Life imitating art

3 October 2012

3 October 2012

Twitter superstar @SteveHiltonGuru disappeared with his real life namesake – the departed Downing Street policy wonk; but he’s back for one week only. After teasing Westminster for months, the brains behind the spoof account of the brains behind Dave, has written for this week’s Spectator about how he did it. @SteveHiltonGuru may be gone, but he was certainly not forgotten if the real Hilton’s departure bash is anything to go by:

‘At Hilton’s leaving party, I was delighted to hear Michael Gove’s speech based on the character I had created. Steve had been true to his Hungarian roots, the Education Secretary said: half-Buddha and half-pest. I wish I’d thought of that one.’

Given the strong connections that the Twitter guise had with Gove’s team, it would not surprise Mr Steerpike one little bit if he really had.

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