The Muslim Brotherhood’s rank hypocrisy

14 September 2012

1:49 PM

14 September 2012

1:49 PM

Western media and governments which are currently white-washing the Muslim Brotherhood should take note of the following, a classic example of the organisation’s traditionally forked-tongue way of working.

Ahram Online carries the story which relates the recent rioting across North Africa and the Middle East.


After the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English-language twitter yesterday tweeted:

‘We r relieved none of @USEmbassyCairo staff were harmed & hope US-Eg relations will sustain turbulence of Tuesday’s events.’

The US Embassy tweeted their thanks in the following way:

‘Thanks.  By the way, have you checked out your own Arabic feeds?  I hope you know we read those too.’

A good point well made. For as Ahram points out, the Brotherhood’s English tweet was sent at the same time as their official Arabic Twitter account and website were busy praising the protests and calling for a ‘million man march’ today.  An article on the Arabic Brotherhood site calls for Egyptians to ‘Rise to defend the Prophet.’

The question now is whether the government in Washington will learn the lesson that its Embassy in Cairo has just learnt?

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  • TheRaceRadio
  • Peter Pedant

    …er, whitewashing please, is not hyphenated

  • Ethan56

    Every day the internet and the Arab airwaves are inundated
    with a sewer flow of anti-semitic and anti-Christian propaganda. You can check out the revelations at, if you have the stomach for it. Egypt is one of the worst places this is occurring. And yet
    Islamists react with worldwide violence to an obscure youtube video criticizing

    Unfortunately this is not hypocrisy. It is something worse. As the adherents of the Superior Word
    of God, Islamists believe, Muslims have every right to criticize as savagely as
    they wish the adherents and principles of the inferior religions. This is only right. But the opposite is not the case: it is an abomination to criticize
    Islam, period, even if the criticism is coming from Muslims, but especially it
    is an outright outrage if the adherents of the inferior religions dare to
    criticize Islam.

    It is this theology that leads to the moronic inferno we see
    before us in the Muslim world.

    These are what are called the Khomeini Rules (Christopher
    Hitchens) or the Rushdie Rules (Paul Berman). The Islamists reserve for themselves the right to violently
    suppress any criticism of Islam not only in Muslim majority countries but
    ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, even in places thousands of miles from any Muslim
    country. Khomeini established this
    with the death-warrant against Salmon Rushdie the novelist in 1989; we saw it again with the Cartoon Jihad
    of 2006; and here we face it
    again. And the response of the apologists
    in the West– leftists now in love with the most retrograde movement anywhere
    in the world—is to call for reduction in freedom of speech in the West.

    And if the extremists are such a tiny group among the Muslim
    population, where are the protests against them? The mass of the moderates and liberals are silent. Perhaps out of outright fear that they
    will be the targets, because most of the 50,000 dead from Muslim terrorists
    over the past 10 years are Muslims.
    Perhaps it is from a foolish solidarity with the extremists. Perhaps because when push comes to
    shove, they think the extremists are standing up for the “honor of
    Islam”. But as long as they
    remain silent, the extremist tide will grow.

  • anotherjoeblogs

    i have always admired you douglas for your courage and your indefagt….indigfat…indefatagi….for your courage and wisdom. keep up the good work and all the best.

  • anotherjoeblogs

    i have always admired you douglas for your courage and your indefagt….indigfat…indefatagi….for your courage and wisdom. keep up the good work and all the best.

  • Augustus

    More than a decade after hijacked jetliners ploughed into tall buildings in New
    York, Islamists are ascendant across the Middle East and hoisting their
    Shariah-based totalitarian ideology. Bin Laden and Ayatollah Khomeini may now be dead, but the war they declared against the “satanic” West continues. And the West continues to play ostrich in the sand. Under the Obama administration the US has reverted to the pre-9/11
    mentality and emboldened the Islamists resulting in the manner in which the so-called Arab
    Spring unfolded. It is extraordinary that an apologetic America, as President Obama’s 2009
    speech in Cairo symbolized, and Europe with its appeasement mind-

    set cannot get their act together in compelling a third world rogue state,
    Iran, to abandon its quest for nuclear weapons capability or face dire military
    consequences. This failure to disarm Iran while embracing Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – the
    political grandfather of all the various Islamist offsprings in the greater
    Middle East and beyond – makes the present situation eerily similar and equally threatening to the

  • john

    Still no piece about what’s happening all over the Islamic world this week from the Spectator in the coffee house. Time for a piece on boundary reform, though…

  • Wilhelm

    When one goes into a muslim shop, they maybe friendly to our faces, but once our backs are turned they hate our guts because to them we’re the infidel.

    • Dhimmitude Ishere

      Why shop in them then? My wife and I never shop in Muslim shops and won’t fly on Muslim airlines – a policy we adopted at her behest over 20 years ago.

  • Wilhelm


  • Austin Barry

    Look, we all know that Islam is a barbaric creed festooned by violence and neolithic idiocy, but the ruling elites of the West continue pay it deferential lip service: a “great reilgion’ says Secretary of State Clinton.

    ‘Great’? Certainly, as in the new Great Terror, but I doubt that the increasingly Sapphic but paradoxically less butch Clinton meant that.

    The West is under the management of cowards.

    • Simon

      The problem is more that the West, certainly Europe, has been under the spell of the leftist, multicultural cretins for what seems like an eternity.

      It is this mob that insists all must be treated as equal, even though they are clearly not equal. It is this mob that rolls over with each new demand from Muslims.

      The clock cannot be turned back and we must all now suffer the consequences.

  • T. Botham

    Saying one thing in English and another in Arabic is the Arab way. Arafat did it constantly. Governments and media have not been a-learning of that lesson for a very long time. How many now read MEMRI – which was set up to teach the lesson?

    • Augustus

      “Saying one thing in English and another in Arabic is the Arab way. Arafat did it constantly.” He used the same tactic to start the second Intifada after a visit to the Temple Mount by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Israel had coordinated this visit with the PA beforehand. But Arafat used Sharon’s visit to ignite the terror campaign that resulted in thousands of deaths and the destruction of his own economy. This false lie, that the El Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is in danger, has always been used to ignite Arab violence and uprisings. In the early twentieth century the same myth was used to mobilize the Arab masses against the Jews, as in the massacre of the Jewish community in Hebron in 1929.

  • Daniel Maris

    Isn’t it amazing that while the Spectator must have had about 40 articles on Coffee House about the so-called Arab Spring it hasn’t had any on the murder and mayhem being whipped up in these allegedly “liberated” territories in the name of Islam – despite the Ambassador of our chief ally being murdered. Perhaps the Spectator no longer cares about the alliance.

    Unfortunately for the MB and other Sharia-lovers we know a lot about Islam, not least the Prophet’s line that “War is deceit.” Indeed it is as has been demonstrated so many times.

    • terry

      I think the Spectator has realised it can no longer even attempt to pull the wool over our eyes via a vis Islam. And the more cards Islam shows in its ugly hand, as it inexorably must do since the start of it’s New Medinan phase two years ago, the more people will realise what a despicable ideology it is.

    • Jeremy Poynton

      “We” may know about them, but our leaders continue to work with them, stating publicly that the MB are a force for good. That Obama has climbed so happily into bed with them is very bad news for the West and more so, the USA.

  • martin

    thanks douglas !