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The View from 22 – Cameron’s first reshuffle, Heathrow and the richer sex

6 September 2012

1:11 PM

6 September 2012

1:11 PM

Has David Cameron’s reshuffle been a move to the right, a rearrangement of chairs on a sinking ship or will it make no difference at all? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson provides his take on what the reshuffle says about the future direction of Cameron’s premiership:

‘I think we’ve seen David Cameron stamp his authority on the government. This is a very unusual government, because it’s very close at the top and very loose at the bottom. You did have a situation where the coalition had started to become more warring groups than joint partners. David Cameron has sent in strategically placed shock troops to try to rein people in. For example Vince Cable now has two pro-reform Tories to look after him.

‘You can definitely see the Prime Minister trying not to change course, but to speed up on his original direction. I really hope it’s true what James says [in his column] that he now realises he may he a one term Prime Minister. At the moment, the balance of probability is pointing to an Ed Miliband victory in 2015.’

The reshuffle has also reinvigorated the debate over airport expansion, in particular a third runway at Heathrow. James discusses how Boris Johnson has used the reshuffle to play an ‘absolute political blinder’ against the government:

‘Boris is building a constituency for himself in both the cabinet and the Conservative parliamentary party. If you look at how quickly he came out with a statement deploring the sacking of Justine Greening, that relationship is getting very close and I suspect they have talked about the future. The other thing we know, people who were overlooked or disappointed in the reshuffle, they are also talking to Boris.

‘You can see the stars beginning to align for Boris. It might still not happen but he has now become the serious alternative to Cameron.’


Clarissa Tan also joins to discuss our cover feature on why women are becoming the richer sex in Britain. Why is this happening faster than anyone expected? Listen with the embedded player below to hear how culture and education have made the difference. You can also have the latest podcast delivered straight to your machine by subscribing through iTunes. As ever, we’d love to hear what you think, good or bad.

The View from 22 – 6 September 2012. Length 28:54
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  • Archimedes

    Clarissa Tan’s observations, in the podcast, of women doing better in IQ tests seems a little unlikely…either women were always more intelligent, the IQ was never a good measure, the statistics are poorly compiled, or it’s a temporary and irrelevant phenomenon.

  • AnotherDaveB

    The “listen now” thingy seems to be broken.

    • roughyed1963

      The download isn’t working either (for me at least).

      • Sebastian Payne

        Should be fixed now, apologies problem with our file uploading

  • Coffeehousewall

    Fraser says…

    I think we’ve seen David Cameron stamp his authority on the government.

    It is impossible to read anything by Fraser Nelson without a frisson of contempt. He is a literary prostitute, and is increasingly becoming the Chemical Ali of the MSM, insisting that the Conservative Party under Cameron are rolling back the enemies of right-thinking, while the massed forces of reality can be seen driving past in the background.

    Fraser, Cameron has no authority to stamp. He may perhaps have stamped his foot. The fact is that nothing will be done by any in this Government. Nothing needs to be done. It only needs to look like something is being done. Cameron is, after all, a PR professional, and has no other life experience. This reshuffle is just intended to suggest that something will happen soon, if only we keep the faith.

    Immigration continues to rise. Non-British people can still vote in our elections. Christians are being taken to court. Householders are arrested and held for three days for defending their homes. The EDL is treated like criminals while the UAF are feted as national heroes, by the police and by politicians. We are still in thrall to the EU. Convicted criminals will still get the vote. White, vulnerable girls are still being treated as sex slaves by gangs of Pakistani men. Debt and spending are still increasing. So is taxation and the cost of living. There will be no EU referendum. Lies after lies after lies.

    Nothing has been done. Nothing will be done. That is no longer the objective. Gaining political power and the access to influence and wealth is all that matters. That is why so many Conservative MPs have actually been members of the Labour Party, or even worse. It is just a label with no content or substance.

    Tony Blair has shown the way for the new politics.

    But please don’t fawn over Cameron quite so much. It really is rather revolting. You are rapidly losing all credibility and when the English Spring does occur being an obvious cheerleader for the corrupt political class of the past will not stand you in good stead when looking for a job at the Real Spectator.

    Just sayin’

  • Daniel Maris

    The sooner the Tories Ditch Dave and Back Boris, the better. Do you think I could make some money getting “Ditch Dave – Back Boris” badges made up and selling them at the Conference?

    • Archimedes

      No – the free market is designed to filter rubbish out.