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Another sign that CCHQ is moving on to an election footing

15 November 2012

5:00 PM

15 November 2012

5:00 PM

Today brings yet another sign that CCHQ is gearing up for the long election campaign. After yesterday’s news that the party has chosen the forty seats it intends to target at the next election, I now hear that talent is being moved out of Whitehall and back to Millbank to beef up the team there. Giles Kenningham, one of the most effective Tory spin doctors, is taking leave from the Department of Communities and Local Government, to head up CCHQ’s media operation following Susie Squire’s secondment to Downing Street.

Kenningham joined the Tories from ITV in 2007. In the 2010 election, he was one of the two Tories who took charge of responding to Labour’s daily press conference. At DCLG, Kenningham has taken a proactive approach. He’s enforced transparency on departmental and local government spending and been unafraid to call out wasteful councils and fat cat bureaucrats of all stripes.

The fast-talking Kenningham will bring some real bite to the Tory press team. His move is another sign that Craig Oliver, Cameron’s communications chief, is already turning his mind to how to craft a communications operation for the next election that can cover print, new media and broadcast.

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  • Boudicca_Icenii

    As Cameron failed to win “the election that couldn’t be lost” in 2010 with Kenningham taking charge of responding to Labour’s daily press conference, does Cameron really think Kenningham is the man for 2015? Does he WANT to win?

  • Vulture

    Gurgle, gurgle – more sewage is flushed from Tory HQ down the pipe that James has become for processing their ordure. Has the man no shame? I hope that CCHQ is at least paying him for printing their PR handouts. But whatever – this is just not journalism.

  • Russell

    “one of the most effective Tory spin doctors”

    You are having a laugh aren’t you?

    The Tories do not have any effective spin doctors. They can’t even get someone on the box (BBC or Sky) to answer the absurd claims/lies/spin on almost a daily basis by Labour MP’s or in Shy’s case the Labour press review (with an almost continuous Guardian hack present or the obnoxious MuckGuire from the Mirror)

    • 2trueblue

      The wording ‘they can’t even get someone on the box’ is actually the problem. Our media is biased and that is not something we can blame Cameron for.
      The idea that the last DG at the BBC will probably be replaced by one of Blairs people. It is all wrong.

  • RatherAnnoyedPleb

    Seriously, the earnest young men on this website’s attempts at Kremlinology, directed at this bucket of merde, is brilliant in it’s pointlessness..

  • RatherAnnoyedPleb

    Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa

  • Sackossy

    Don’t panic! The master tactian Osborne is running the show.

  • Jules

    In the latest IPSOS Mori poll Labour are on 46 and the Tories on 32. They can move onto an election footing all they like, Labour will form a Government in 2015.


    Just one more big push of the Big Society and a bit more of that advice he had in 2010 from one of Obarmy’s helpmates, and Dave has it in the bag.

    • salieri


  • Daveyyy12

    Let me help Giles settle in..

    No EU referendum means you will not be getting my vote UKIP may get it, the second in the seat may get it, I may stay at home and not vote at all so I can watch Dave get kicked out of number 10, I may spoil it…

  • Justathought

    Let’s hope the talent is being moved back before next weeks EU budget summit. Ipsos Mori poll in tonight’s ES shows voters want a freeze (46%) or a cut (31%) in the EU budget. The poll also shows a majority of voters would opt to leave the EU if a referendum was held now which may explain why the europhiles don’t want a referendum before the GE.

    • 2trueblue

      I must have missed something, you mentioned talent?

      Of course they don’t want a referendum before the election, and yet it is the only thing that might help Cameron/Tories before the election. I think it is the only edge he has right now over Liebore. They promised and did no deliver over their 13yrs.

  • EJ

    So another spin doctor has been shuffled from position A to position B in order to foist more lies onto the electorate in the desperate hope that these shysters can get another term in power for sitting on their arses and doing precisely f*ck all to deal with any of the issues that are dragging this country down into the mire?

    James if you really think the H2B and his shower stand a hope in hell of re-election you are heading for a big disappointment. They hold no appeal for The Left and they have irreversibly alienated The Right by revealing themselves to be weak, left-leaning, pro-EU, soft-touch, don’t rock the boat, unprincipled liars. So another spin doctor is just what we all need, isn’t it chum!

  • jsfl

    Alternatively, its yet another sign that Cameron’s abysmal failing Coalition government has run out of steam after only 2 and a half years and those more able within the political ranks are seeking more gainful work to do……

  • Noa

    I’ve reached the stage where I prefer to receive my manure directly from the horse rather than pre-rectally evaluated by the stable boy.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Wait. In your formulation, is CCHQ the horse, the stable boy, the manure or the rectal organ producing it?

      Re the Speccie lickspittle, same question.

      • Noa

        Three of the four you mention, at least.

  • Tony, Somerset

    Surely they should be concentrating on achieving something in this parliament before worrying about the next one.

    • telemachus

      And anyway it is a complete waste of time
      UKIP will take 50 seats and the current opposition will have a Blair type majority

      • Noa

        Apologise for the vile and entirely untrue “UKIP/porn colleague” slur you scurrilous poltroon.

        • salieri

          Rather sorry I missed that remark, Noa. Moving from plain mad to truly nasty is a big step, and today of all days I would have thought the moderator should have removed not the troll’s comment but his protection.

        • telemachus

          Cannot see to what you are referring
          Are you misquoting the Patten thread
          I do remain sorry for you

          • Noa

            That is because you are obtuse, or terminally stupid, or both.

            And you have neither explained your remark or apologised for it.

            • telemachus

              Ask the vicar to explain

              • Noa

                You made the remark. You explain it.

    • Open_Palm

      I think this is them applying lessons learned from Obama’s successful campaign- start early.

    • 2trueblue

      Chilling to think where their focus is. We will all be bored to tears if they start now, and move off bored out of our sculls. Probably into the arms of UKIP.

  • Rhoda Klapp

    Slow news day?