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Could a major escalation in the Syrian conflict be imminent?

30 November 2012

9:07 AM

30 November 2012

9:07 AM

In the last 12 hours all mobile and internet lines have been cut in Syria, plunging the country into a communications vacuum. The regime has been badly hit in recent days. Almost all of its supply lines into Aleppo have been cut off and a number of strategic military bases were overrun in recent days. Heavy fighting also resulted in Damascus airport closing down earlier today, suggesting the rebels are enjoying a degree of momentum at the moment.

For its part, the Assad regime is saying the rebels are responsible for the communications blackout. That might be so, but if true, it reveals just how far Assad’s grip on power has been weakened. Much more ominously, activists on the ground report that government forces have been issued with gas masks, suggesting some form of chemical attack may be imminent. Whoever is responsible, this latest event represents a major escalation in the ongoing conflict.

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  • MaxSceptic

    Other than casualties amongst innocent civilians, what is the downside of this conflict continuing infinitely?

  • roger

    Hopefully the Assad supporters have enough in reserve to crush the rebels but I fear that the Religious extremists and there backers will get to cleanse Syria, then move on to Lebanon.

    • eeore

      Is Lebanon in talks with the Chinese about oil contracts?

      If the answer is no, they should be safe from the Arab Spring.

  • eeore

    Interesting use of language, the ‘regime’.

    No doubt the ‘regime’ are responsible for closing the web too?

  • Hosni, live form Cairo prison

    I’m sure all the Useful Idiots of The West are beavering away in the background to deliver islamofascism to Syria just as they have to North Africa. Well done, chaps. When the region implodes under the weight of Shari’ah Society, they will be interesting times. Can’t wait. What is happening is remarkably simple. Devout Muslims want to take over the entire region, and instigate shari’ah law over everyone. If you want to know what the Muslim Brotherhood will do next as they re-boot Islam in stages to the muslim world, just read Sayed Qutb’s ‘Milestones’, which will tell you. This book should be standard issue at the foreign office, along with Koran and Sunna, naturally. Then they’d have a clue.

  • TomTom

    Can the West deliver Syria to Muslim Fundamentalism as it has in Egypt and Syria and Iraq ? Erdogan is busy abolishing school uniforms so girls can wear chadoor at school and building a mosque by Ataturk’s statue. The efforts of the West in building a Saudi Dominion across the region will be well rewarded in offshore bank accounts……..and no doubt Westerners will be happy to cede their own major cities to Saudi influence and rejoice in the murder of Copts and Alawites and Christians as their politicians pursue the Death Cult of destroying Western stability.

    • Mycroft

      The West isn’t delivering anywhere to anyone, Erdogan is an elected leader, and the Syrian regime is under threat from a revolt within the country. Perhaps the West should go to war with Turkey to overthrow Erdogan, and send troops to support Assad?

      • bob a job

        Assad is going nowhere unless the Russians and Chinese decide it’s in thier best interests.