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David Cameron reassures MPs that he’d prefer a cut in EU budget

31 October 2012

1:31 PM

31 October 2012

1:31 PM

The Prime Minister needed to reassure his own side at PMQs today on the EU budget and give his whips something to work with. He largely did that, saying almost immediately that his position was that at best, he’d like it cut and at worst, frozen.

That Cameron has said he’d like it cut will give those of his backbenchers who stick with him tonight some cover. They’ll be able to say that they’re supporting the government which already wants a cut.


Ed Miliband’s decision to lead on the issue and try and use it to paint Cameron as ‘weak’ has also made the issue more partisan. I suspect that a few Tory MPs who might otherwise rebel will balk at walking through the lobbies with Ed Balls.

But the whips will still have a job to do to avoid a defeat tonight. The vote is expected at about 7pm and both sides now view it as simply too close to call.

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  • Heartless etc.,

    David Cameron “reassures MPs that he’d prefer a cut in EU budget”

    David Cameron LIES!

  • In2minds

    A government led by H2B but not the same as Labour, that’s ridiculous!

  • centrerightandproud

    Any Tory voting against the government needs their head examined. Did they learn nothing from the farce of the Major years? Divisions like this – which the public just are not bothered about – play straight into the hands of Miliband, who is being nothing but a shameless opportunist on Europe (as Labour always has been).

    • Coffeehousewall

      Cobblers. Times gave changed. Even socialists I know want action on the EU now. If you were truly of the centre right you would not be supporting this left wing Givernment.

  • redrum

    Too funny. “Would like” is about all Cameron will ever manage. The scary thing is he’s purportedly the man at the top. Time to start from the bottom up if you ask me. Middle Class revolution anyone?

  • 2trueblue

    To vote with the 2 Eds should make any Tory think seriously.
    This is the party who made no attempt to fight our corner whilst they were in power for 13yrs. Our subscriptions grew, our liberties were given over to the EU. In their last days in power Darling rushed off to give the EU billions more of our money.

  • Richard

    The Conservatives in Parliament should reflect on whether they would rather give a boost to the rank opportunist Miliband, or support their own party.

    Any Conservative MPs who hold their noses to go through the Division Lobby with Miliband and Balls, need their heads examined!

    • Coffeehousewall

      Ah of course. All that matters is supporting the party and ensuring that access to the trough is preserved. What is best for our nation never gets a look in.

  • EJ

    Well that’s reassuring! I certainly feel reassured! Thanks Dave!

    What a bloody farce all this is.

  • toco10

    The silly thing is no matter what games are played the EU with 27 diverse nations is finished in its current form so Red Ed can show his lack of moral fibre as often as he wishes but it will make no difference.

  • Coffeehousewall

    No-one trusts a word that Cameron says. If he would prefer a cut then he would act in such a way that showed he prefered a cut. The fact is that he is not asking for a cut at all, therefore he cannot be said to prefer something which he chooses not to do.

    He is a liar. What we need is backbench action over and over again for the sake of the nation, not for the sake of politicians and space at the trough.

    • HooksLaw

      You talk endless bollocks – like all the other loony tune nut jobs who will happily see a return of a euro friendly labour party.

      • Chris lancashire

        Spot on HooksLaw, unfortunately realpolitik does exist in their perfect non-Euro world and they let the real liars – Milliband/Balls – off the hook (no pun intended).

        • Coffeehousewall

          What a load of rubbish you two spout. We already have a socialist Government, or hadn’t you noticed, or cared.

          • Chris lancashire

            And what’s the alternative Coffeehousewall? Nigel Farage as PM? Get real.

            • Coffeehousewall

              So you have been sold the lie that we have to stick with one of the three corrupt parties that are set on eliminating England and the English people and culture. What’s the alternative to Cameron/Clegg/Miliband? A social and political revolution. But you seem already to be committed to the Agenda.

              • Chris lancashire

                Not sold it dear chap. Managed to deduce it all on my own. Vote Ukip get Labour, get more EU. Fairly straightforward.

      • Vulture

        The animals looked from Dave to Ed and from Ed to Dave again, and already it was impossible to tell the difference.
        (Apologies to Orwell).

    • EJ

      You talk absolute sense Coffeehousewall – more power to you!