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Conservative conference: Clear blue water

10 October 2012

2:55 PM

10 October 2012

2:55 PM

The next election is going to be a clash of ideological visions. There is now clear blue water between the Tories and Labour.

Last week, Miliband set out his view of ‘one nation’. Its power came from its authenticity but it was also a distinctly left-wing vision of the world. Today, Cameron responded with one of the most Tory speeches I’ve ever heard him make.


Too often, Cameron has tried to portray himself simply as a competent steward of national affairs, shying away from ideological definition. But this speech was different. It had a central argument, about the need for Britain to become more competitive. His answer was right-wing: boost enterprise, improve schools and deal with an unaffordable welfare system.

Downing Street’s challenge now is to have the discipline to stick with this message. It must resist the temptation to start flirting with other arguments or to fall back into the complacency that has too often characterised Cameron’s leadership.

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  • Coffeehousewall

    Sorry, which clash of ideologies? This Conservative Party is wedded to high immigration, high tax, high spending, Euro-dhimmitude, high overseas Aid, green taxes etc etc. In what way is this a different ideology to either Labour or the LibDems?


    We no longer have a democracy because we are not allowed to choose and we are not heard.

  • Daniel Maris

    How is the socialists using Disraeli’s “One Nation” tag a sign of clear water between the parties? We do have independent powers of analysis you know. 🙂

  • In2minds

    I think we are all word-perfect on Norway now!

  • james102

    Cameron still thinks he can dodge the EU issue by a couple
    of hints. He needs to understand that he is not trusted on this issue, either
    by his party or the electorate.

    Reneging on the ‘cast Iron’ pledge is key to his loss of credibility.
    He has never recovered.

    Increasingly it is seen as pretty much irrelevant which
    party controls Westminster as while we remain in the EU, and our judges
    continue to behave like the aristocrats of old, it hardly matters. This means
    the fear of a Labour government will not bring Conservative voters out or
    prevent them voting for Ukip.

    • HooksLaw

      Repeating this endlessly does not make it any more right.
      ‘Norway and the other EEA EFTA States have taken on the obligation to
      implement all EU legislation relevant to the functioning of the internal
      ‘Norway and the EU have reached an agreement on a financial contribution
      of 1,79 billion euro for the period 2009–2014 representing a 22%
      increase compared with the EEA and Norway Grants 2004-09.’

      • james102

        Norway runs a massive trade surplus with the EU.The EU is
        their biggest customer, you always look after your best customer.

        We are one of the EU’s best customers so they will always
        need to look after us –or at least buy a few of our executives a lot of gifts.

        • HooksLaw

          Don’t be delusional.
          You say leave the EU without a thought to the consequences in the benign belief that the EU will lie down and let us roll over them?.
          We would still sign up to a raft of EU legislation if we want access to the single market. We cannot just walk out, and it takes 2 to negotiate.
          The differences to being in and out are marginal, and based on that margin you vent your spleen and pursue a policy which would lead to the return of a Europhile labour govt.

          There is no sense to it – you are blind blinkered and bigoted.

          • james102

            It is unfortunate you are unable to put your argument
            without childish abuse as it distracts from the points you are making.

            My point is that we are in a very strong negotiating position with regard to leaving the EU.

            Think of it like a supplier with Tescos as its main customer.
            Tesco wants the products in pink boxes so you supply in pink boxes, but if you tell Tesco to paint their doors or you won’t supply them you won’t get far.
            We, unlike Norway etc, are major customers for the EU, particularly Germany and France. They simply can’t afford to stop trading with
            us regardless of our membership or otherwise of the EU.

  • anyfool

    Last week, Miliband set out his view of ‘one nation’. Its power came from its authenticity.
    What was authentic about repeating a lame decades old misrepresentation of a Tory PM.
    Mr Forsyth it is not right wing to improve, business,schools, hospitals and welfare it is common sense, something permanently lacking in in most sections of the governing classes ably assisted by lazy journalistic standards especially on Sky and the BBC.

    • HooksLaw

      Don’t make us laugh

    • Fergus Pickering

      You are right, sir. Authentic is a silly word, the word of someone who writes with head firmly up arse.

  • Foxy Loxy

    “Cameron responded with one of the most Tory speeches I’ve ever heard him make.”
    So it must have touched new heights of smug arrogance and dishonesty.

    • HooksLaw

      Don’t judge everyone by Labour standards.

  • Daniel Tekel Thomas

    What about the clear blue water between the Tories and the LibDems.

    • telemachus

      And what about the real world after wall to wall party conference fair:

      To start who saw this in the New York Post about Abu Hamza?

      Government to give terrorist the gift of new hands

      We’re giving this hatemonger a hand – and probably two.

      Taxpayers will foot the bill to replace radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri’s infamous hooks, The Post has learned.

      And the cost – while not quite an arm and a leg – is expected to run up to $16,000 so the one-eyed, terror-loving thug can feed and clean himself in the slammer.

      Al-Masri’s metal hooks were removed from his forearm stumps Friday night after he was handed over by the Brits to face terror-related charges in Manhattan federal court.

      Although al-Masri’s lawyer demanded on Saturday that prison officials immediately return his signature hooks, sources said they’re considered a security risk and there’s “no way” he’s getting them back.

      But because depriving al-Masri of a “reasonable standard” of medical care in jail would violate his civil rights – and provide grounds for an appeal – he’s expected to be outfitted with a pair cable-operated rubber hands.


      You don’t have to like it – just understand it.

      This either shows that we have a compassionate, caring government or they are a bunch of idiots.

      • ToryOAP

        Your posting diarrhea seems to have driven you mad Sir Jimmy. Cutting and pasting artcles from the egregious NYP makes even less sense than your usual turgid perversions. What has the US providing a loony terrorist with rubber hands so he can wipe is filthy islamic arse got to do with us? (He only needs his left one BTW).

        And it’s fare, not fair you uneducated monkey.

      • HooksLaw

        Thats the US government outfitting the prosthetics
        ‘Feds will pay for jailed terror fiend’s hands’

        • ToryOAP

          Well if anyone would know it would be you Hook!

      • Fergus Pickering

        If they don’t like the hooks then they have to give him something else. Or would you really prefer that they did not? He is a human being you know, a most unpleasant human being, but human just like you. I’d do the same for Ian Brady and Jimmy Savile. Of course AFTER that I’d execute all three.

        • ToryOAP

          I think our resident troll Jimmy Telemachus is trying to ingratiate himself with right-thinking Conservatives Fergus. The constant down-ticking of his comments has obviously addled what few wits he has left after a long career as a lefty troll. The hatred from so many must be dreadful to someone with an inferiority complex and such low IQ and EQ. He is an inadequate little perv who craves attention and could do with a good kicking and should only ever be addressed as Jimmy after his hero Sir Jimmy Saville.

          • telemachus

            I trust you have a good lawyer

            • ToryOAP

              I do actually patriccia. He’s still laughing.

    • anyfool

      You will see that after the election if you look down over the side of the ship MV Coalition.