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Theresa May won’t deny she told Andrew Mitchell to go

21 October 2012

11:53 AM

21 October 2012

11:53 AM

Theresa May’s political stock has risen this week. Announcing an intention to opt-out of EU law and order directives pleased Tory MPs while her decision not to extradite Gary McKinnon was popular.

But we’ve also seen the Home Secretary operating -rarely for her – beyond her brief. She played a key role in pushing Andrew Mitchell out, something she effectively confirmed on the Sunday Politics. When Andrew Neil pressed her on this, she simply replied ‘I’m not going to talk about private conversations’. Here is the exchange:-


Interestingly, she also didn’t rule out running for leader one day. Here is the exchange:-

Now, Theresa May as Tory leader might seem like a distant prospect at the moment. She is, perhaps, too cautious to ever take the risks a leader needs to and she does lack a support base in the parliamentary party. But she doesn’t rule it out, as Michael Gove does so often. And the Home Secretary’s decision to hire Stephen Parkinson, the national organiser of the No to AV campaign, is a smart move. She’s beginning to assemble the kind of political team needed by anyone who wants to keep their leadership options open.

PS For those wondering, here are Ladbroke’s odds on the next Tory leader:-

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  • Daniel Maris

    Thats’ a pretty poor list isn’t it? Maybe it was ever thus! LOL

    Boris would be fun, a rollercoaster ride which might end up who knows where…

    Osborne is finished. After all he promised and failed to deliver he would be like the Black Death for the Tories. Wipe-out.

    Gove looks increasingly Prime Ministerial. His Free School wheeze at least has the merits of pleasing a slice or two of the public (the upper middle classes and religious maniacs). His new glasses add some gravity.

    Hague seems to have given up really but would always be a reasonable standby.

    David Davis is someone who could still come through in the event of a Tory meltdown.

  • HooksLaw

    I see Sir Iain (Lord?) Blair is urging people not to vote for a police commissioner.

    Well if that isn’t a decisive intervention, nothing is.

    I am now definitely going out to vote.

  • Ron Todd

    They need a strong conservative leader with some good organizational people in support.
    The argument that they need a leader that the liberals as represented by Gleggy boy will deal with is out of date. Gleggy boy is likely to be ousted before Cameron and none of his likely replacements will form a coalition with the Tories except as a very last resort. The Conservatives best chance is to get a proper leader and fight the next election with the aim of being the sole governing party. Theresa May looks as good a candidate as any of them. Gove has good policies at least on education but is not so far very good at presentation.

  • Holby18

    There is tremendous information in my area regarding PCCs.. Regular articles in the local press daily by each candidate, meetings in every community, a clear outline of what each candidate offers etc etc. I agree with the concept but must wait until I see how the role develops. I am not enamoured by Police Authorities – self selecting councillors and people without a brain. I am quite sure that Chief Constables have had their own way for far too long and that is why they oppose someone who will be elected and place the voters first in terms of policing.

    I see Theresa May as an excellent Minister and Home Secretary. I have always liked her and having contacted her in the past, have always had a reply (I am not a constituent).

    If she spoke to Andrew Mitchell and wanted him to resign, I see this as being wrong. Mr Mitchell should not have been hounded out of office for making a mistake. I am no fan of the man but feel the Police Federation behaved disgracefully. The last government failed to take on the Spanish Practices, failed to improve detection rates despite huge above inflation budgets. They were frightened of this powerful body. Theresa May is not – good on her and Winsor is worth reading….

  • Frank P

    “Theresa May won’t deny she told Andrew Mitchell to go”

    She didn’t deny that she had stopped beating her husband, either.

  • Frank P

    Sorry to post off-topic, but as none of you hacks seem actively engaged in addressing the US Election, other than puffing from inside the Obama tank, someboy needs to draw attention to urgent issues that affect the free world:

    This compilation by Trevor Loudon in a video presentation should be disseminated widest – forthwith. It’s worth half an hour of anybody’s time, at this crucial period in history when Western Civilisation is rapidly unravelling. Over the years he has done sterling work digging out the Marxist networks operating in the West, this id domething of a summation, a synthesis. His blog is a cornucopia of research, much obtained under the FOI from FBI sources:

    • ToryOAP

      As we are off topic, I went to see the Led Zeppelin film Celebration Day this afternoon. The opening chords of Jimmy White’s Les Paul took me back to that glorious summer in 1969 when my school chum Chas Jankel and I saw them from our box in the Royal Albert Hall (£4 a seat). Wilson was screwing up the UK in preparation for Edward Heath to take us further down the Swanee. There was a sense at that time that things could only get worse and in fact they did until the blessed Margaret changed the face of British politics for all time. When you look at the inconsequential bullshit headlines of today and compare to the devalued pound, strikes, incompetent government and sheer hopelessness of that lost decade of ’69 to ’79, then you wonder at the perspective of today’s press. We never had it so bad, to paraphrase a real toff in those days.

  • Godwin’s Son

    Voting for Police and Crime Commissioners is on 15 November. Information about candidates won’t be online until 26 October. In my area I have not seen any campaigning or other information about candidates.

    A shambles.

    • ButcombeMan

      Agreed and a very bad policy. especially without sorting out the structure first. I am told by my snouts leaning on the HoC bars, that hardly any Tories agree with it now, but they promised it, got locked into it and despite the policy having no clothes, they did not know how to get out of it.

      They know it is going to be an embarrassingly low turnout. They wil give you a vote on this nonsense, but not Scotland and certainly not the EU. Gosh no.

      Commissioners for the tiny Shire forces will have no incentive at all to talk
      themselves out of their £100k or so a year, by merging with the next door and equally tiny, Shire force. It is jobs (mostly) for political re-treads of liitle merit.

      It a staggering waste of money and it misses the point of much needed Policing reform, to conditions & pensions, delayering, Force mergers and increased efficiency.

      Since i always vote in every election, I have decided to spoil my ballot paper by writing what I think. I encourage others to do the same.

  • Frank P

    Oh Keerystt! Now the Speccy is setting up fuck-me-shoes as a successor to Cameron, having failed to convince us the Bozza can be be the saviour. The Milibastard must be tittering like pubescent virgin 15year-old with his first handful of pussy. Maggie II? My arse!

    And if poking a stick in the eye of our most valuable ally, by refusing to hand over a dangerous saboteur of Western defences** is ‘popular’, then it clearly shows just how fucked up this nation has become. Most people I know think he should have despatched according to the law. Autism is one thing – fucking up the Pentagon and causing millions of $ of damage is evil.

    The best Home Secretary ever? Well that wouldn’t necessary constitute an accolade, given the sorry specimens that have preceded her, but I wouldn’t even put her in the first 20 of those who have defiled the office in my very long lifetime. As for the cock-ups since she has been there, they are legion and some of you obviously have very short memories as a secondary symptom of ‘wishful thinking syndrome’.

    **Most spies can be diagnosed as Asperger Syndrome ‘sufferers’ like most red-arsed University PPE professors, the ‘symptoms’ are a seemingly endlesss list compiled by a trick-cyclist who wanted a ‘syndrome’ name after him, so he listed every tic and anxiety eruption imaginable, including the dirty kitchen sink – read it up!

    • Frank P

      btw, thinking back to the days when real reform of the police was being overseen in Thatcher’s day, Willie Whitelaw did some covert work that helped to destroy the remnants of the ‘firm within a firm’ . Every Prime Minister should have a Willy. Successive Home Secretaries have squandered the advances he made, the New Labour gang stripped out all the checks and balances agin corruption that he authorised and completely suborned the hierarchy of the Met . He wasn’t the buffoon toff that many tried to portrayed him to be.

      • ToryOAP

        On the one hand you speak as a man of great wisdom; on the other hand you come across as a grade A loon. Keep it up.

        • Frank P

          Quite possibly Asperger’s Syndrome, don’t ya think? With a touch of Tourettes to spice it up. You win the banana.

          As another OAP – but an EX-Tory one – given the Grade A loonery of the current incumbents of the party’s leadership, I understand your concern, but judge ye not lest you be judged. I’m only here for the cheer – what’s your excuse? Don’t you geddit – since the BB captured this platform it has been one long piss-take; I assume that’s their m.o. – disrupting yet another erstwhile element of a once stable society.

          • Frank P

            btw I’m trying to work out whether you think Willie was a wanker – or Fuck-me-Shoes is the bees knees. Enlighten me and I’ll be even wiser, or perhaps even wackier?

            • ToryOAP

              I am a died in the wool, hang ’em and flog ’em (lefties anyway) Thatcherite of the not for turning variety. I live in hope that the party will come to its senses and rediscover the values of that greatest of all post-war leaders. Hope is disappearing fast though my old chum.

              • HooksLaw

                The great leader who allowed the Falklands to be invaded and who signed the single market?

                People on the right have a rosy picture of Thatcher. Nicholas Ridley had to resign from a Thatcher govt because of a casual anti German remark.
                Tories have a totally misconceived view of their party’s past and its nature. It is fundamentally centrist. It reacted to the cold war situation like it needed to, even lefty tories like Heseltine. Thats the difference. The Labour party is fundamentally pacifist. Labour and Liberals would disagree about many things but they would agree on pacifism.

                Now we see loony tunes advocating a voting policy which would hand the nation over to the pacifists.

                • ToryOAP

                  I don’t have a rosy view of the Thatcher years at all. She went as far as she could given the circumstances, but she went far further than any of today’s weak, limp-wristed excuses for politicians ever could. You had to live through the madness of the socialist paradise of the UK in the ’70s to appreciate the magnitude of her tasks, and her achievements. Mistakes she made but I believe these were because of the failings of others, not of her iron will. And she did not allow the Falklands to be invaded – look to the idiots of the Foreign Office, Carrington and John Nott for creating the circumstances that gave the Argies the chance.

                • Ruby Duck

                  “People on the right have a rosy picture of Thatcher.”

                  Thatcher was the ultimate pragmatist, in the doing the job sense, rather than the party political sense. She was also a patriot. I don’t see why that is a matter of right or left.

              • Daniel Maris

                You have suffered the worst of fates: believing your own propaganda.

                pointed out (in part) elsewhere – she made more grammar schools
                comprehensive than any other minister (Labour or Tory), she signed up
                for the single market, she tracked European currency through ERM, she
                triggered the Falkands invasion by withdrawing defence forces, she
                handed over Rhodesia to the dictator Mugabe on a dodgy election result.
                More important I would say is that I doubt she was a patriot. She often
                told the story about how she and her husband made financial
                arrangements for her son and daughter to leave the UK in the event
                Labour had won the 1979 election. Is that the action of a patriot? Or
                the action of the wife of a multi-millionaire oil magnate who values
                personal wealth about duty to one’s country?

                • ToryOAP

                  The worst of fates is being plagued by trolls and the occasional bollocks from you Mr Maris. You are often, like Frank P, quite sensible and at other times, like now, you spout the most incredible crap it is hard to believe you are both the same person. Still, as my psychiatrist once said, schizos are never alone.

      • Frank P

        Sorry that last one was addressed to you, Tory OAP – I haven’t been reduced to talking myself yet; that’s probably the next stage, though, given some of the hackery offered around this ‘ere patch.

        • ToryOAP

          See my reply to Mr Maris.

    • Ruby Duck

      Frank P : “**”

      Indeed. They do, apparently, have an objective test for Aspergers in men, which consists of being interested in anything other than the speaker when watching a soap.

      I came across a web site, 12 or 15 years ago, where an avowed “aspie” extolled the virtues of the condition and argued Neanderthal ancestry. Great stuff.

      Nobody’s classified my disorder yet, though, which seems grossly unfair.

      • Frank P

        Heh, heh heh. Love ya! A kindred spirit, indeed – but be not afraid, they eventually will.

        • ToryOAP

          I prefer my Aspergers with Hollandaise and a crisp white wine. That well known asperger Brown I prefer pierced by a long spit and slow roasted over burning scotchmen.

    • Fergus Pickering

      I see our most valuable ally is making a film whichslnders our men in Iran. The film tells lies and Ben Affleck, who is either in it or made it, agrees it tells lies, but the film is better that way he says. The old Brits say it tells lies and the Americans about whom the film is made say it tells lies. But of course old oldest ally also made the film that suggested Americans had broken the enigma code and the other one sayng that they alone had invaded on D Day. Pshaw!

  • james102

    From UK polling Report:
    CON 33%(-2), LAB 41%(+2), LDEM 10%(nc), UKIP 9%(+1).

  • monty61

    Never thought of this eventuality before, but there’s little doubt she’d make a better fist of it than Cameron. Though admittedly, that’s not saying much.

  • james102

    Once they start talking about the next leader it is time for Cameron to do a Blair and set himself up for the future.
    Theresa May will suit the Right-on tendency, being a woman, so she is definitely in there with a chance.
    The Mitchell saga just showed what appalling inexperienced managers Cameron and Osborne are. Their main experience of keeping discipline was in their school days so thought the rather comical Mitchell would suit. Imagine any other modern organisation picking him?
    At least he has gone now; he would have been a disaster as Chief Whip as he would have caused more rebellions than he would have stopped.
    The question now is whether Cameron and Osborne are so arrogant they won’t be able to accept their limitations and bring in real politicians such as Davies and Redwood.

    • ButcombeMan

      Quite plainly McKinnon should have gone to the US. She took the easy way out for superficial shallow popularity. The reasons given, make her and future Home Secretaries hostages.

      She is responsible for Police Commissioners and the forthcoming election, (where turn out will be appalling). A silly policy

      She has failed to reform Policing and make it more efficient, 40 or so Constabularies is far too many.-she took an easy way out, ducking a problem again. Cutting budgets and expecting the right thing to happen without a proper plan, is avoiding the issue.

      She has not gripped the MetPol corruption and the leaking culrure exposed by Gategate and other incidents.

      The National Crime Agency is taking far too long to get up and running

      She ducks difficult issues and avoids (sometimes necessary) confrontations is my conclusion.

      Gove on the other hand -does not.

      • Colonel Mustard

        “National Crime Agency” – Bleurgh!

      • HooksLaw

        There is nothing ‘quite plainly’ about going to the USA. He can be tried here and the issues about is mental state are significant.

        The number of constabularies is certainly not a done issue and some might thing the present ones are too big bloated and out of control.

    • 2trueblue

      This is the person who had the stupidity to say the Tory party were the nasty party, which is still quoted. No, definitely not a future leader. She does not have the skills to get us where we need to go.

      • Fergus Pickering

        What she said was true and it still is. She didn’t say they were, she said that is how they were characterised. In what way was she wrong?

  • ToryOAP

    I saw this and feel that Mrs May is turning into a first class Home Secretary, especially when one looks at the succession of labour clowns who debased this noble role. This by the way is a poor excuse for an article. May, if asked would have denied she was a lesbian, a closet Blairite and possible the anti-Christ. These non-denial-non-stories are not only tedious, they are amateur journalism and insult intelligent readers.

    • Akamalik

      You seem to have missed the point… if she had been asked if she was a lesbian, closet Blairite or possibly the anti-Christ AND she had REFUSED to deny it then you can infer an answer from her lack of denial. Unfortunately politicians bring this on themselves by talking in code and never giving a straight answer. The media are forced to take these lines of questioning and make these kinds of conclusions.

      • ToryOAP

        My point was about the article, not the denial numbnuts. Of course she has to deny that she urged Mitchell to step down, what else could she do? Senior government figures, apart from the libtards Clegg, Cable and Huhne, don’t go around confirming fleet street gossip. I don’t miss points, just as I don’t spin for labour.

        • Alamalik

          You have missed my point (& insulted me). She did not deny – that is my point. You are talking about inferring from denials, I am talking about inferring from a refusal to deny when asked a straight question. And I say again, it’s the only way to get any information from any politician these days – conservative, labour or other. I don’t spin for anyone – just say what I see.

          • dalai guevara

            Yes, that – it appears – is not valued by everyone as being eminently respectable. Where would we be heading if we weren’t all sheeple? It would be chaos, surely…

          • ToryOAP

            As you missed my point and insulted me. However, I apologise for the numbnuts – my regular stalker telesaville and his acolytes guevara and selby have made me intolerant and that is inexcusable.

          • Fergus Pickering

            Good Heavens, you have been insulted. This is a police matter. Bloody fool! Everybody insults everybody else here. That’s the name of the game.

            • ToryOAP

              Ever since Mitchell did not call a poor defenceless copper a pleb and a moron, insulting people has been elevated to a crime far more heinous than murdering innocent Brazillian students and newsvendors. Telesaville is so upset by his new name, he and his friends are threatening to find me and report me to the Stasi. Can’t wait – if you are reading this PfM please post Telefuckwits IP address. This is one of the few unmoderated blogs and is all the better for it, even if we do have to put up with the trolls. Did you catch the nutters on Fraser’s SNP post? Unbefuckingleavable.

      • HooksLaw

        No you may chose to infer, but the reality is that once people go down that route then they lay themselves open to all manner of questions and when they choose not to reply then they will be open to speculation