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Red Ed’s sponsored walk

20 October 2012

12:13 PM

20 October 2012

12:13 PM

At Prime Minister’s Questions this week, David Cameron referred to today’s TUC rally as the ‘most expensive sponsored walk in history’, a joke that the Tories have now taken one step further. Ahead of Ed Miliband’s speech to marchers at tomorrow’s anti-cuts demo in central London the Conservatives have launched Red Ed’s Sponsored Walk, a satirical fundraising site for Ed’s charity walk, with all proceeds going – somewhat unsurprisingly – to the Labour party.

His online sponsors currently include Unite, GMB and Unite, who’ve ‘sponsored’ Ed to the total price of £12.4 million, accompanied by threatening messages such as ‘Don’t let us down Ed’ and ‘Remember who got you your job’.


This site shows how keen the Tories are to make political hay out of Miliband’s decision to join the march and address the rally. He has undermined his own drive to regain economic credibility for the Labour party by agreeing to attend an anti-cuts rally in what appears to be an act of obedience to the unions who elected him.

Just to hammer the point home, for anyone who might have forgotten about Labour’s potted economic history the spoof site outlines the previous achievements of Miliband’s chosen charity, which include:

‘Leaving the country with the biggest deficit in the G20; opposing a cap on benefits and immigration; and ruining our education system.’

Those of you who’ve been following the US Presidential elections closely might recognise the ‘satirical website’ formula. After this week’s second Romney/Obama debate, the DNC released the Romney Tax Plan website which promised a ‘detailed explanation of how the Romney-Ryan tax plan is able to cut taxes by $5 trillion’ — the joke being that it was impossible to enter the site…

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  • well_chuffed

    best comment I have seen so far but I forget where , was
    “If spending were the solution we would not be in the situation we are now”.

    • james102

      Or if debt was the solution. It is as if they believe in an economic perpetual motion machine where growth is achieved by debt which when it falters is stimulated by more debt which…

    • ButcombeMan

      “We used to think that you could just spend your way out of a recession. I tell you, in all candour, that that option no longer exists.”
      (James Callaghan)

  • Anthony Makara

    The Unions have no bite and the big turning point as I remember it was the Day of action that was called in 1980 to bring people onto the streets in droves fell flat due to public apathy. The problems the Unions have, and they don’t seem to understand this, is that they are wedded to Labour, a party that has always sold them short and always will. The Unions could achieve far more if they broke off their ties with Labour and campaigned on individual matters, the decades they have spent funding Labour has sent the cause of Trades Unionism and workers rights backwards. in spite of todays show of unity between Labour and the Unions we all know that Labour will serve its own ends in office and once again leave the Trades Unions out in the cold.

    • Amergin Selby

      It has to be remembered that the Labour party grew out of the Trade Union movement and organised labour. Such origins are hard to shake off by either party.

  • James102

    Is it beyond the wit of the Conservative party’s PR machine to get the “Cuts” nonsense over to the public? First concentrate on the total debt. Second how that debt impacts on the future.
    Keep repeating it until even the BBC stops going on about cuts.
    It might be as well to think about cutting the licence fee, as a gesture to help struggling families, just to hear the squeals.

    • Russell

      Forget cutting the licence fee, the government should auction it off to the private broadcasters, with provisions related to balanced reporting and free government broadcasts such as health issues. The money raised by selling it off could be substantial. Whoever takes it over could be restricted in any subscription charges for a reasonable period so that advertising pays for most of the channels overheads.
      Get it off the publics back. The current scandal would be suffucient reason for the sale as the bbc has proven unfit to keep their operating licence,

      • james102

        Yes, I too think it is time to reduce the size of the BBC.It dominates the broadcasting industry in this country, which is not healthy either for the industry or our country.
        I would like to first see a deduction in the licence fee because it is quick and easier to do than privatisation and second as a gesture that recognises we are being over taxed as a people.


      Sadly, the answer to your question is a simple yes.
      For politicians, they display none of the nous and visceral instincts displayed here daily.

    • Iain Hill

      So all of these job losses are nonsense, and not cuts?

      • Fergus Pickering

        You got it, mate. ThejJob losses are not cuts.

  • Gina Dean

    How can anyone be fooled by the union fatcats with their large pay packets and gold plated pensions and subsdised housing at the expense of the people that they lead.

    • telemachus

      Jesus .
      What prejudice.
      School students are among those demonstrating.
      A year 11 school student from Sheffield on the march said reasonably:
      “We’re here because of university fees. I probably won’t be able to go to university now.”
      A student in the same year, brought a mask of Tory education secretary Michael Gove with her and said:
      “The government is getting away with things that most people don’t want. If we don’t march they won’t know what we think.”

      • AdemAljo

        Αυτός που ζει σε γυάλινο σπίτι δεν πρέπει να πετάνε πέτρες.

        If the child is walking alongside the left-wing agenda, it should think twice about applying to university, regardless of cost. Similarly, if the child is walking alongside the left-wing agenda, I do not care what they ‘think’.

    • toni

      How can anyone be fooled by the tory fatcats with their large pay packets and gold plated pensions and subsidised housing at the expense of the people they lead.

      • ToryOAP

        You are 100% corect. None of this happened under the labour administration because Blair, Prescott, Byers, Mandelson, Smith, Reid, Straw, Brown, Cooper, Blunket, Campbell, Hartman et al didn’t take a penny and all lived in council houses. Twat.

        • telemachus

          Language of which Thrasher would be proud
          Perhaps it is a good thing that you add OAP to your Moniker
          Perhaps you too soon will be gone

        • Amergin Selby

          If you are suggesting that anyone on your list took illegal payments for their own personal gain and you have evidence that exists outside the fevered imagination of that hell hole you call a mind then you should bring it to light and let the law deal with it.
          I am a socialist and would condemn any of my party so proven to be guilty else STFU.

  • Axstane

    Ed M is likely to regret his association with a call for a general strike.