                Truly, for anyone to accuse an innocent man of being a paedophile is plumbing depths any decent human being would not descend to. Anyone who does, has 1) lost the argument; 2) committed a criminal offence 3) proved themselves a moron if they have accused someone posting on a message board whose name they don’t know and details of whose life they are ignorant of being a paedophile.
                It is beyond the realm of acceptable insult. It is criminal and disgusting – and Sarah and Ruben and proved to be both.

  • Tron

    Peter Snow (ex-Newsnight) said on BBC radio “what’s £450.000 between friends “.
    The BBC keep talking about the lump sum with no mention of the £800.000 pension.

    If you are spending other peoples money like Patten is the figures don’t really matter.
    £1/2 million, a £1 million what’s the difference ?
    If the members of The BBC Trust had to pay Useless George out of their own bank accounts I don’t think he would have got a penny.

    • Ron Todd

      For people like patten that is a good holiday a new car and a top up of the wine cellar. Nothing to be concerned about especialy as it is just tax payers money, plenty more where that came from.

      Only in the public sector would the pay off for being sacked after 8 weeks be twice the payment for resigning after 8 weeks. If my company was offering £450000 if I was sacked and half that if I walked away you can be sure that I would do something that would get me sacked as soon as the bosses got in tomorrow.

  • WetherspoonThree

    Perhaps the BBC are struggling to provide a 24 hour news service? This is apparent when their newsreaders, sorry journalists, struggle to ask sensible questions when they interview ‘victims’ or other interested parties. I know an ‘expert’ who is occasionally invited to attend the studio and pontificate on his specialist subject. The golden rule apparently is, don’t stop talking. Keep going until you are interrupted. If you dry up, you place extra pressure on the newsreader who will have to think of something to say and they are already focussing on the next ‘news’ item.
    Alas, the BBC actual believes it is good at what it does. But the reality is something different. And why do our newscasters have to represent every social, racial and sexual minority known to man? A personality might be useful, if the BBC is really convinced it needs to provide a 24 hour news service in the absence of 24 hour news.

  • Baron

    Come on Rod, the rest of you lot, magnanimity’s in order, the guy was looking for few years in a position of rich financial rewards, perks galore, fame, and it has been denied him. Surely, a million quid is a small reparation for his loss, have you forgotten, it’s the BBC we’re talking about, a guaranteed impost, not the bottom line of some fugging private entity that fights it out in the evil world of private enterprise.

    The guy should be paid the one million quid per year until he lands another guango’s job or drops dead, whichever comes last. Let the deluded public, so much in love with the beast, learn the hard way.

    • HJ777

      Criticise the pay-off all you like, but I knew George as a student and you are being unfair. He’s a thoroughly decent and honest guy.

      • Baron

        HJ777, sir, Baron believes you, apologises if his rant hurt your feelings, it wasn’t meant to kick the guy himself, but the BBC as an institution that turns decent and honest people like your friend George into Orwell speak robotic clogs. Would it surprise you to know that not everyone in the now defunct Red Menace Empire was bad, it was the system that stank.

        • HJ777

          I agree with you about much of the BBC.

          However, I don’t think that you can accuse George of speaking like a robotic clog. In the interview that led to his resignation, perhaps his problem was that he answered questions in too straight and direct a manner.

          • Baron

            HJ777, the performance of your friend at the Select Com didn’t impress, the saintly David Dimbleby who must be dealing with the upper echelons at the BBC daily isn’t impressed by the lot either, switch on the box tonight, you’ll hear him say it.

            • HJ777

              He’s not my friend – I haven’t seen him since university, but he is a decent bloke.

              David Dimbleby has said on the radio that he doesn’t think that George Entwistle should have resigned.

      • don logan

        And clearly no good at his job.

        • HJ777

          How do you work that out after just six weeks and when Newsnight didn’t even inform him of what they were up to?

          • IRISHBOY

            Newsnight was already in trouble over Savile, that, and the fact Entwistle used to be its editor for goodness sake, makes one wonder how on earth he didn’t have it on his daily ‘to do’ list.
            His decency is neither here nor there, his intelligence is however very much in doubt. You take over the ‘envy-of-the-world’ organisation, indeed anyone taking on a new job, and especially in your first weeks, you work damned hard to quickly display your authority and talent. If you’re intelligent that is.
            An architect may or may not be a decent guy, it matters not. All we require of him is that the building he builds stays up.

  • jon dee

    Perhaps he wasn’t as daft as we thought.

  • Ponyboy

    Why should anyone receive a payoff when they resign?

  • Mark

    Life changing money that us poor cnuts can only dream of. Nice work if you can get it (even though it was just a vacation job).

  • Wilhelm

    ” Bentwhistle is going to get a £1 miilion pounds.”

    In the BBC’s world, Bentwhistle is on the breadline.

  • Wilhelm

    I wonder if Paxman or Kirsty Squawk will be presenting Newsnight tonight, or will they run and hide, and instead get a sock puppet to present the show, like Eddie Mair did last Friday to take the rap.

    • Daniel Maris

      Eddie Mair has got to be worst Newsnight presenter ever. Give me Kirsty with her thigh-high presentation techniques any day. 🙂 More to the point Wilhelm: why are all these presenters white with a capital W?

  • andrew kerins

    Patten, by making such a payment, is ensuring that the BBC will be associated – in the public mind – with bankers. Just what the BBC needs.

    • Paul L

      Excellent point, although I very much doubt doubt the Question Time audience will make the connection.

  • andagain

    He was only in the job for a few weeks. Which means that he can have had almost no rresponsiility for the event he was forced to resign over.

    So if I was him, I would certainly take the money.

  • 1965doc

    Six weeks in the job—what a pay-off, for being utterly useless!

    • HJ777

      I do not agree with the size of the pay-off or many aspects of the way that the BBC works.

      However, I cannot agree that George Entwistle is useless. He has been very unlucky in the way that events have transpired against him just as he came to the job.

      I knew George many years ago (he was in my college at University) and he is thoroughly decent and an intelligent guy who probably would have been a very good DG (far better than recent ones) under different circumstances.

      • don logan

        Well he wasn’t “under different circumstances”, he was under a mess of his own making and was utterly pathetic, real crap.

        • HJ777

          In what way was it “a mess of his own making”?

          • Mike

            nowadys Perhaps the most important aspect of leadership is judgement under pressure, when a life or death decision has to be made in a few seconds, such as required by a pilot, a ship’s captain or a military leader.

            In the situation of Savile, Entwistle and senior staff should have spent the time obtaining the information, even if it meant sleeping in the offices , by the time of the H of C interview. If that meant social plans were cancelled; tough.

            After the BP fiasco is is obvious that organisations have to move quickly and show that all that could have beeen done ,was done within the time allowed.

            Think of Churchill and his staff at the beginning of the war when the situation was grim: people lived for days in the underground rooms .

            Churchill had a fantastic memory for detail and a hunger for information. If leaders do not have all the information it is possible to obtain, it is unlikley that the best decision will be made.

            What any leader must know is how quickly does a decision has to be made and be able to demonstrate that time and resources were used to their best effect.

            It would appear that many leaders nowadys have never had to make it life or death, split second decisions. The days when leaders had made appear such decisions as teenagers or in their early 20s due to war or undertaking dangerous work( mining, fishing, etc, etc ) are long gone and it shows.

            • Eddie

              Yep, the BBC has indeed been feminised – hence the paedo hysteria, the celebrity worship, the touchyfeeling grouphugging consensus-building.

              I have sat in college meetings like this – (the education system dominated by women of course) where an hour or more passes in some sort of indecisive grouphuggy blur where nothing is decided, no-on makes a decision (because taking a decision is a risk and women don;t take em, and nor do feminised men) because if a decisions means something happens then the decision-maker can be blamed for that, and everyone at the end of the meeting is happy and content that they have had another meeting and nothing has been decided and all is well with the world.

              You are right: we need decisive gutsy men of the old school to sort this girly garbage out. The worship of feelings should end; the importance of rational argument and actuially DOING stuff with strong leadership should be all!

              • Mike

                Eddie ,my comments are not about women or men but the lack of people who have had to make split second decisions life or death decisions under intense pressure; no longer lead many organisations. In WW2 there were many women who worked in hospitals during the blitz, factories , fought as resistance agents, flew aircraft, worked as ground crew on bombed airfields, etc, etc who showed leadership in their late teens and early 20s.

                One aspect which needs to be considered is the concern about quality of life. When there is a crisis in the making all that matters is the solution to the problem: noone should be thinking about leaving work even if that means having to sleep on the office floor.

                A medical consonsultant has said junior doctors were walking out of surgery because they had completed their 48 hour week ! How much of the problem at the BBC was due to clock watching?

                • Eddie

                  Yes, but the change in the way the BBC operates which has now become obvious is to do with its feminisation in my opinion. Of course, there are women who can be decisive – but the jobs you mention that need decision-making and risk-taking (mining, fishing etc) are all male jobs really.
                  HAving worked in a profession where 70%+ of my colleagues were female and mst bosses were, I have observed this at first hand. In contrast, in the business I now run I make decisions quickly and decisively carry out strategies, adapting them if they don’t work. The sheer amount of faffing about in any organisation which has been made indecisive is amazing.
                  Yes, clock-watching is an issue, and in the sense of entitlement long-term staff have. And no-one wants to take a risk because it could mean no promotion in future, so everyone plays it safe. I would argue that the management style and ethos at the BBC has been feminised, and the men who work at the BBC are suitably indecisive because of it. They are all gutless cowards.

                • Sarah

                  I was very decisive when I decided you were a total nob.

                • Sussex Swanky

                  LOL :^)

    • Eddie

      Yes, Entwistle was using in dealing with a crisis – but the uselessness pervades the numerous and unnecessary managerial layers at the BBC of course – and those who actually cocked up here are still in post.
      Also, Enwistle was plain unlucky. Mark Thompson and before him Birt created the mess that is the present BBC. How big were their payoffs for letting the corporation turn into a festering mess of bureaucracy eh?
      It’s a bit like the story of the Beatles in reverse: Entwistle is the Pete Best of broadcasting and Mark Thompson lived through the fat glory years and made a mint.
      Mark Thompson – ‘ooo you jammy bastard!’ as Monty Python may well say.
      Thompson himself is keeping very quiet about his role in creating the context where such a mess can happen.
      Can we take back his pension pot now please? And that of all useless academics and senior council workers and civil servants who failed in their jobs through their institutionalised mediocrity?

  • Judith

    They pay £140 for correspondents on their FOOC slot and no expenses

    I remember BBC coming down heavily on G4S during their London Olympics travails accusing them of slavery.

    BBC is a corrupt and an institutionally biased institution. Get rid of the whole fcuking lot.

    • Baron

      Judy, Judy, steady goes, my blogging friend. We’ve given up on institutions that were worth saving like the grammar schools that many here may have benefitted from, the pubs (Baron’ll never forgive the pseudo-liberal tossers for the smoking ban), and above all the Full Monty of the old culture with its stiff upper lip, self reliance, trust based not on some bureaucratic approval by a quango, but on a man’s word being his bond.

      But, Judy, we cannot get rid of today’s BBC that has as much in common with its past as Sir Jimmy had with Christianity. Go figure.

    • Baron

      Judith, a genuine sorry the size of Entwistle payout for calling you Judy, the barbarian will stand on his knees for as long as it takes….

      • Judith

        Judy is fine. People have called me worse, I tend to ignore them.

      • Sussex Swanky

        Baron, you are a prince.

    • David Lindsay

      There must be people who for that kind of money would cheerfully give Radio Four listeners an insight into the country about which the BBC knows least, indeed probably the only country on earth in the affairs of which it can claim little expertise. I think that you can all guess which one.

      The BBC could surely find people the length and breadth of the Kingdom to contribute to something following the same format, also on twice each week and with an equally distinguished presenter. In the course of a year, all 100 or so would be used.

      Likewise, how about a prime time television programme two or three times per week, in the weekly course of which would be run a story from each of the regional newsrooms?

    • John Steadman

      I think “FOOC” is pushing it just a little bit, Judith.
      I think your absolute denunciation of the Beeb, while being perfectly understandable given its now widely recognised bias, is nevertheless another example of the extravagance with which so many events of this type (the phone-bugging thing, parliamentary allowances, child-abuse itself…) are treated by ourselves and the media, and however tempting it might be to cleanse the stables in one grand sweep, it is hardly ever a fair, effective and productive strategy.
      Plain fact is that the BBC – for which I have no special affection – does a lot of things pretty damned well.
      But of course Mr Entwhistle’s pay-off was another stupid error.

  • Oedipus Rex

    True – and not just the BBC. Universities, banks, you name it – managers & directors seem to get the generous pay offs while the poor sods who do most of the work just lose their jobs.

    • Woodstockwastrel

      its because they are greedy monkeys

  • Kyoto

    If the poor down trodden proles at the BBC feel they are underpaid then why don’t they go elsewhere if they are so full to the brim with talent. Howwever, they can’t because they do it for the status which makes them feel better than us. Hence they can go after an old man with a false accusation of child molesting without need for any proper investigation. And yes it clearly was because a non-and-a-wink had been given by some jumped up squirt of a Labour MP, and the rabbit in their sights was a ‘leading Thatcher-era Tory’.

    • 1965doc

      I think they meant Morrison—–the other one was never named by the BBC.

  • Bruce, UK

    Nomenklatura. We will have reached the acme when the liar and thief Blair is named DG.