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Boris in Bollywood

24 November 2012

1:00 PM

24 November 2012

1:00 PM

So Cameron is making his mark on the EU budget, Gove has caused a stir with his Leveson remarks, and Osborne is prepping for his Autumn Statement. No matter. As usual, Boris is marching to the beat of his own cinematic drummer. He’s going to Bollywood, on an India trip many interpret as an effort to project himself as a future world leader.

The Mayor of London is visiting Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, where he will appear on a top TV chat show and visit Bollywood studios. It is couched as a trade mission – ‘London loves India,’ he is quoted in the Hindustan Times as saying – but many items on his programme wouldn’t look amiss on the schedule of a Foreign Secretary. And being Mayor instead of a minister actually allows him to add some funkier activities too.


Apart from his foray into Bollywood, Boris’s passage to India will see him:

  • meet top investors, business leaders and senior politicians
  • launch a new carbon-based index at the Bombay Stock Exchange
  • address a seminar entitled ‘London: Gateway to the World’
  • visit Magic Bus, a London-based Indian sports charity
  • hang out with the England cricket team during their current Test series
  • visit relatives (his wife Marina is half Indian)

This is the perfect opportunity for Boris to show off prime ministerial qualities, especially after Cameron’s recent controversial Gulf arms trade trip and his comments in August about Indian dance being non-physical education (a remark that has intrigued Indians).

Perhaps they’ll rename it BoJollywood by the time he leaves.

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  • aaa

    More foreign Students ??? hell no
    Boris said imagine if 1 million indians bought Jaguars to justify his 5 day crazy waste of money tour to boost his ego…well er imagine if 1 million germans bought jaguars ??? in fact more germans can afford jaguars than indians

  • In2minds

    Buses and Boris, Boris buses?

  • Jocasta

    I love Boris Johnson. He is such a breath of fresh air!

    • Noa

      Not after a Chicken Jalfraizi!

  • Hexhamgeezer


  • Daniel Tekel Thomas

    London will only compete with Amsterdam and Frankfurt as a gateway to the world when it sorts out the long running problem of airport capacity.
    Heathrow and Gatwick are appalling introductions to London for travelling public.
    Boris Island, a recycled idea from Harold Wilson’s days, would take decades to complete by which time London will have lost the race.
    A third runway at Heathrow maybe the quickest if not the best solution.

  • HooksLaw

    All we see is what a non job the mayor of London is. There is nothing here that a suitable regional minister could do.
    Boris should stay at home and concentrate on the buses running on time which is his main function.

    The notion that this is aimed at setting Boris as a world leader as oppoed to bumming up London is another piece of blatant Spectator ajenda setting

    • Thick as two Plancks

      Buses never run on time in a congested city. Effectively there is an equal probability that one will arrive at any moment.

      The mathematical result of that (the negative exponential distribution) means that if you miss a bus, there is a 63% probability that the next one will arrive in less than the average interval between buses; but sometimes you will have a very long wait,which pushes up the average.

      So there is truth in the perception that you can wait a long time for a bus and then two arrive in short order.