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Few would shed tears if Britain barred Anjem Choudary from returning

27 November 2012

5:04 PM

27 November 2012

5:04 PM

Britain’s best known Islamist, Anjem Choudary, is planning to hold a conference in Pakistan on Friday where, among other things, he will issue a fatwa on Malala Yousafzai. She is the schoolgirl from Pakistan’s Taliban-controlled tribal areas who was shot in the head for defying the terrorist group by demanding an education. Yousafzai survived the attempted assassination and was later flow to Birmingham for specialist medical treatment (the bill is being picked up by the Pakistani government).

Choudary plans to hold his conference – ‘Shariah for Pakistan’ – at the Red Mosque in Islamabad which was the scene of a notorious standoff in 2007. Radical students of the mosque had begun imposing vigilante justice in surrounding neighbourhoods: harassing women, kidnapping foreigners, and burning down music stores. The government was forced to confront it in a standoff that became a Pakistani version of the Waco siege.

Remarkably, even the ultra-conservative authorities of the mosque have now sought to distance themselves from Choudary. A spokesman told Pakistan’s The News:

The whole mosque administration condemns the inflammatory statements used by this group, clearly seeking publicity. We are not aware of any conference in the mosque on 30th November and it’s for the government of Pakistan to take action [against] anyone who enters Pakistan.


The mosque’s leader also described Choudary’s views as ‘wrong’ and argued ‘people like him create problems for Muslims in Europe and Pakistan.’ Along with the fatwa on Malala Yousafzai, Choudary also wants to issue a fatwa on the current President, Asif Zardari, and intends to brand Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the country’s founder, a ‘traitor of Islam.’

There are calls to ban Choudary from entering the country. A columnist for the Express Tribune, Vaqas Asghar, expressed his exasperation at the way Choudary has been able to live off benefits for years while spouting his bilious views. ‘To thank the British government for putting a roof over the heads of his six-member family,’ Asghar writes:

He routinely makes controversial statements such as demanding the burka be made compulsory for all British women, Muslim or not, and has proclaimed himself the head of Britain’s ‘Shariah Court’ …More worryingly though, Mr Choudary has referred to the 9/11 hijackers as “magnificent martyrs”, he has refused to condemn numerous terrorist acts and has said non-Muslims cannot be considered innocents in the context of being victims of terrorism.

British authorities have consistently warned of the threat extremists in Pakistan pose to the security of our country. Two of the 7/7 bombers trained there, and scores of thwarted plots are also known to have originated in the country’s tribal areas. But, Pakistani authorities have also long complained of the converse – British Muslims contributing to the destabilisation of their country. Choudary’s conference demonstrates the veracity of that belief.

Asghar notes that Choudary chose ‘to live in a “pagan” land, abuse its trust and defy its laws…[because he] knows there will be no consequences.’ He couldn’t be more right. When Omar Bakri left Britain shortly after 7/7 after abusing our hospitality for years he was barred from returning and was briefly arrested by the Lebanese authorities. I suspect few would shed any tears if Choudary and his cohorts were to share the same fate as their spiritual leader.

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  • Jules

    In reference to David Lindsay. You seem to have a very misguided and ill-informed view of the Tea Party. I would be interested to know where you got your information. The Tea Party has no “leaders” . That is one of the reasons it was tagged tea party. Your opinion seems to be very “anti” something you really don’t understand. The article is about preachers of hate, one in particular. There have been no tea party rallies that could be described by you or anyone else as the kind of venue that is in this article.
    The people that attend these rallies are nothing like this person and do not deserve to lumped in with him or his followers.

  • Fasdunkle

    Let him back in, he is amusing

  • Sidney

    The Amendments in the USA have no standing in the UK so why bring it up? We should just jail him for all his hate speech. For the rest of his life!

  • Andrew F. Moncrieff

    I’d love it if we found a way to get rid of him. But we can’t get rid of Qatada, can we? We need to get out of Europe, and stop the lefties from getting in again.


    One delicious fact about man – when Israel were bombing Lebanon he asked to COME BACK though he had been advocating TERRORISM in UK

  • Elitist

    Why is it legal in Britain/Europe for fanatics like this to publicly advocate hate, violence, and terrorism against Jews, homosexuals, women, non-Muslims, etc., etc. without being jailed for hate speech, incitement to violence, etc.??

    We must demand that the laws are applied evenhandedly, and all of these fanatics can be jailed and Jihad in Europe terminated overnight.

    Native British are being jailed and persecuted for suggesting, however mildly, that sharia may not be compatible with Western values.

    But Islamist fanatics can stand up in public and call for the assassination of various individuals, persecution and extermination of Jews and other ethnic minorities, the torture and murder of homosexuals??

    Does anyone else see a tiny little contradiction here?????

  • D B

    It would be criminal to let him back.

  • al mujahid allahu snackbar

    please anjem, if you must continue issuing fartwas from your hairy brown backside, do it in pakistan where there is a far more receptive audience, and stay there!

  • Truthiocity

    His weird little man harem would miss him but that’s about it.
    But if you read the article you can see that this is just another of this “flamboyant” drama queen’s obnoxious hoaxes.
    My, he sure is “theatrical” isn’t he.
    He’s done the same thing before, claiming he was going to go to America, when in fact he isn’t allowed here.

    • Truthiocity

      That is to say if you read the article the Mosque where he claims to be speaking says he’s full of it and is not going to be speaking there like he claims.

  • Rahul Kamath

    Although I find both this article and the comments incitement to kick out or kill a British national (however odious) utterly disgraceful, I suddenly see the merits of the governments benefit cap even more clearly. We should go after people like this in ewys consistent with our own values.

  • Colonel Mustard

    He is British. Let him speak. Put him on Question Time. Get Paxo to interview him. By his own words, etc.

    • kevinlynch

      I agree, Colonel. We should not be afraid of these people…au contraire!

  • rodger the dodger

    The longer Choudhary is left in place to spout his sedition and incitement, the better. Eventually, this country will ‘get’ it. His refreshing, so to speak, honesty, when it comes to Islam, will begin to work in our favour eventually. Things are going to get much worse with Muslims in this country before they get better.

  • kwestion.all

    Makes you laugh doesn’t it. How none of these Sharia-supporting, Islamic fundamentalists seem to want to live in a Sharia-run, fundamentalist Islamic state. Right bunch of moral hypocrits all of them. The Government needs to wake up to the fact that in the end you can’t tolerate intolerance, and exclude these guys frm the country.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yep, even Osama didn’t want to sacrifice his own sons for the cause – true hypocrisy given what he asked of other mothers and fathers.

  • James Strong

    A different approach.
    Run ads in cinemas all over the country, extracts from his public utterances with no voiceover, just a strapline to say that this is what he really said.
    Close the shot of him and end with a comment ‘This is what Islam wants for the UK.’
    Let people see the truth, remove their ignorance and blow away any idea that Islam is the Religion of Peace. Expose their ideas and attack their ideas.
    I’d like these ads run on TV but I’m sure that would be against broadcasting law.
    Unfortunately Gert Wilders’ film Fitna, which took a similar approach but using the words of the Koran, was too ‘offensive’ for our political masters. That’s because of their weakness, and we can’t afford that any longer.

    • Daniel Maris

      No. Just have the adverts give accurate quotations from the Koran, the well attested Hadith and the accepted life of Mohammed.

      My prediction: it would not be allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority.quao

  • barbie

    I wouldn’t underestimate Ms May on this. She would deny him access back here if she can. I agree with some posters, we should revoke his British citizenship, we can if enough people complain to Ms May and make their feelings known. So, if we feel like so many are proclaiming that’s what we should do, write to Ms May, email Ms May, and make your feelings known. This government is still sore from the shiannigans of the latest episode of not getting one returned to his native Jordan, this could be much easier if they have the will. We will have to see. I hope enough people write and make this happen, we don’t want this poison here and at least it would be one got rid of. A ‘fatwa’ on a child, just shows the calabre of this so called religion. They are sick.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      His British citizenship happens to be his birthright – irrevocable — and he knows it.

  • Kevin


    At last, some diversity at the Coffee House.

    Isabel, James, Camilla, Sebastian, David, Chris, Rod, Alex, Nick and Douglas and, above all, Fraser, must be relieved.

    Or maybe The Spectator still needs to call in a tolerance consultant from Canary Wharf.

  • Trofim

    Is it pure coincidence that when I see Muslims, nine times out of ten they’ve got their mouths open?

    • Madame Merle

      and the index finger pointing upwards.

  • HooksLaw

    If Choudary breaks a law he should be arrested.

    • Daniel Maris

      He makes good use of his legal qualification. He’s careful how he phrases his “encouragement of the faithful”.

  • eeore

    Yes but if he were barred the people controlling him would just get someone else to inflame the hatred.

  • MaxSceptic

    Where’s a drone when you need one?

  • swatantra

    Ban him.

  • Carol-Ann

    How comes all these ‘Muslim preachers’ living on benefits never seem to be put on the work programme?

    My understanding is that these are mandatory and you lose all benefits if you do not attend, so how comes these people never seem to be troubled by such things? And how is he allowed to go to Pakistan yet still claim benefits in England?

    • TomTom

      There is a Special List of Protected Persons which is why IRA Men in N Ireland were never called for Work Interviews. The Beveridge System is now simply a Slush Fund for Politicians of all flavours to use as a support fund – it is only the genuinely Unemployed who have to sing for their supper – the rest get a free ride pullman class

      • Daniel Maris

        I think you might be right Tom Tom.

        • Daniel Maris

          …and we also use it to support polygamy and the Sharia court system. Clever, eh?

  • Madame Merle

    When he returns to the UK someone should take his European passport and burn it. Then shove him on a plane and send him to the hell-hole of his choice where he will be appreciated.

    What is the point of him living in Britain when he so clearly hates it?

    • David Lindsay

      You could say that about a lot of people below the line on this and certain kindred sites, and several above it on at least one of them. Never mind the people who hate Britain and who do *not* live here, but who are nevertheless given houseroom.

  • TomTom

    Hasn’t he been awarded an MBE yet for services to Social Security ? He is a qualified Solicitor and former Chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers so he must be an asset to the country. I had hoped David Cameron might appoint him as an Adviser……..

  • Winston Smith

    UK is a lost cause

    • EJ

      We on the Right spend our lives being intimidated and cowed into silence by the self-hating Left wingers who have all our institutions in complete stranglehold.

      And I know that because we are coming from the Right, we have to tread so bloody carefully and suck up all the put-downs, the threats and the abuse that, if the positions were reversed, those on the Left would be apoplectic about.

      But despite all this, I look at this man, I hear him speak, and something purely primal in me stirs, a desire to stand up for my people and my country that’s deep in my DNA and can not be destroyed. And I just want to reach for a baseball bat.

      When this country finally does collapse in the mire of its own stupidity, it will not be the hand-wringing metropolitan liberals who will rescue us. You won’t see them – or their precious children – for dust…

      • Daveyyy12

        Spot on.. The left will be off.

      • The_Missing_Think

        There is a political (non-vioent) baseball bat available, but you yellow bellied… cough… ‘right wingers’ always wet yourselves and immediatly seek ‘comfort’ by chanting and sneering the standard issue BBC Leftist approved narrative.

        Page after page of empty comfort zone bullsh*t.

        You feeble pseudo Nationalist whelps are more to blame, as you’re squatting in my way.

        • EJ

          No idea what you’re on about. Spell it out. Without the abuse please.

          • The_Missing_Think

            “and something purely primal in me stirs, a desire to stand up for my people and my country that’s deep in my DNA and can not be destroyed.

            Who me?… no… no… not me, I’m a decént, pólite sort of person… the rhetoric above?… oohh I see… no, no, I was rehearsing for a play our little village amateur dramatics society is putting on, I was doing the lines… they don’t actually mean anything… it’s a political blog you say?… really?… oh… fancy that… Well I don’t know anything about politics, nothing at all, I don’t even who’s who or anything you hear?… nothing right?… anyway… I’ve got some more lines to learn of pat… God knows what they mean… who wrote them?… umh… ahh… hold on….yes!… the cat!… yes, it was the cat, it walked across the keyboard, I know nothing I tell you… nothing…

            And bullsh*tting people isn’t abusive?

            • Bilbo Baggins

              Mmm….and what safe haven are you living in then sunshine?? I’ve personally taken some MPs and the BBC to task on several occasions because of their holier than thou stance concerning the cult of death and the favouritism in law and all things wrong that they get away with…The reason I’ve not been arrested yet is because I state proven facts and throw their own words (politicians) back at them….They can’t argue the toss against what they themselves have stated publicly so it’s the middle finger to them and their bullsh*tting cronies whoever they may be….

              FREEDOM ISN’T FREE…..

          • The_Missing_Think

            OK… Are you a DNAist, yes or no?

            Silent ‘no’ = “and can not be destroyed.”… really?… where is it then?

            Public ‘yes’ = Oh dear, what have I said? Am I still decént and pólite?

            Another brave poet crumples to dust, as soon as the question of real life substance appears…

            Confirmed: Just another empty village amateur dramatics society production .. yawn.


        • Daveyyy12

          I was actually brought up to obey the law.

          Those days are over. I will obey the law until I do not have to just like Mr Choudray does.

    • TomTom

      Of course it is….it was the world’s No1 Creditor Nation in 1912 and chose to jump off a cliff twice within 30 years and has worked damned hard to implement Socialism In One Country ever since…….

  • burka durka

    With luck he’ll be caught in a terrorist atrocity

  • Daniel Maris

    Bakri was never a UK citizen was he? However, if Choudary has dual citizenship (as most people termed “British Muslims” do), I suggest we do strip him of UK citizenship immediately through an Order in Council or whatever it is and prevent his return. Let him launch his Liberty-backed campaign to retrieve his citzenship from a prison cell in Pakistan.

    • Andy

      For once I actually agree with you: get an Order in Council to revoke his British Nationality and be done with him. However, I confidently predict that the Government will be too dimwitted to do this.

      • TomTom

        Impossible. Read Article 4 and Article 7 of ECHR

        • Daniel Maris

          What about Mahdi Hashi- Theresa May arranged for his British nationality to be cancelled.

          • TomTom

            Was he born a British Citizen or granted it by the Home Office ?

            • Daniel Maris

              Well not claiming expertise in this area…there’s a difference is there?

              • TomTom

                Yes – a big one

        • Austin Barry

          Let’s face it Choudray is British.

          He hates our infidel culture, but because his mother spatchcocked on an NHS bed to deliver him, he is one of us: living off benefits, inciting insurrection and treason certainly, but legally one of us.

          And our rulers, weak and attenuated, will do nothing lest the Islamist beast stir again, suffused with hatred and bile, to undermine the platitudes and homilies of the multicult orthodoxies.

          We’re done for chums. Form a line for the mandatory circumcisions and female genital mutilations, we’re on a crazy Government sponsored trip Back to The Future, Insha’Allah.

      • Barnehurst Bob

        dimwitted or scared?

    • David Lindsay

      Choudary, who was born in Welling, does not appear to hold any nationality other than British.

      But by all means let us exclude foreign preachers of hate from this country.
      Including Islamists. Such as the black-shirted pimp and heroin-trafficker Hashim Thaçi, who is somehow also both a Wahhabi and a Maoist – he really is what the more hysterical Tea Party attendees imagine President Obama to be. Such as the terrorist Akhmed Zakayev, whom this country currently harbours. Such as the recently apprehended terrorist Abdulmalik Rigi. And such as the even more recently arrested war criminal Ejup Ganic.

      It is quite a list: Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and now Libya (polygamy legalised as the first act of the unelected government) and the Sixth Caliphate of Tunisia, with Syria and Lebanon to follow, with Iran next on the list after that, and with Chechnya and Xinjiang always bubbling away in the background. Doesn’t it make you proud?

      However, also including those American and other ecclesiastics who have expressed racist views about Africans and others who do not share their liberal sexual morality. Also including Hans Küng, whose disparagement of Blessed John Paul the Great’s Polishness made and make them the authentic voice of the age-old Teutonic racism against the Slavs; Küng only gets away with it because he is Swiss.

      Also including Avigdor Lieberman, the members of his party, and those who
      sit in coalition with them. Also including the EDL-supporting leaders of the Tea Party. Also including Geert Wilders, among a whole host of others whose presence most certainly would not be, and periodically is not, conducive to the public good. For example, the signatories to the Project for the New American Century. And the Patrons of the Henry Jackson Society.

      Furthermore, no one should be extradited from the United Kingdom to the United States until, among other conditions, Congressman Peter King, that foreign preacher of hate, is no longer alive.

      • telemachus

        If no other nationality than British strip him of that and make him stateless.
        PS I have just seen the Bond film=What do we pay MI6 for?

        • David Lindsay

          These days, to do Saudi Arabia’s dirty work in the Middle East, mostly.

          But we can’t do that. You know it. I know it. He knows it, Everyone knows it. If we could, then he might be on the list. But he would not be at the top of it.

          • telemachus

            There must be a maverick out there who does not know it
            Or if he does would not care

      • FrenchNewsonlin

        Fine, then arrest and charge him with “hate speech” — that Orwellian catchall concept so beloved of the Left and incarcerate him. More than one way of skinning a cat.

      • Elitist

        You are deeply confused.

        The First Amendment protects my right express this taste or even loathing for Jews, homosexuals, blacks, Muslims, whites, Christians, women, or anyone else.

        It protects my right to ridicule your religion.

        It does not protect my right to call openly for the extermination of Jews, or any other group, or to make statements that amount to incitement to violence.

        This is false equivalence.

        We in the West have a long and noble tradition of criticizing religion, mercilessly, and that is a good thing.

        It is a good thing, and perfectly legal by the standards of any conceivable Democratic order, for Wilders to state publicly that Sharia law is utterly barbaric, and does not belong in Europe, to call for the deportation of anyone who advocates terrorism, to declare that Islam is a repressive political order.

        In an open society, Islam is NOT immune from criticism!!

        In an open society, NOTHING is immune from criticism!!

        On the other hand, for Muslim fanatics – or anyone – to call publicly for the extermination of the Jews, homosexuals, etc., is simply illegal, it is an incitement to violence.

        A very simple, straightforward distinction, one that should be clear to any 10-year-old.

        • TomTom

          Sorry the First Amendment simply says Congress shall not establish a State Church nor abridge the rights of free Assembly, Speech, or the right to petition Government to redress grievances. The rest is simply Court Interpretation subject to whims and fashion….the Espionage Act 1917 and Sedition Act 1918 and sections of the Patriot Act all violate that which you claim as your “right”………similar rights exist in the ECHR “except where they conflict with law”

          • Elitist

            Here is the text of the 1st Amedment

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
            speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
            assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


            maybe try reading slower??

        • Bilbo Baggins

          Well said……but remember, you’re not dealing with 10 year olds here. You’re dealing with people much less intelligent. Like the Left who think we should all hate ourselves and should be happy to succumb to any and all muslims who have an IQ and the understanding of compassion and humanity of a slug..(sorry slugs)….Oh well, O barmy got re-elected so now he can screw the USA even more and fill it with illegal immigrants while doing Allah’s work…..

      • Bilbo Baggins

        Choudary will NEVER be British and should be set adrift in a small boat with his cronies…mid Atlantic preferably……Don’t include those who actively stand up to these animals because the governments of the day are totally gutless and following the far Left mantra of…”appeasement at all costs”…

        The “racism” thing, along with the bigotry and intolerance crap has been played to death by the Islamist stooges of the Left…We need to be unafraid to speak our minds and to act if need be….

  • Daveyyy12

    It would help community cohension..

    Sadly it will not happen