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Introducing the all-new Spectator iPad app

25 October 2012

5:02 PM

25 October 2012

5:02 PM

I’m delighted to launch today a brand new app for the Spectator on the iPad. We’ve redesigned the whole app from scratch to provide an easier, clearer and more elegant way to read the magazine digitally. Every Thursday morning, the latest issue will be automatically delivered straight to your tablet before it even hits the newsstand:

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering a month’s free subscription to the Spectator. When you’ve downloaded the app, simply press Subscribe, choose one month and we’ll provide you access to the last six weeks of issues as well as the next four issues:

As well as providing a better experience, you can now listen to each week’s View from 22 podcast while browsing the magazine. It’s the perfect way to gain an insight into what our writers are thinking:

Alongside this offer, existing magazine subscribers can sign in with your Web ID and download the magazine for free. We also offer single issue and annual subscriptions that are the cheapest way to read the magazine. As we’ve said before on Coffee House, the methods and formats of the reading the Spectator have changed significantly since the magazine was first published in 1828. Today is the first step towards a whole new way to enjoy the Spectator. You can download the new app here (iPhone and iPad) and here (Samsung, Kindle Fire and all other Android)  and I look forward to hearing your feedback. To get four weeks free, just cancel at any time before the forth week. But we really do think – and hope – you’ll be addicted by then. Life’s too short not to read The Spectator.

Subscribe to The Spectator today for a quality of argument not found in any other publication. Get more Spectator for less – just £12 for 12 issues.

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  • James FreeTibet Stewart

    My Spectator has stopped working in my Amazon Fire HDX 7 randomly I get a notice pugpig reader but the screen is black is their any support for tablets?

  • BlueKut

    Nice post carry on good work. iPad is much better than samsung. I don’t like quality of Samsung WiFi.

  • KathrynJHoneycu

    That is one of the most coolest application that most people like. It’s really good that it was being introduced to the public and for sure, there are many people who waited to have this.

  • Karen-Anne Sherman

    App on iPad won’t even launch. Very frustrating. Paying subscription fees for something I can’t even get to open!!

  • An angry subscriber

    2.2.6 doesn’t work. It won’t load. Please fix ASAP. Im paying for something I’m not getting. This a the release of 30 October 2013.

  • Chr s Hibbert

    So, what about Android? iOS is being outsold 3:1 by Android, so the Spectator team need to get up to date!

  • Michael

    when is the android app going to be launched – given that the Samsung S3 outsold that fruit thing and the s4 looks like continuing this trend don’t you think this is rather overdue


    No free trial for frost backs? Banana Canada doesn’t rate?

  • ASKBiblitz

    No Canadian equivalent with humor, arts, political wit AND at least one good poem per issue. Alas, protectionism in our fifth-rate publishing industry has ensured intl competitors are too expensive for everyone but select public libraries. Time for a trade dispute. Bring it on!

  • Chris Hammond

    Space watched Sebastian – nowt!
    Can we expect the new I Phone app to come down the chimney with Santa, arrive with the Easter bunny ….. Or the Grim Reaper?


  • Edward Bearcroft

    Where is the iPhone app – furious at its apparent removal.

  • jamiebrown6

    The link is for the US appstore – UK readers will have to change the link to have ‘uk’ in it. It would be best to either put a universal one or just put the UK one so UK readers can click on it ok?

  • Chris Hammond

    Hello? Defeating silence!

    What on earth was wrong with running the old app in parallel until a new IPhone version was available?
    Upsetting customers ain’t good.

    Chris (in US but will be at carol concert to have a word!)

    • Chris Hammond

      I meant DEAFENING …… bloody I Phone.

  • Jamie

    This is a link for the US store. Would be good to give UK store link? Us in the UK cannot use the link otherwise. Switch ‘US’ to ‘UK’ in the address bar

  • Peterclarke57

    Most disappointed that there is now no app for the iPhone. It seems that you may be developing one.. If so when will it be available

  • David Osmond

    Where’s the bloody iPhone app?

  • Chris

    Going off at half-cock again!

    I’m stuck here in the US of A still paying my annual subscription and unable to read the Spectator on my I Pnone.

    Money under false pretenses is a phrase that springs to mind.


  • John Grundy

    Can you please explain why subscribers who have iPhone but no IPad have had our service discontinued?

  • John Grundy

    Can you please explain why subscribers who have iPhone but not iPad have had our service discontinued?

  • Leo

    It’s simple and easy to use – that’s the plus. The minus is that it’s rather plain and inelegant, stylistically. Pictures seem an afterthought; on retina-display iPads, that’s a travesty. The New Yorker still sets the gold standard for fusion of functionality, simplicity and style, in my opinion.

  • Nightmale

    Can someone please explain why there is now no iPhone app for the Spectator?
    The current iPhone app appears to have been deactivated – when you try to download the 27th October issue you see a message telling you to download the new app from the iTunes store. However there is no Spectator app available for the iPhone, only one for the iPad.
    It’s therefore not possible at the moment to read the Spectator on the iPhone. This seems a distinctly backward step.

    • Sebastian Payne

      Send an email over to and we’ll sort something out for you

      • nightmale

        Sebastian, I sent an e-mail to that address on 29th October, with a follow-up on 2nd November, but have had no response.
        As others have pointed out below, the iPhone app is now completely inoperative (it did eventually allow the 27th Oct issue to be downloaded but won’t touch the 3rd November one).

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Can you play Bingo on it?

  • pjh3121

    Hopefully a revamped iPhone app will be next. The current one has been ropey for months.

    • Sebastian Payne

      Watch this space

      • pjh3121

        Excellent, I noticed the old app is no longer in the iTunes store for iPhone so I guessed something was up.

      • Katie

        Your subscription department doesn’t seem to know there is a problem…hey keep insisting that the IPhone App is there and it is NOT….very frustrating.

  • Archimedes

    Woo hoo, finally!