The fall of Barack Obama

18 October 2012

6:08 PM

18 October 2012

6:08 PM

I have a piece in this week’s magazine on the fall of Barack Obama. I’m not saying he may not still win, just that even if he does he will be a diminished President.

It’s available online here.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.

  • Augustus

    It has been said that Obama doesn’t like people very much. Now that is obviously a rather odd trait for a politician, but not odd when you consider that he rather absently referred to the killings of the Benghazi diplomats as“bumps in the road.” He doesn’t even seem to like America much either, because no other president heaped so much public debt on the books. He added more debt than all of his predecessors combined. And the MSN, which has always been left-wing, now seems to see its job as protecting Obama against the truth that everyone else can plainly see. But the real question is: how could candidate Obama and the gang from Chicago who brought him to the
    White House in 2008, get enough Americans to vote for him? Because it’s an ugly story, more revealing of the decay of American culture and society than, for instance,
    was the Watergate episode in American politics. There was enough damaging material about Obama’s past corrupt associations and left-wing Saul
    Alinsky politics known in 2008, yet the MSN refused to investigate and properly vet Obama. The mainstream media circled Obama’s wagon, and carried him forward. This media bubble, and the company of fawning Hollywood celebrities, give Obama
    the sense he’s above criticism and superior in intelligence to those around
    him, including opponents. In being shielded by the liberal-left media, Obama has appeared glamorous. But
    when tested, as in the debates, he has come out looking glib and shallow. Throughout nearly two and a half centuries since America’s birth many of its leaders have often been towering figures who devoted much of their lives to the service of their nation, even as a sacred calling. America was indeed fortunate to have these men. It needs to get lucky again.

    • Kevin

      Reflecting on Obama’s contribution to the debates, I could not help but perceive the following subtext in his request for votes: if you do not like your unborn child vote for me, likewise if you do not like men or white people.

      • Augustus

        You may be right, because people like Obama cannot step outside their own political box. While they argue only for one life in the abortion issue, and totally discount the second, more helpless life of the child, they have no problem abandoning all concept of separation of church and state if it comes to taxpayers funding birth control and abortions. Whether you consider that a foetus has a ‘soul’ or not may be a religious conclusion. That it is a human life form is an undeniable scientific conclusion.

  • Simon Morgan

    I don’t get why commentators over there think BO moves so well – he looks like a puppet every time he descends aircraft steps. I’m just waiting for the cameras to catch the puppeteer at the top of the steps!

    • Ridcully

      Obama is really Leiutenant Green from “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.”

  • Roy

    He deserves to lose, he has been anything but transparent to the people on what his underlying Marxist agenda is. It is suspect that even the majority of democrats don’t understand his background along with how he sees the US down the road. He simply does not hold American values that the majority hold. He has been caught out too often telling untruths and covering for his accomplices once too often.

  • paulus

    bollocks, you win you win , he is a second term president, his status is assured. Remember when Bush had to have a recount it didnt diminish his presidency.

    He isnt running for the parish council he will be the most powerful man i the world.

    • John

      Obama is going to lose big.

    • Austin Barry

      Paradoxically, the ‘most powerful man in the world’ has a foreign policy which suggests that he one of the weakest leaders in the world – a coward shivering with fear at offending the Ummah.

      • Frank P

        He’s not even the most powerful man in the White House, never mind ‘The World’. I’m not even sure that he’s the most powerful man in his own bedroom.

  • Gerry Dorrian

    Even if he loses, he won’t be diminished in the eyes of those of his supporters who say they will riot should a Republican president take the oath. When democracy doesn’t meet the needs of the Left, democracy loses.

    • victor67

      and the nut jobs in the tea party are just going to lay down and accept 4 more years of BHO? maybe more Timothy Mcveys on the way.

      • Michael Harris

        You’re swallowing the media line on the Tea Party. They are people alarmed at the $16 trillion debt of the US and the rise of undemocratic radicalism represented by Obama. Remember it was Obama who refused to prosecute Black Panthers accused of intimidation at elections. Who’s the extremist?

      • John

        And you’re even more ridiculous for saying that.

    • John

      There will be no riots. Don’t be ridiculous.

  • Baron

    he will lose, there’s more to the presidency of the Republic than the audacity of narcissism.

    • victor67

      wishful thinking. When he gets re-elected he will be free from the shackles of AIPAC and Bibi’s colonizing ways.
      If the republicans had a credable alternative however he would be in trouble. All Romney offers is lining the pockets of the rich and more ME war.

      • Baron

        victor67, just look at the messiah’s record, it’s more than poor considering how much money he’s borrowed, spent, money that the young will have to repay. The man’s just a plain community organiser, plenty of charisma, but nothing of any substance, he’s good at talking, it’s the walking that’s sub-standard for a president.

      • john

        Not wishful thinking. The only question remaining over this election is, how big will the lefties’ defeat be? Obama lost this election 6 months after he was inaugurated. All the republicans had to do was stick an at least half-credible candidate up, which they have done. This election is over, and Romney will win it.

      • Kevin

        More war? Like in Libya?

  • System C

    That link looks like a scam. Can’t get past some ropey visitor survey that wants to fleece £4.50 from me on a promise of winning an iPhone.

    • System C

      Thanks, just seen it on the home page.