Say Nay to Kay

3 September 2012

5:19 PM

3 September 2012

5:19 PM

There I was, enjoying a liquid lunch with a senior Tory who is long beyond accepting any front bench job, when we were interrupted by his vibrating iPhone. He raised an eyebrow at the private number. Could this be the call of which more ambitious men have been dreaming all reshuffle-day? Apparently not.

Hello… yes, yes it is. Oh BBC or Sky? Sky eh, who is it? … No, no not her. Anyone else. Well can’t you try someone later on? … Why not? … I will tell you why not: because Kay Burley is a thick as two planks and there is no point in being interviewed by her … Ok … Yes, see what you can do. Thanks. Bye.’

Poor Kay. Some say that Sky News’s afternoon act has a certain je nais se quoi which makes for fantastic viewing and a compelling interview. Others obviously disagree.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.

  • Lucy G

    And as far as I am aware Kay Burley wasn’t even working that day so clearly a made up story

  • Mr Frost

    What a vindictive article. Absolutely pointless.

  • LeeSouthend

    Kay might not be an intellectual heavyweight but shes still better than anyone the Beebs got. Its the appalling bias and blatant bullying of guests that lets them down other than that the Beebs quite mediocre.

  • Paul

    To be fair, she was good when Chris Bryant was being obnoxious to her

  • Paul

    To be fair, she was good when Chris Bryant was being obnoxious to her

  • ToryTittleTattler

    My personal favourite Kay moment was during the Norwegian Massacre, when she announced “and there’s some Norwegians, speaking whatever it is they speak in Norway”. Head. Desk.

  • CJ

    Senior Tory?

    Complete Bell End, more like. The tosser was probably shit scared he’d be asked a direct question that he’d have to give an honest answer to. And people wonder why the parliamentary tory party is as irrelevant to normal people now as it was in the nineties?

    The thing I really like about kay is that you get the impression that she’s not a fully paid up member of the UK Political Media Complex; in that she doesn’t feel she owes her living to ingratiating herself with political scumbags. Unlike just about everyone else in the mainstream media.

    As for you, steerpike (whatever the f$ck that means?), you sound just as revolting as the prick you had lunch with.

    • Didds

      oh, you are such a pleseant fella, odious little toad

  • Andrew Paul Shakespeare

    “Je ne sais quoi”. Surely somebody in your office speaks French?

    • loftytom

      I think you mean writes French.

      • Andrew Paul Shakespeare

        No, just somebody who speaks the language to whom the author can show the phrase he’s written and ask, “Did I spell that correctly?”

  • George Davidson

    at least she’s not blatantly bias against anyone to the right of karl marx like the beebs interviewers are.

    Unbiased BBC employee Eddie Mair to guest:

    “Hold your nose for a minute would you, if you were trying to sell Mitt Romney to the American people what should he say…”

    • s_o_b

      Whilst I totally agree about BBC bias, this is not a great example as he was addressing a Democrat. If you listen to the interview it was obvious that Mair was referring to the fact that a Democrat would not exactly leap at the chance of selling Romney to the American people.

  • Jonathan Miller

    This is pathetic. Pure nastiness. If a senior Tory wishes to insult Ms Burley he should have the balls to put his name to the criticism. This is not journalism. It is drivel.

    • Andrew Paul Shakespeare

      No, it’s a quote of an overheard conversation. Said MP is not making a public statement.

      And have you never refused to deal with someone you dislike? It’s not against the law, you know.

      • Alex

        Yeah, but it is if you’re a holier than thou type, which Jonathan Miller clearly is.

        • Jonathan Miller

          An anonymous (or superfically identified) commenter defends an anonymous journalist quoting an anonymous politician’s ad hominem attack, with an ad hominem comment. Pathetic.

    • chas

      The senior Tory isn’t writing the article so he can’t put his name on anything.

  • Barry

    Couldn’t agree more; she makes us switch channels faster than you can say “Nick Robinson”.

  • Barry

    Couldn’t agree more; she makes us switch channels faster than you can say “Nick Robinson”.