Gove kicks back at school bullies

4 October 2012

2:52 PM

4 October 2012

2:52 PM

A Labour conference delegate was heckled from the floor when she mentioned her school. Joanne, an immigrant who came to this country seeking political asylum and is about to read law, came face to face with the vested interests that blight education reform: the hall did not like the fact that she went to an Academy school. A delegate started shouting about comprehensive schooling, much to the horror of those around her.

Michael Gove has come down on the girl’s side, he has just told me:

‘Heckling a schoolgirl because she goes to an academy is disgraceful. But it also shows the real face of Labour – a party where aspiration and achievement gets booed. Stephen Twigg needs to condemn this and the culprit must be expelled from the party. This pupil is a credit to her school and proof that we need to expand the Academies programme.’

Where do Academy pupils fit into Ed’s One Nation?

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  • Eddie

    My experience of leftwingers is that they coagulate into a blob of a mob – The Mob, indeed – which will single out certain individuals and bully them mercilessly. That is all that has happened here.
    Dickens portrayed this in Hard Times, where Stephen is turned on by the mob of the Union.
    It is primitive, ugly, unfair, unjust, discriminatory, anti-free-speech, intimidating, bullying and disgusting: typical leftwing union methods, in other words.
    I have done my teacher training and can say that all teacher trainers I knew were left wing, many extremist left wing, obsessed with class politics – and race and gender – and promoting non-selection, the comprehensive system and political correctness.
    I believe in selection because it works best: remember, the comprehensive system was an American idea that was created for socio-political and largely racial reasons. The communist countries of the east had very selective schools, not comprehensives.
    Anyway, comprehensive schools are selectlive on the sly, but selective by postcode – so well-off people )and lefties) can send their kids to schools like Fortismere in Muswell Hill (where lots of Labourites and Union leaders send their kids) while down the road the really crap rough black-majority schools in Tottenham fail everyone. I’m alright Jack, eh?
    I fully support what Michael Gove is trying to do – and I have seen polls that say most Liberal and Tory voters too, with only a majority of Labour voters disagreeing: therefore a majority of the people want change because they can see our school system is not working as has become so dumbed down as to be laughable.
    The comprehensive system has always been a mess and a failure – and it is now a sacred cow too. Let’s kill it. eh? Put the groaning heffer out of its misery! (I could almost be talking about Harriet Hardman there though eh?…)

  • treborc1


    1)one who’s inferior intelligence results in them making a complete titface out of themselves in public

    2)one who has had their brain replaced with a mall cucumber whilst visiting the doctor fora routine check up

    also used as the verb

    plebbed, or to pleb

    “jonny francis is a right pleb,” cried cristina

    No he’s not, not acco5ding to this , MIliband may well be one…

  • Mr Grimsdale

    True face of Labour – they don’t like “posh”, they don’t like immigrants, they don’t like women, they don’t like aspiration, they don’t like striving, they don’t like success.

    • treborc1

      Labour does not like Immigrants, are you sure.

  • Nicholas

    Daily Politics and their pink ball ballot for closing free schools revealed the true nasty side of this ghastly party that has blighted British politics and society for the whole of my life (therefore I feel eminently qualified to detest them).

    And another Labour TROLL blighting this supposedly conservative blog like a tapeworm. No wonder my comrade Ulysses felt compelled to depart. It’s like a favourite pub being taken over by SCUM.

  • Ridcully

    Of course it doesn’t; you just keep telling yourself that.

  • george

    can the delegate be named and shamed … for being a racist? … being a bigot? … being a bit thick and mouthy in public? Common peasants/plebes have been arrested and cautioned for this sort of thing.

    • treborc1

      Cherie Blair, or not

  • therealguyfaux

    I find it a bit unseemly for Mr Gove to take offence on behalf of the girl in question, IF that’s what he’s doing. There’s altogether too much “I’ll stick up for you, even if you don’t do it for yourself” in politics nowadays. Fine, if the person in question is in a position where (s)he can’t, which here wouldn’t appear to be the case; otherwise it seems like an invitation to moral-blackmail poker, where you don’t call the “bet,” you raise it, sanctimoniously in most instances. (When politicians are “offended” by anything, it usually has the distinct ring of Claude Rains’ “shocked, SHOCKED!” to it, anyway). Does he think he’s helping, if what he’s doing is not just taking the piss (which I suspect this is)? He may be right, but using this girl’s valid complaint as his own personal bludgeon with which to smite Mr Twigg doesn’t reflect all that well on him and what (in theory) he hopes to accomplish.

    • Nicholas

      Come off it. If this had happened at a Tory conference the Great One Nation of Lefty Hypocrites would be bellowing in outrage all over the BBC and demanding resignations and taxpayer funded inquiries.

  • Tommy Long

    About to read law? The girl is 15… or is she some sort of super-achiever?

    • MrVeryAngry

      That, and being able, at last, to escape the state indoctrination centres masquerading as places of education created by 10 + year of doctrinaire and failed misrule by New labour…

  • John_Page

    You were quickly in with an attempted rebuttal, John. Must try harder, though. It’s ok in your book to heckle a schoolgirl at a party conference, is it?

    • Hugh

      No it’s not, but the tendency to demand the minister or shadow minister responsible for any given policy area publicly condemn every moronic comment by those even loosely associated with the party is getting bloody tiresome. As is the demand to expel anyone who commits a faux pas. Can’t we just call them idiots and move on?

      • seldomseenkid

        People who go to a Labour party conference (other than journalists who do not work for the BBC or Guardian) ARE the party.

      • Ridcully

        Like the Met, the BBC and Labour did with Andrew Mitchell?

    • Walter Wolfgang not

      She was lucky she only heckled, I was thrown out of a previous Labour conference by two thugs in suits

  • John

    “This pupil is a credit to her school and proof that we need to expand the Academies programme”

    Bit presumptuous – has he met the girl?

    Also rather rich to make political capital out of something he disagrees with by complaining about others making political capital out of something they don’t believe in.

    Politicians eh? All as bad as each other.