Conor Burns slams Clegg’s boundary review ‘hissy fit’

16 October 2012

3:01 PM

16 October 2012

3:01 PM

Conor Burns, the Conservative MP who resigned from the government over Lords reform, is livid with Nick Clegg’s smug declaration that the Liberal Democrats are not going to abstain from the Tories’ vote on electoral boundaries but actively vote with the opposition. It’s revenge on Burns and his cohort of true blues for killing the yellows’ beloved Lords reform bill earlier in the year; and it suggests that the rulebook has gone out the window:

‘It appears to prove what many have long feared: it’s one rule for the Conservatives, who have to resign or be sacked to vote against the government, and another rule for the Deputy Prime Minister who just has to have a hissy fit.’

Two days after recess and the gloves are off again.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice view.

  • Barry

    The Tories, as ever, need to grow up. They failed to honour Lord’s reform (ok, Clegg’s proposals were a bit of a dog’s breakfast but the Tory manifesto of 2010 committed a Tory government to legislate for it) so the Lib Dems are now returning the compliment. Anyway, the Tories are only interested in ‘fairness’ when it suits them. I didn’t hear them in the 1980’s complaining about the bias in the electoral system when it was in their favour and if they were interested in electoral fairness then they should support PR. One of the most perverse outcomes of the last election was the Greens getting an MP elected yet having far fewer votes nationwide than either the BNP or UKIP.

    • Ringstone

      No, no, no! The agreement was to “establish a committee to bring forward proposals for a wholly or mainly elected upper chamber on the basis of proportional representation”. The Tories delivered to the letter.
      The fact that Clegg delivered a dog’s dinner that no one would back [again, see also proportional representation] is entirely down to him.

    • Ray Warman

      What Clegg wanted was a guarantee that he would win the Lords reform, exactly the same with the AV vote. He doesn’t believe in democracy since he’s a reneger by inclination.

  • Matthew

    He’s got frightfully fat since taking office, hasn’t he?

  • Cogito Ergosum

    At the next parliamentary election, let’s have the votes published ward by ward. Then we can estimate what a fair result would have been, and what a Clegg-bad-tempered-inspired actual result is.

  • MrVeryAngry

    This playing of games by the Libdems is disgraceful. They talk about ‘fairness’ but don’t practice waht they preach with respect to the boundary changes which are required to undo the unfairness to the Tories (and I am not a Tory).

  • leftythinker

    it is an uotrage that we live in a soceity were not every vote is fiar and equal. we must make evry effert to ensure taht teh vote of every person cuonts for teh same unles that means changing buondaryies so laber are les likely to win.

    • dalai guevara

      Yes, that’s what’s needed: cnuts, more savage cnuts.

      • Barry

        Gud too sea the congocesnti putin inn a napairants.

    • Grauniad


  • nullbymouth

    Clegg needs to MTFU. He is pathetic

  • Watcher

    Surely electoral boundaries cannot be left to party politics? The US constitution mandates a review of boundaries after each census.Why do we pay an electoral commission if it cannot resolve this most basic of abuses. DC should draft a bill to extend the powers of the commission and force Milliband and Clegg to vote against the peoples basic rights.

    • ArtificialIntelligence

      Something they will have absolutely no problem doing…