Prince Charles’ letters covered up again

16 October 2012

2:17 PM

16 October 2012

2:17 PM

It is no secret that the Prince of Wales is a plant-whispering greeny; but the precise nature (and bias) of his ministerial lobbying is to remain secret. Republic, the gloriously self-important but sparsely supported campaign to boot out Brenda & Co, have been using Freedom of Information laws to expose what suggestions Prince Charles has made to government; but their attempts have been blocked, ironically, on grounds that publication would damage the future king’s claims to impartiality. The revolutionaries claim:

‘The Attorney General’s decision is all about protecting Charles and the royal family from scrutiny, putting his demands above the rights of the British people. The coalition agreement pledged to ‘throw open the doors of public bodies’ so that the public can hold them to account – that clearly doesn’t apply to the royal household.’

Fans of Michael Dobbs’s sparkling House of Cards novels will recall that a left-wing king bearing a remarkable likeness to Charles fares badly against the right-wing anti-hero, Prime Minister Francis Urquhart. With Republic vowing to continue their fight for transparency, Dobbs’s fictional Establishment battle may yet become fact.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Your blog is very nice.

  • Jeffrey Mansfield

    I’d like to have a say in who should be the Head of State of my country, and I’d like to see a written constitution which would set out limits to the power of governments, among other things. How exacly does that make me a lefty revolutionary?

  • Lee Bennett

    rubbish article .Completely bias .Tampax man is in it up to his neck .Impartial ! ……..he is a good for nothing old woman who needs to keep his nose out of things that don’t concern him .If he wants to become active then he can try running for u.k president .If not ,shut it charlie boy .One thing this article has taught me ……not to waste my money on the Spectator !!

  • Bobwiggin

    Mock Republic and republicans at your leisure, it’s water off a duck’s back to us. We will continue to highlight the farcical nature of this country’s constitutional arrangements, the personal vetoes that the queen and her son have over government legislation, the abuse of privilege by Charles with his interference in public policy decision making, etc., etc., etc.

  • WillyTheFish

    The adulterous halfwit of Wales has done more to damage the monarchy than all the republicans in the country.

    Charles would do well to bear in mind that we have a history of preserving the monarchy by removing unsuitable monarchs.

  • JabbaTheCat

    If ever there was a case for someone leaking documents in the public interest, look no further than this matter…

  • victor67

    They probably show that he is either raving bonkers or a fascist. The smart money is on both.

    • Brittanicus Infidel

      I do wonder what sort of King he is going to make. He’s had the training but has he got the temperament? Will he listen to and advise PM’s as discretely and constitutionally as QE2 has? I don’t see it myself he is a little full of himself.

  • Ron Todd

    Chucky boy has a reputation ! Since when?

  • Leo Reilly

    The prevention of disclosure is based on the potential damage to his reputation for impartiality, not his actual impartiality. In order to see if Prince Charles actually is acting in an impartial manner, we would need to see the letters, wouldn’t we?

  • A thin man

    If the fat turd who writes this actually was a fan of Dobbs’ ‘sparkling’ books, he’d know that Michael had the Charles surrogate win. Unlike in the telly version. This is not only the worst gossip [sic] column in the history of lettered communication, it is fair set to be the worst now and forever. Stand a moment then and witness history being written, badly