The Mandelson Mephistopheles Effect

22 October 2012

2:30 PM

22 October 2012

2:30 PM

It has to be another example of The Mandelson Mephistopheles Effect. One by one, all of Peter’s friends have cosmic awfulness visited upon them – the latest being the millionaire Nat Rothschild. His mining company is in trouble and he’s been forced to resign from its board; one unnamed city broker said he would never be trusted in the square mile again. Nat was a friend of Pete’s. Much as was Oleg Deripaska who, soon after he made Peter’s acquaintance, was subjected to allegations of money laundering in Spain, which he denies, and a whopping lawsuit over here. Then there’s Peter’s earlier mate, Geoffrey Robinson, who had to resign his cabinet post having loaned his mate a lot of money. And what about Saif al Gaddafi, languishing in a cell in Zintan, Libya? One by one they all fall. And such lovely people, too. I’m sure Tony Blair will be ok, though.

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  • rndtechnologies786


  • Sandman

    …and the delightful Derek Draper

  • Doubting Thomas

    Time wounds all heels.

  • In2minds

    It’s not just his friends either, even the euro has gone off a bit too. Cosmic awfulness and confidence meltdown are much about the same thing. I suppose, in your pic, Mandy is checking up on the latest value of his EU pension, it must be such a worry. Mandy was so keen on the euro always telling us to join before it was too late. All that effort, wasted, oh dear!

  • Baron

    The tags for the piece are telling – Nat Rothschild, Peter Mandelson, Saif al Gaddafi, Scandal. What a jolly company under such an appropriate umbrella.

    And you may be wrong on Tony. The mills of God are grinding slowly, but grinding they’re endlessly.

  • razzysmum

    Was it really only two and a half years since Mandy was standing behind Brown?
    He looks a bit battered and podgy now, gone off a bit quickly, hasn’t he?

  • ACN

    Mandy’s done rather nicely also. Not as well as his mate Tone, but quite well rewarded nonetheless. It would be extremely satisfying to the more mean spirited of us to see them both become seriously unstuck. Chance would be a fine thing but Is there any way of linking them both with Jimmy Savile perhaps? (I have recently seen a photo of TB with his arm around JS).

  • Robert Taggart

    Bliar will be OK though ? – Aye – Dammit !