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The Tory task in Birmingham

6 October 2012

11:59 AM

6 October 2012

11:59 AM

Too often the debate about the future direction of the Tory party is polarised between those who want to ‘modernise’ and those who want to ‘go right’. But there’s another problem, these labels now obscure as much as they reveal.

In the next few days in Birmingham, the Tories have two important tasks: to show that they understand the squeeze on people’s living standards and are doing something about it and that they have a proper growth strategy.


Some Cameron aides have long argued that the Prime Minister with his personal wealth can’t talk about the cost of living. But as Mitt Romney, a far less able political communicator than Cameron, demonstrated in the US presidential debate this week, being well-off need be no bar to a politician communicating his personal commitment to economic growth.

The Tories do also need to respond to Ed Miliband, to show that this is not a government of the rich by the rich for the rich. As Neil O’Brien writes today, ‘Polls show the answer to the “party of the rich” label is not to whack the rich but to focus ruthlessly on driving down unemployment, helping people earn more, and cutting the cost of living.’

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  • scotsview

    Read The Scots View….every Sunday, a weekly review of Scottish political affairs..This week…the independence campaign gathers momentum…

  • paulus

    I have to say DL I enjoy your post but your fetish with paternal authority is a bit worrying, there was a lot of injustice and inequality associated with that social system. I would uch prefer, aternal and paternal equality, and in reality a system that reflects peoples real life experiences.

  • In2minds

    james 102 has spotted that “The comments seem to be on the wrong article”, and there is more. All the ones critical of our Muslim friends have gone. So IT problem or censorship?

  • james102

    The comments seem to be on the wrong article.

  • Alexius

    I suppose the idea is to send them somewhere where the Criminal Justice system won`t let the rest of us down.

    • Amergin Selby


  • Jackthesmilingblack

    I can’t help but notice that the “Kenya Torture victim” trial story faded away indecently rapidly. “What us torture? We’re the good guys.”
    Not any more, Britisher pals. You don’t get to be third most hated nation without making a concerted effort.
    Suck it up, Britisher pals.

  • Daniel Maris

    ” both Ahmad and Ahsan are British citizens”

    Proof please, Shiraz. Their local MP – a highly trained lawyer describes them thus:

    “Both Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan are British-born Tooting residents,
    and as their Member of Parliament I have made numerous efforts to have the
    evidence against them reconsidered by the British authorities and a trial held
    in Britain.”
    Why does he refer to them in that way if it is clear they are British citizens?

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    This High Court ruling is bad news for the likes of Gary Mackinnon and Richard
    O’Dwyer, both of whom are fighting extradition to the U.S. Or the United States of Torture as it is increasingly frequently referred to.

  • Junis

    I am a Briton of Pakistani descent and the status of being British is no accolade for me whatsoever. I am British because I was born here and and my first language is English.

    A Briton is not superior to a Frenchman, Pakistani or Somali. If anything, Britons need to be mindful of the countless crimes Britain has committed against world peace just in this decade alone. Just think of former prime minister and war criminal Tony Blair who has never been arrested by police and subject to a verdict by a British judge.

    ‘White’ Britons feign innocence and respectability whilst being neither.

    Israel did 9/11 and ‘white’ British police officers are the informal, racist enemies of Muslims and blacks.

    What do you think the following terrorists have in common?

    – Ku Klux Klan
    – Stern Gang
    – Irgun
    – Raymond Davis
    – Anders Breivik
    – Adolf Hitler
    – Tony Blair
    – Ariel Sharon
    – 9/11 (WTC7)
    – Eric Prince Blackwater
    – Wade Michael Page

    Answer: they are WHITE. So much so for racial profiling.

    • anyfool

      You are forgetting the countless inventions and discoveries that lifted the world out the feudal sewer, some countries cannot and will not take advantage, instead they force their barbaric ideology on others.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Submit that to your English teacher – you’ll get and A*

    • Daniel Maris

      Junis –

      The fact you included 9-11 as an act of “white” terrorism (whatever that is…) says it all really.

  • TomTom

    Justice is a concept. What Courts deliver is in direct proportion to how much you can spend on lawyers. Abu Hamza seems to have infinite resources to spend on Barristers which is amazing, since most Britons would have lost their house long ago to the rapacious lawyers and their costs. Justice is a pompous concept that has little to do with lawyers and courts which are simply casinos

  • Frank P

    WTF??? Who’s supposed to be matching the comments with the posts. What is this, the (un) lucky dip?

    This blog is following the trajectory of of the nation; it’s bound for Barking Creek.

    • james102

      Yes very weird

  • james102

    Sounds like the Sunday papers have stories about the
    Milibands’ wealth. Good bit of timing.

    Coffee House seems to have serious problems the postings are
    all over the place.

    • Amergin Selby

      of course haven’t you worked out the naturw of the game.

      • Nicholas

        As you haven’t worked out how to spell, teacher.

  • David Lindsay

    No one, not even the murders of Stephen Lawrence, should be tried for a crime of which they have already been acquitted; that conviction now makes it possible, and therefore imperative, that protection from double jeopardy be restored.

    Likewise, no one, not even Abu Hamza or Baba Ahmed, should ever be extradited from the United Kingdom to any jurisdiction with less than equal reciprocation.

    One Nation, with an equal emphasis on the One and on the Nation.

    Inextricably bound up with which is British justice, with an equal emphasis on the British and on the justice.

  • David Barnett

    None of these people are British, except according to the loosest possible meaning of the word. Good riddance to them all.

    • Junis

      Who gives a damn whether a person is British or not. What matters is fairness and justice which racist and fascist Britain does not seem to have.

      • David Lindsay

        You two deserve each other.

  • steve

    Very rich coming from a man who’s worth millions. Sorry but have the tories ever visited planet earth?

    • james102

      These posts are getting mixed up but to answer your point
      tomorrow’s papers are said to have details of the Milibands’ wealth.

  • Jimil

    Ahmad and Ahsan should be tried in Britain first, then America upon successful extradition. As for Abu Hamaz et al, they’ve had there day in court.