Dame Helen Ghosh and the elite cupcakes

1 November 2012

4:18 PM

1 November 2012

4:18 PM

Dame Helen Ghosh’s words about women and David Cameron’s government have put Downing Street backs up this afternoon. Dame Helen, whose Civil Service career spanned thirty-three years culminated in a troublesome spell as Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, told Cambridge students it was ‘difficult for women to get in’ when the Prime Minister favoured his male school chums.

Lines such as ‘women don’t network. It is actually quite difficult for a woman to get in as part of an Old Etonian clique. They are far too busy doing other things’ have gone down particularly badly.


However, I hear that Dame Helen was not totally adverse to a bit of networking. So keen was she to make a good impression — and presumably further the feminist cause —­ that she used to bake cupcakes and distribute them at the Home Office.

While complaining about the her lack of time to make it to the top, Dame Helen seems to have forgotten that she boasted in February that she only worked four days a week.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

  • Sarah

    Let’s see:
    Cupcakes vs Eton
    4 days a week plus child care and housework, vs 3 days a week plus drinking, golf, clubs and gossiping.

    • Thick as two Plancks

      4 days … housework AND GOSSIPING, …

      • Sarah

        Men are gossips. Look at how many male journalists there are compared to female. How many politicians, authors, commenters. Blah blah blah.

        • Thick as two Plancks

          I do not deny that. Equally, you should admit that women are. As Ogden Nash almost wrote:

          There is one thing I have not heard discussed in any seminar
          Which is that all men are gossips and all weminar.

  • cloud

    the briefers have been busy already i see

  • John Cronin

    She worked four days a week? Well, that’s a lot more than most civil servants.

  • Barry

    That should read “averse”, not “adverse”.

  • Stephen Medlock

    Good job she was not there 5 days a week, imagine the mess we could have been in ..