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David Cameron turns to Sir George Young again

19 October 2012

9:01 PM

19 October 2012

9:01 PM

Sir George Young’s appointment as chief whip is testament to both the respect David Cameron holds him in and the Prime Minister’s intense dislike of reshuffles. This is the second time that Cameron has asked Young to step in after a colleague has imploded, the first time was in 2009 when Alan Duncan was caught complaining about how MPs were ‘treated like shit’ and ‘forced to live on rations’. I suspect, though, that one thing that marked Young out this time was that his appointment would not require any other changes in the government ranks.

Sir George is one of the politest people that you’re ever likely to meet. I suspect that the reason that Number 10 is unconcerned about promoting an Old Etonian just after a row about whether his predecessor called a policeman a ‘pleb’ is that no one could conceive of Sir George doing this. He might ride a bike but I very much doubt that there’ll be anything other than cordial ‘good mornings’ with the officers at the gate.

But he’ll face a real challenge to restore discipline to the parliamentary party. Having had a front row seat as Leader of the House for the Lords rebellion, he’ll be acutely aware of just how difficult his new job is going to be.

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  • Beyond_Grotius

    Erm… Guys… Is that Jimmy Savile in the bottom right corner with the thumb up?

  • Beyond_Grotius

    Erm… Is that Jimmy Saville in that picture?

  • Jupiter

    That’s an unfortunate advert for British Rail.

  • David Trant

    Now pop along Kids uncle Jimmy has something to show you.

  • James102

    I thought Gove came over well explaining Mitchell’s resignation, when it at last came.
    As Redwood and Davies don’t seem to be in favour with the Cameron set, let alone Hannan, Gove should be their front man from now on.
    What about a guest article from Douglas Carswell to show the Conservative do have new ideas for politics in the 21st century?

  • James102

    I do hope he doesn’t have a bike and behaves like a senior government official rather than as if he is pedalling back from a lecture.

  • Ruddlittle

    The safest bet around and one of the nicest people. He shows total equality when dealing with / helping constituents.

  • Julie

    Another Etonian Toff. This is a man who described the homeless as “those people you step over when leaving the Opera”. Does Cameron have any political nous and are all Tory MP’s Toffs from Eton? I think we should be told!

    • Dicky14

      To be fair most homelessness is self inflicted due to alcohol or drug problems.

  • David Trant

    Good to see young talent getting its chance.

    • Daniel Maris

      Good to see privilege being shared around…

  • A Thin Man

    Rubbish, Mitch hasn’t quit! Here’s what top political commentator jams Forsooth wrote after the 22 meeting: “Mitchell’s job now is to restore relations with his colleagues. I
    suspect that Mitchell, who is a far subtler political operator than he’s
    generally given credit for, will manage to do that.” It’s all BBC lies! Labour trolls! Thank God we Speccie readers have something as honest and insightful as Jimbo here to dole out the line.

    • Daniel Maris

      He does deserve a thrashing for that defence of Thrasher! LOL

  • Ostrich (occasionally)

    “he’ll be acutely aware of just how difficult his new job is going to be.”

    No way! He’ll grease it.

    • telemachus

      Young clearly went to the correct school
      Was he smoking spifs when he was 15?

      • Ostrich (occasionally)

        (a) Yes, I did.
        (b) Dunno.

        • james102

          Can we expect to hear more about Kevin Barron, who oversees ethical standards as chairman of the standards and privileges committee, and his rental arrangements?
          Unfortunately this is not about one of our main political parties having members that are out of step with the rest of the country but a symptom of a general problem with our political class.
          Their childish behaviour ,which for some reason they think is a form of debate and their greed and arrogance is becoming a danger to democracy. No wonder fewer and fewer people bother to vote.

  • Heartless etc.,

    What goes around … comes around.

    Will the H2B learn from this? Is he astute enough to read the signs arising out of the downfall of one of his ‘Champions’ of the O/S Aid and Windmill Scams, together with ‘firm decisive Leadership’ (sic) ?

    Will the seas run dry?