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EU budget talks end

23 November 2012

3:59 PM

23 November 2012

3:59 PM

The EU Budget discussions have ended with no agreement, as seemed inevitable after yesterday’s struggles and rows.

David Cameron has been copping a lot of flak for his intransigence, particularly from Francois Hollande, who has spent much of the time talking of the need for ‘solidarity’ with Europe – by which he means the Common Agricultural Policy. Despite these headlines, it’s worth remembering that plenty of other countries objected to Van Rompuy’s proposals, and for many different reasons. Indeed, far from being isolated, Britain may have forged closer relations with those countries thanks to the experience of these talks. Nicholas Watt reports that blame is being aimed squarely at Herman van Rompuy, which is an interesting development from the growing Eurosceptic/realist perspective.


The irony is, though, that the impasse may lead EU spending to increase as the spending limits rolls over, should agreement not be reached at later meetings.

More to follow.

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  • HooksLaw

    I cannot believe that you have a miserable tweet labelled as a ‘report’! what an appalling example of fallen journalistic standards.

  • Vulture

    Oh, this is a terrible shame! What on earth can have gone wrong?
    As they all knew this would happen do you think they sit there flicking paper clips at each other until their allotted time is up and they can then come out and blame Britain for their failure to agree?

  • Grumpy Optimist

    Let them roll the budget over. So we can them for what they are. We are sliding towards a parting of the ways and the sooner the better.

    • telemachus

      No way
      Mattereth not what Cameron says
      The next Government(now just 2 years away) is wedded to stay in

  • Douglas Carter

    That these particular talks have ended in failure was inevitable months ago already. They’ve just gone through the pre-scripted motions, rather in the same manner they did when Blair eventually surrendered that part of the rebate.

    Wait now, for months of emotive priming …’If we don’t compromise we’ll lose real INFLUENCE’…

    …we’ll hear, with stony-faced faux sincerity.

    • HooksLaw

      Faced with reality you now bolster your prejudice with speculation.

      • Douglas Carter

        I’d answer that if there was a coherent meaning behind it.