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Conservative conference: Boris refuses to say if Cameron’s doing a better job than he would

7 October 2012

9:36 PM

7 October 2012

9:36 PM

Speaking to John Pieenar on  Five Live, Boris Johnson said he wished to deal with the leadership speculation, shoot it down with “six inch guns”. He did so by repeatedly refusing to say that David Cameron is doing a better job than he would have done. He was behind Cameron “from the very beginning,” he said – perhaps so, but not the question he was asked. And the fun began:-


In fact, he said, there is an upside that everyone was talking about his destabilising David Cameron. It is “entirely natural” that “there should be a narrative” because it kept the focus on the Tories and off Ed Miliband. (Labour made the same argument about Blair vs Brown tension).

Boris closed by saying the leadership speculation is a “distraction” – but one he’s quite happy with. “I’m going to be supporting David Cameron,” he said. And the fact that he has to say that, of course, speaks volumes.

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  • Baron

    The Grand Inseminator has buckets of charisma, and, however much one may regret it, it is likability that counts thsee days, it seems to trump everything else, just look across the pond.

    But then, we could do alot worse than the blond in charge, it could be once again the other lot.

  • Frank P

    Johnson no doubt also refuses to agree that he started the First World War, or that he has stopped beating any of his wives.

    • bloughmee

      So he’s a polygamist then, is he?

      I knew it.

  • RKing

    It’s like the “Strictly Come Dancing” saga when people voted for John Sargeant!!

    It was all a big wind-up…………..
    ……… with about the same level of importance!

  • Chris lancashire

    Underneath that make-it-up-as-I-go-along, chortling, buffoon exterior lies a make-it-up-as-I-go-along, chortling, disloyal buffoon interior.

  • dalai guevara

    The David Milliband Story all over again.

    (My rating below will give you an instant youdalai poll result of this Boris ad brought to you by Fraser)

  • n6gold

    If anybody took the time to examine exactly how Boris running London, they wouldn’t consider him for a position any more senior than amusing Press Spokesman. Remember Ken lost the election as much as Boris won it.

    • Vulture

      Opinion polls and the electors themselves seem to disagree with you, Mr Gold.

      Boris has the one priceless asset that Dave can only dream of: people like him and he makes them feel good. Dave has exactly the opposite effect.

  • HooksLaw

    ‘ no1 destination for registration of overseas workers.’ – are you waking up at last? This is economic migration and has done untold damage to our society. Likewise tax cutting ‘stimulus’ will only help importers.
    It is linked to the other post about welfare. The reality is there is no solution in the short term, the welfare dependent are slipping into deeper dependency.

    • telemachus

      As you know he himself hails from Turkey through his paternal grandfather Ali Kemal Bey and like all Turks not to be trusted

      • kyalami

        Fortunately, that comment’s not at all racist.

        • Ian Walker

          You’re correct, because a comment is just a collection of words, so incapable of feeling an emotion like prejudice.

          The person making it can be racist of course, but weak argumenters never have the balls to make the direct accustation, do they?

      • Fergus Pickering

        At least he’s not a Scot, one thing massively in his favour.

        • bloughmee

          And he’s not you, which is a positive as well.

    • dalai guevara

      …not if IDS would do the right thing and incentivise work past the 16h/wk tax hurdle

  • telemachus

    So that’s Boris and Balls build for growth
    The charismatic duo agree